Game-day illnesses can be kept off injury report


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo played on Thursday with the flu.  No one knew he had the flu until after the game.

Specifically, the Raiders didn’t know.

Illnesses typically are disclosed on the injury report.  In this case, Romo’s wasn’t.  Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Cowboys face no scrutiny because the illness surfaced on the morning of the game.

If Romo had disclosed the illness to the team on Wednesday, the team would have been required to disclose it.  If, as in this case, the team first finds out about the illness on the day of the game, there’s no duty to update the report.

In this specific case, Romo was vomiting and received intravenous fluids.  But because it happened on Thursday, the Cowboys were permitted to keep it secret.

The reasoning doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, if the primary unspoken goal of the injury report is to minimize inside information that gamblers could try to secure.  As of Thursday morning, inside information existed regarding Romo’s health condition.  And anyone who had access to it could have taken the Raiders and the nine or so points.

The Raiders lost by seven.

So pay attention, those of you who may be interested in the outcome of games for purposes other than amusement.  There’s always a chance, especially during cold and flu season, that a starting quarterback will roll out of bed with a virus — and that no one will know about it until after the game has ended.

The easy solution for that, of course, would be to require all injuries and illnesses to be disclosed, even if they first arise on the day of the game.

12 responses to “Game-day illnesses can be kept off injury report

  1. So we won’t be reading about Romo’s usual late December bouts of choking…until after the fact

  2. Romo only has the second highest passer rating in December (106.3) since 2009. Aaron Rodgers is the only one ahead of him (109). Stop with the choking stuff. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Once again the fact that the Raiders have no run game or at least no production from the O line in the run game sank any hope they had from building on their early big lead. Not surprising even though the Cowboys have had a weak run defense and the Raiders got back Veldheer because the Raider O line is that bad. If RM does not fix this bad O line in the 2014 draft or with really good young FAs then he is a gonner for sure.

  4. @madroaddog

    “the Raiders have no run game”

    Really??? Do you actually watch football? Even after being held to 50 some odd yards on Thanksgiving Day, the Raiders rank 4th in the entire NFL in yards rushing per game. The Cowboys committed to stopping the run and basically kept 8 in the box for a majority of the game. The run game has been about the only thing that the Raider offense has had going for it.

  5. Well then, how about pre-game warm-up injuries that occur up to one hour before kick-off? (lots of hyphenated words)
    Or, how about disclosure of sex the night before as we all know that affects performance.
    Also, tell us who attends morning services held by the team chaplain.
    I’d like to know, for amusement purposes just who has God on their side.

  6. Of course he was ill, that’s why they allowed it to be a close game. (eye roll). He did not have the flu. nice excuse.

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