Ron Rivera: Greg Schiano should “stay the course”

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There’s no team hotter than the Panthers right now, but coach Ron Rivera isn’t that far removed from the hot seat.

That’s why there’s no one more qualified to offer advice to Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano, who has turned things around with a three-game win streak after an 0-8 start full of turmoil on and off the field. The two worked together on Dave Wannstedt’s staff in Chicago, and Rivera knows exactly where Schiano is now.

Rivera started each of his first two seasons 2-8, and after a 1-3 start this year, it didn’t appear certain he’d get through his third season. But that was seven wins and forever ago.

Just stay the course,” Rivera said, via Mark Cook of “Look, he’s been successful, he’s had success, he was successful in college, major college football, he’s had some success as a coach in the NFL, now it’s just a matter of time. Last year I was in the same situation and we got on a roll at the end of the year and now this year we’ve gotten on a roll again. It’s just so hard to win in this league and you’ve got to develop your team first. I think people have to be willing to take the lumps and accept it. There was a time back in the day when guys would be drafted in the first and second round and nobody expected him to play until three-four years down the line. Now you draft a guy and everybody says why isn’t he on the field, he’s a bust.

“Well everybody wants that instant gratification and I think it’s the same thing when you bring in a new head coach and everybody says ‘He should be great at what he’s doing, they should be winning right now.’ Well, evaluate, be realistic in your evaluations and I think you get a better sense of how long it’s going to take, if you’re realistic. If you’re not looking pie in the sky you sit there and go ‘Wow they need to do this, they need to do that, that guy needs to develop, that guy needs time, oh they’ve got to replace this guy, or this guy’s got to grow.’ I like who Tampa Bay is going to become and they’re on their way. Coach Schiano’s doing a great job. It’s just again be patient and just stick with it.”

It’s easier to preach patience when you’re enjoying the tangible results of it, but it’s been hard to tell until the last three weeks that Schiano was presiding over anything but a train wreck.

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  1. The Bucs were nowhere near as bad as the 0-8 suggested. Now you are what your record is to be sure, but not all 0-8 teams are created equal. 6 of the 8 Bucs losses have come to teams currently in the playoffs. A few breaks here and some smarter play there and the Bucs could easily be 7-4 right now. Blowing it up seems like such a mistake, especially when you look at Carolina. Good franchises aren’t firing coaches every 2 years.

  2. .

    “train wreck “?

    The Bucs were never a train wreck. They were a team with an untenable QB situation, a mix of rookies and new guys, and an uncanny knack for doing something lions-like at critical junctures of games

    Once young Glennon stepped up at QB, both sides of the ball seemed to gel and improve. They do, however, continue to sabotage their own efforts with untimely penalties.


  3. I agree with you, bucrightoff. They were 0-8 due to some bad breaks. They played hard and were a tough out in most of their games. As a fan, I like to think I can see a difference between lackadaisical play, a team where they just aren’t good enough , etc and the Bucs are right on the cusp of being respectable record wise IMO.

    People can have such selective memories. That team was an undisciplined wreck when Schiano took it over. There were Pats fans calling for BB’s head after 5-11 in 2000 also. I’m not saying Schiano is an all time great or anything, I’m saying he hasn’t had a chance to prove it one way or another yet. Were I an owner with a mess of a team I would give a regime (HC and GM) 5 years to implement their program and if there wasn’t significant achievement by then, I’d get rid of them.

    Some teams are talented and have a good GM and just need a good HC like Baltimore before Harbaugh. Those you might give a shorter leash to, but you have to judge the situations individually.

  4. as a panthers fan i’ll admit that ron is right. the bucs’ roster is full of talent and as much as it pains me to admit this, hang in there. trust me, giving schiano the boot may seem like the proper action to take, and it very well could be, but stringing together wins will cure a lot of displeasure.

  5. By “stay the course”…. Rivera means release players private medical files and be a below average coach.

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