Raiders forget how to tackle during second half


The Raiders got beat by a quarterback who was sick, but it was their own inability to tackle that proved to be the more contagious disease.

The Raiders had largely stifled the Cowboys in the first half, but allowed them to come back for 228 yards in the second half, 132 of those yards on the ground.

Against what had been the league’s eight-ranked run defense, the lack of tackling was troubling.

“We didn’t adjust when we had to,” linebacker Kevin Burnett said, via Scott Bair of “It is nothing that can be coached. The coaches put us in perfect plays, and we didn’t tackle. That’s what it boils down to. We didn’t tackle. We would hit them in the backfield. We’d get six guys around them, and we’d let them go.

“Everyone has to be accountable. It is what it is at this point.”

Of course, Burnett would be central to that accountability. He and safety Brandian Ross had Cowboys tight end Jason Witten hemmed in on a third down play in the third quarter (when the game was tied), but somehow allowed Witten to break tackles, make moves and rumble for a first down.

That play stood as a symbol of the half, as the Cowboys held the ball for 21 minutes of the second half, scoring 24 unanswered points.

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  1. no i would say turning point was raiders playing soft d with under 2 to play to end the first half…you don’t let the opponent develop momentum going into the half. cowboys did a really good job of adjusting and running the table on my raiders. frustrating but entertaining to watch

  2. The bulk of missed tackles were late in the game when the defense was gassed.

    They were in position to make the tackles but didn’t wrap up.

  3. The Raiders didn’t forget how to tackle, the Cowboys O line remembered how to run block. It as nice to see Leary finishing blocks all over the field, like the one in the end zone on the go ahead TD.

  4. the offense was so bad for Oakland in the second half the defense was out there most of it and they were worn out.Dont care how good your D is if you don’t get any support from the offense eventually it takes a toll.And once again it did.

  5. This was another failure by the Coaches to adjust at halftime. This has gone on all year. There are two half’s to a game. They are out coached every game, and they look like a high school coaching staff, scratching their heads, by their failure to change their offense, defense etc..Halftime is not designed for kicking back and watching the halftimeshow. They were tired, out of pposition and should have had fresh , hungry staff rotating in and out. The offense is running on nothing but rookies, hungry for a job, I’m sure there are a few of these individuals on defense. They out played the Cowgirls, just like they did the Titians, but the Defensive coach called stupid plays.
    He went to prevent defense, right before half, allowing the opponent to gain momentum with a touchdown before half. Poor job again. The staff Must be replaced, ship McKenzie also. Bad decisions all year long. Great passes by the rookie QB again, but he can’t play defense also. McFragile was basically nonexistent. When Jennings went down, we needed Mc, but there was No Mc attack. Thiswill be the first time in 20 years that I wwon’t renew my season tickets, but since silver spoon Baby Davis has taken over, he has proved his incompetence, starting with firing Hue Jackson, cutting Carson Palmer, disrespecting Amy Trask, firing loyal Raider staff, which left him with puppets, and a team that he has run into the ground. Message to Davis * Just sell baby, sell” The Nation demands change. Top to bottom

  6. I’m beginning to think that nobody knows how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory quite like Dennis Allen.

  7. the raiders look like a team that has been a pleasant surprise with how will they have played at times after being torn apart by their GM…i mean we do have an undrafted qb starting…..more money going to ex-players, etc……at least we didn’t have to put a fork in them at the beginning of the season…..but all the non-sense talk about McGloin going to Canton, and Jennings (17 carries /34 yards) being “da man” was a little absurd. I mean this was after the Giants, Texans, and the Titans…..Cowboys have worse defense in the NFL ….McGloin should have had his best game against that soft D, and he didn’t. With that said the Raiders should stick with McGloin, and Jennings to really see what you got……

  8. well say after McGloin started the last few games on a pretty soft schedule, I think it would be great to see what he can do against some better teams, and more importantly the AFC west teams.

  9. Now that we have our O line almost in tact we need TP behind them for the 1st time all year. M&M’s has a good arm but you can’t teach him size, speed or freakish athleticism. TP can be go through his reads and make good accurate throws if he has time. He has not had this all year and still won almost half his games before getting Alex Smithed by DA. M&M’s proved yesterday that he can’t get it done. 3rd Q. no 1st downs or close enough for a FG try. Pathetic coaching!

  10. Tough loss. But typical Raiders’ play. They had Dallas in a tight spot, but let them slip right out. With the craziness in the AFC, for that sixth seed, 5-7 might still have been enough. But 4-8 is likely insurmountable.

    Maybe next year, Raiders.

