Mike McCarthy: It was a disappointing and embarrassing loss

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The Packers knew they were going to be playing without quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Thursday in Detroit, but the fact that the 46 guys who were in uniform would also be taking the majority of the day off came as a surprise to them.

Green Bay got overwhelmed in every phase of the game during their 40-10 loss. From an offensive line that couldn’t block to special teams units that couldn’t cover kicks to a defense that couldn’t tackle, the Packers came up with a total zero against the Lions and coach Mike McCarthy didn’t try to sugarcoat anything after the game was over.

McCarthy called the loss, which saw the Lions outgain the Packers by more than 400 yards, “very disappointing and embarrassing” and said the Lions “tilted” the game in their direction by dominating the matchups up front. McCarthy acknowledged that it is hard when Rodgers and others are missing from the lineup, but that the players there still have to execute at a much higher level than they did on Thursday.

“We don’t feel very good about ourselves right at this minute. I think that’s to be expected,” McCarthy said in his postgame press conference. “Everybody knows what the expectations are every time they take the field, that’s to win football games. We’ve played eight, nine games in a row. We’re a wounded team that got drilled today by a good football team. That’s the facts of the matter. We have a long weekend. Hopefully, we’ll get some more people back but frankly, you have to run the football, you have to pass protect, you have to get off blocks, you have to tackle.”

With an 0-4-1 record and poor play all over the field since Rodgers’ injury, the Packers have looked a lot like a one-man show in the first five weeks. The star of that show hopes to return against the Falcons next week and the team’s flickering playoff hopes appear to rest entirely on his shoulders.

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  1. Ever since that 2011 divisional playoff loss to the NY Giants, the Pack have been big softies. Visions of the stay-puffed marshmallow man comes to mind

  2. the packers o obviously didnt show up. the packers d quit after the safety. it was that obvious.

  3. Packer fans think they have class. They don’t.

    Packer fans think they are America’s team. They aren’t.

    To me, a game like this is exactly what they deserve. Hope they miss the playoffs because of it.

    Congrats to the Lions on a great game!

  4. Lol, the Packers are even worse than the Vikings without Rodgers, funny how the team’s real colors show the second they lose their one good player. Can’t even beat a banged up Vikings team at home, then get slaughtered by the mistake-riddled Detroit? The defense couldn’t catch a cold and the re-signing of Flynn was clearly the answer. What a joke of a franchise.

  5. Ya think! dum capers cannot run the defense without Woodson period!….no pressure, no tackling, they are so worried to strip the ball they get carried another 20 yards………stupid! offensive line??? are u kidding me, I sit and watch and know what plays are next no mix same crap every week! If I see it u can’t tell me every nfl team knows what to expect! The time is running out on this Coaching staff!………Here’s one Mike….hut, hut…… thousand 1 thousand 2
    run before the sack!

  6. Rodgers wouldn’t have mattered. He can’t help the packers D from giving away 40 points.

    Worst team in the NFC north.

  7. Packers might just have the biggest bunch of pansies playing defense I’ve ever seen. They clearly have the worst run defense in the league…its like the entire defense is afraid to step in front of someone or take a hit. Its not like they were playing for nothing, it was for 1st place in the division and they didn’t even show up.

  8. Looks like the packer team has totally tanked it.

    They not only were embarrassed, they are who we though they were:


    Do not give any glimmer of hope to packer fan about Rodgers return, as it won’t matter. He can return against Atlanta, win a few, lose a few, they are still maybe 7-8-1.

    The season ended on the sack at Lambeau about 4 weeks ago, it just took the ugliness to play out to show THE WORLD how inadequate both MM and TT have been in other areas of player development.

    They are WORSE than the Vikings with out Rodgers, and with him, an edge playoff team.

    They are going nowhere with that oline and defense in the next few years.

    If I was a pack fan, I would be livid at TT and MM for not developing those parts of the team.

    they have set them back a year or two, and unfortunately for both the Vikes and packers, the NFC North was a division for the taking this year.