  11. I think its laughable all the mmqb’s that are saying McGloin can’t get it done. Really? It’s this kids third start in the NFL on a team that doesn’t have much talent. The offensive line is a mash unit and much of the receiving corps would hardly make most teams practice squads. There are a few bright spots though like Streater, Holmes & Jennings. This loss is squarely on the defensive side because as the article states they didn’t tackle anyone in the second half. O agree with a lot of you guys, Allen needs to go. Tarver I think might me able to get it done but Idk. I’d say keep the staff intact through next season when they have a full draft and a full salary to work with. If they aren’t at minimum 8-8 fire them. If they would have played a full 60 min and abandoned the prevent defense, this team could easily be 7-5 or better. I guess that leaves me cautiously optimistic for next year.

  12. raidernation37:

    This issue here (and it’s a major one) is that this isn’t MLB, where it’s okay to take four or five seasons to grow a team through their farm system. This is the NFL, where immediate results are possible, AND expected. Besides the fact that the Raiders have been the worst team in the league for more than a decade now, just the past few seasons with their new regime should say enough about how they aren’t able to right this ship. They came into this season, scrambling for a QB. The jettisoned Palmer (who’s in the middle of a career-type season now in AZ) for Flynn, and Flynn isn’t even on the team now (!!!). They tried to make Pryor work out, but he’s mechanically so far away from being a real NFL QB, that they had to rely on his legs. That lead to him getting knocked out of a bunch of games. So now they’re going with McGroin, and even he can’t find a way to win these close games.

    So…they’re going to muddle through to the end of this season. Likely winning a useless game or two more, which only only guarantee that they won’t have a top draft pick. But they’re going to need to try and draft yet ANOTHER starting QB, if they have any hope of building something for 2014.

    Do you know what is so sad? I think I said these exact words, this time last year, and the year before that, and before that. It just never changes. All that happens is we all get older, and the Oakland Coliseum gets more dilapidated.

  13. McGloin wasn’t the problem. Once again, the tired, old men (majority of defense) couldn’t cover their man, couldn’t tackle, were for some reason, once again put in a prevent defense, when blitzing was working. Coach Target (Defense) should have never been allowed to return, and Dennis Allen continues to prove he IS NOT head coaching material and is out coached every game. He fails to change, and adjust his game plan to the opponents.
    His ignorance has cost the Raiders game after game.
    The GM, traded away the best QB that they had in years, gave 6 million to a QB that’s back on his old team, are stuck paying 10 million of Carson’s contract. Number one draft pick was a bust, and after getting burnt so bad by the Eagles, he can’t walk anymore..McKenzie and Baby Davis CAN NOT run a NFL franchise, so as a gift to the Raider Nation, get out of Oaktown, sell the team to someone like Madden that bleeds silver and black.

  14. raidernation37 says:
    Nov 29, 2013 1:01 PM
    The offensive line is a mash unit and much of the receiving corps would hardly make most teams practice squads

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Not so sure about that anymore…O-line is healthy except for Bergstrom, Not even sure if Bergstrom could have earned a starting job.

    No excuses for McGloin now…it is what it is.. The schedule is going to get a lot tougher now ……if anything give Pryor a chance with a decent O-line like he had at the beginning of the season. I think we all know McGloin wouldn’t have stood a chance behind that o-line that had guys in the backfield after one second. At least Pryor could run for his life.

  15. 1) DA Has to go, sorry but that dude just doesn’t seem able to coach up his team.. It has to go beyond scheme which I’ll get back to later, but he looks like he has no fire or passion… How do expect to fire anybody up when you look like a 12 year old kid on time out…

    2) scheme: he doesn’t appear to know how to adjust or plan for what’s happening he seems to stick to what he knows which does not appear to be a lot

    3) look at all the other teams, there core players have been together for a couple seasons, this team has not played a full season together but have been in every game except for 2… Scary to think what they’ll be next year after a full off season and a couple additions pieces..

  16. Lol … here we go around and around.
    The QB play was not the problem.
    What’s funny reading some of these posts blaming the rookie QB but when JaMarcus Russell or Pryor were the QBs playing terrible … all I heard were excuses for them.

  17. slick50ks says: Nov 29, 2013 12:21 PM

    This rudderless ship keeps hitting the same iceberg.

    Franchise should really be contracted, and FINALLY rid the league of the Davis scourge.
    Considering Oakland’s roster, the fact that they went on the road on three days rest and scored 24 against any team is almost unbelievable. The real NFL scourge is hilljacks with Internet access. Enjoy your 20th straight season without a playoff win.

  18. As usual most of the Monday morning QBs got it wrong. The Raiders lost because their terrible O line could not open any holes for the RBs. No sustainable run game kept the Raider defense on the field to the point they were so tired in the 2nd half that the Cowboys scored 24 unanswered points.

  19. The Raiders should do the same. They wore their White jerseys at home once and won. They look better than the black jersey, and it’s time for a little change.

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