    Lastly, I would like to point out that my prediction became fully realized this Thanksgiving, in that the packers would win exactly ZERO games without Rodgers.

    They have finished 0-4-1, minimum, as it looks like Rodgers should be available next game.

    It won’t matter. If I’m a pack fan, I’d rather he not even take the field……..you won’t win them all if you have him anyway. The risk of injury until fully strong, for that kind of asset, is too high.

    But TT and MM will probably roll him out there, disillusioned that this season still has a shot…….just ask Pickett- you guys are Super Bowl bound.

    On paper, you have a shot.

    In reality, you have zero shot……your team is just not that good. In fact, I think only Houston is worse. Jax, Tampa, and even the Vikings are playing “better”, which isn’t that good either!

    You are a one man show, and it is as obvious as ever before, thanks to a Turkey Day beatdown by a team that just got beat by Tampa.

    Don’t make excuses MM ( ……”we have some guys out….”), just make your team better.

    He looks as lost as Frazier, which now you know how we feel.

    But, unlike most pack fans, the Vikings fans like myself for nearly 40 years, understand when we need to take a GM, coach, coordinator to task.

    The blind love for TT is laughable……if he was THAT good of a GM, you’re team would at least have some semblance of balance. It’s like you can’t do ANYTHING without Rodgers, which is a very scary place to be.

    this is a wake up call for the pack faithful to get the head out of the TT backside.

    He and MM should be held accountable, as us Vikings fans hold Spielman accountable and Frazier as well.

    It will cost Frazier and his coordinators their jobs, and it should.

    It SHOULD cost Spielman as well, as he was married to Ponder, and that marriage failed.
    Ponder would make a good backup for teams over the next 8-10 years. He is a younger Cassel.

    Looks like TT’s and MM’s “next man up” was given the true test the last 5 games, and THEY FAILED…..MISERABLY!!!!!

    Hold them accountable pack fans, if you don’t, you are blind!


  9. Green Bay’s year is over. There’s going to be a housecleaning at the end of the season. Players need to start acting like they want to keep their job, because a lot of them won’t be.

  10. Packer fans might want to re-evaluate their belief that “in Ted Thompson we trust”. TT inherited a good team from Ron Wolf and up until now fans have considered him a “genius” for finding late round draft gems but failing to understand that in the past 20 years, two people have carried that franchise and at such a level that they covered up all the flaws and bad drafting of TT. Favre and Rodgers have allowed Packer fans to believe that TT and MM are the greatest. One bad game can happen to any team, but 5-6 in a row of getting their azzes handed to them is a pretty good sample size of watching TT’s great draft picks perform and of MM’s elite coaching. Down thru the years (with Favre and Rodgers on the field) Packer fans were able to adopt another cute euphemism, “next man up”, again, falsely believing that TT had did such a great job of drafting that it was as simple as plugging the next guy in when someone went down. We have seen how Packer fans have so rudely, unfairly and most unappreciatevely treated Favre and probably will do the same to Rodgers when his time comes but the fans better pray that somehow or someway the next great QB falls into their laps or they will get to realize how bad of drafting TT has actually did during his tenure and that MM is not the coming of the next V. Lombardi. Remember the decades of being bottom feeders, before the QB you have come to dispise revived this franchise because that is how average the Packers really are without the elite QB.

  11. I’m a Lions fan and it felt great to stomp the Pack. But I see a lot of lame Vikes fans posting about what a “joke” the Green Bay franchise is. Bitter much? Win a championship (Lions have four by the way – there was an NFL before 1961) and then you can talk. Right now you’re looking up to Motown. Do something about it.

  12. The collapse was overdue-Packers have struggled against good teams even with Rogers playing. Weak O and D lines prevent them from coming from behind against good teams.

  13. Shaun Hill would’ve beat the Packers too yesterday. Good job, Lions. No finger-crossing in the 4th quarter this week. Love it. If only this team can show up the rest of the way, it’d be easy.

  14. The Lions didn’t dominate merely because Flynn was in there. They dominated the GB offense ALL DAY despite turning it over 4 times and punting out of bounds twice and missing a field goal. Flynn merely couldn’t put up points, but that O-line got MAN-handled. If all GB can do without Rodgers is tie the Vikings, you’re thinking next season. Still, these Lions need to play dominating D every week. We didn’t get that last week, and it cost the game despite 5 turnovers. The Lions WILL make mistakes the rest of the way, but these are EASY to overcome with the great D we can play! GO LIONS.

  15. McCarthy is running a “country club” in Green bay instead of a pro football team , seems to me the guy that he replaced ( Mike Sherman ) started running the team the same way eventually,we all know how that turned out ,don’t we ? That’s why no one can ask these rich,soft country club members to tackle block or defend – don’t want to “offend” anyone do you McCarthy ?

  16. McCarthy is running a “country club” in Green Bay instead of a pro football team.seems to me the guy he replaced(Mike Sherman ) started to run his team the same way eventually and we all know how that turned out for him ,don’t we?Thats why no one can ask these rich men to cover,block or defend anyone ,don’t want to offend anyone. That’s why this team is so soft and girlie now

  17. McCarthy was disappointed because there weren’t any more donuts left after his post-game press conference. He had already resigned himself to the fact that the team he was given by The Great Ted Thompson is nothing more than a collection of sixth-round draft picks without Rodgers.

  18. The Lions WOULD NOT suffer the same fate if Shaun Hill had to step in, and that is the Lion’s strength and just flat out too bad for the rest of you guys. The Pats DID lose Brady a few seasons ago, and Cassel did fine in his absence.

  19. “We don’t feel very good about ourselves right at this minute. I think that’s to be expected,” McCarthy said in his postgame press conference.

    I feel the same way all the time.

  20. Why is it all you hear about (after this beat down) is Rodgers being out? Do they forget when we played at Lambeau earlier this year we were without our beat player? A game we easily could have one, because even without Megatron, the game wasn’t even that far outta reach. Lakers fans: quit whining about injuries. It’s unbecoming of your Super Classy organization.

  21. thejuddstir says:
    Nov 29, 2013 10:12 AM
    Packer fans might want to re-evaluate their belief that “in Ted Thompson we trust”. TT inherited a good team from Ron Wolf and up until now fans have considered him a “genius” for finding late round draft gems but failing to understand that in the past 20 years, two people have carried that franchise and at such a level that they covered up all the flaws and bad drafting of TT.


    Ron Wolf left the Packers in 2001. Ted Thompson was hired in 2005.

    Do you need any help spelling “football”?

  22. What can you expect with Ted Thompson being so delusional he thinks that every player he drafts is better than any available free agent, and that enough of the players he drafts can be developed into a legitimate starter? Ted, you are a complete failure at drafting offensive linemen. The best running backs in the league couldn’t deal with the garbage that is starting in Green Bay. And the secondary, especially the safeties, is just as worthless, and couldn’t cover a rock. Linebackers? Hawk was only average at the height of his career. But hey, let’s not bring in any free agents to fill holes or upgrade the talent level. You are an idiot, Ted.

  23. BIGGEST TURKEY ON THE FIELD–MIKE McCARTHY! McCarthy turned Flynn loose with the ‘no huddle’ offense vs. Vikings and he brought them from behind to win before the DEFENSE gave up the tie. Against the Lions and 3 Xtra days to prepare his offense, McCarthy NEVER gave Flynn the no huddle to slow down Lions defense, tire them or stop their substitutions between plays. McCarthy’s offense was so transparent he might as well been announcing them on the stadium loudspeakers each time Packers lined up to snap ball. WHAT DEFENSE?, this Packers defense is playing so poorly, they could be beat by EVERY team in college’s top ten. McCarthy’s team is WHIPPED before they come on the field–NO fire, fight or heart!

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