Suh fined for throat-slash gesture


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been fined again.  For a change, it’s only a four-digit amount.

According to Justin Rogers of, Suh drew a $7,875 fine for making a throat-slash gesture on Sunday against the Buccaneers.

Suh previously was fined $100,000 for a Week One low block of Vikings center John Sullivan.  Five weeks later, Suh received a $31,500 fine for roughing the passer against the Browns.

Suh’s counterpart on the defensive line avoided a fine, despite being penalized during the game.  Nick Fairley drew a flag for a low hit on Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon.  Fairley, per Rogers, apparently hit Glennon in the thigh.

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  1. Maybe the only appropriate fine he has ever received! Very, very surprised they didn’t raise the standard throat slash fine amount just because it’s Suh.

  2. This is a ridiculous fine. RG3 NFL should really be ashamed for it’s over the top biased treatment of Suh. I’m not defending the some of the things he’s been legitimately accused of and fined for. While some of these fines and accusations are quite ridiculous. Certain quarterbacks draw flags for minimal contact while others are practically mugged on the field with no flag forthcoming. There’s no arguing that certain defensive players are consistently targeted for flags and now fines. Thus system doesn’t protect players but rather imposes punishment to those the NFL select to target. Rules shouldn’t be manipulated for such garbage when the purpose of these new and tougher rules is supposed to be for player’s safety. The integrity of the league and it’s officials is sadly suspect.

  3. Thank you!…. Suh is getting fined now for being a football player? I am but u don’t have to be a Lions fan to see that Suh is getting targeted to the point where he just has to show up and he’s getting fined. Makes it kind of hard to hate the guy. Hes a captain and he plays hard and he has fun, I hope he retires a Lion!

  4. I’ve not paid attention to the NFL since commercials have out numbered plays in a game but I have to say the NFLPA screwed the pooch when fines can easily top a MLB minimal salary when it comes to non relevant actions of an outcome of a game.

  5. Fined for a gesture? What’s next, fine the guy form thinking about hitting the QB? As long as the gesture did not involve his middle finger to the crowd, who cares? The NFL is getting lamer and lamer every day.

  6. It’s always something with this guy…

    Until the Lions get over all this immature garbage they won’t win a Superbowl. I think it all stems from the head coach though.

  7. What a guy. There’s old school, and then there’s Suh-cio. The dude is dirty and doesn’t care, he and Coach Schwartz have no shame. Detroit could be a true contender with a better coach and Suh, apparently loves to donate.

  8. FFS……give me proof of one dirty play this entire season! The suposed ‘dirty block to the knees’ is the only thing that is remotely near being a questionable play, and that play in itself was not malicious in any sense. Though I will not deny that the man has had some suspicious calls through the duration of not only this season, but his entire career, I dare anyone to take a look at film from even 5 years ago and tell me that anything he has done should be damning enough to employ the consistant ‘dirty’ tag that he receives. This is football. This is violent. These ideas are what made this sport what it is today. I couldn’t even imagine half of the consistent participants of this site watching a rugby game…..the probability of severe emotional breakdown from that experience, according to random opinions of ‘NFL fans’. HASHTAG GROWAPAIR

  9. This is BS this happens all around the league but the NFL has a hard on for SUE. Oh hey what about Green Bay pushing the Refs like who cares about that right ? Bet you he does not get fined…. but if SUE did it he would have been suspended. Like I understand Sue has a REP for being bad for the things he does but make it across the league. It just shows you that the #NFL is not a equal opportunity employer showing favoritism to the rest of the league on BS like pushing REFs look at the BS Dez Bryant pulls…. but when Sue does something it’s a fine and Sue is a bad guy again.

  10. they banned it in 99. they are already trying to shy away from big hits, you think its a good look to have gestures that basically says KILL? cmon.
    its been banned for more than a decade.

  11. If the NFL keeps this up they are going to turn Suh into something I didn’t think was possible – a sympathetic character.

  12. And yet Aldon Smith doesn’t get fined for intentionally kneeing someone in the groin on national TV.

    I can tell you which one hurt more and had potential for damage. It wasn’t Suh!

  13. Oh for Pete’s sake! Enough already!

    I’m against dirty plays or plays that intentionally hurt or cripple someone but foot is a contact sport, right? There has to be SOME contact.

    While I get with some of the stupid End-Zone dancing they don’t “hurt” anyone. The same with these gestures. “Sticks and stones…….” I wish my Browns played with the heart that Suh does.

    Get over it already.

  14. What a total and complete joke.
    I guess the league can take a small, insignificant amount of money from Suh but they can’t take away our division lead.
    The thing that I love most about leading the division is that sportswriters who obviously hate the Lions are forced to write positive things about them and you know it just kills them to do so.

  15. Also, Suh frowned, which is, like totally faux in Roger Goodell’s NFL, where it is very important that players are kind, polite, and respectful to each other’s feelings. Also, we’re going to have to do something about that mean and nasty win-loss record – we’re all winners here, right? Remember, play nice, boys!

  16. ps-the hit on Glennon by Fairley was SO OBVIOUSLY CLEAN that it’s another great example of the officiating bias against Detroit. Even the commentators (including Brian Billick who so clearly hates the Lions and was so obviously rooting for the Bucs that he should be fired) admitted it was a clean hit.
    And did anyone hear what the commentators were saying about Detroit after they had just won by 30 points on Thursday? They were trashing them and talking about how bad they played. I thought it was a joke at first. I honestly couldn’t believe my ears. I guess maybe if they had won by 50 or 60 they would have said something complimentary.

  17. Just an FYI for those crying “foul” and “witch hunt.” Violent celebrations in general and the throat-slash gesture in particular were outlawed a few years back. This was a response to the overwhelming number of players using that gesture in particular to celebrate a big play, and the NFL’s desire to distance themselves from associations with violence (both on the field, and particularly off of it). So, they outlawed the throat-slash gesture as unsportsmanlike, due to the possibility that it would condone off-the-field violence. This is a VERY standard, black-and-white fine for any player caught using that particular gesture to celebrate on the field of play.

  18. I am a Packer fan and I think it’s gotten ridiculous how the NFL has targeted him. I thought he showed a lot of maturity in the game on Thursday. He set Flynn down gently. I don’t think he had one penalty called against him. There are other players that play dirtier but you don’t here about them. He got a bad rep for a couple of bone head moves. Goodell is turning this sport I love into a one sided deal for offenses. I miss the good old fashion defensive battles when it actually was a reward to score a touchdown not a right. Start fining these morons for excessive celebration after they score a touchdown, like they are suppose to.

  19. Its specifically outlawed, it HAS to be fined. Im a Lions fan and think Suh’s other fines this year are a complete joke but this is automatic, people. Some of you need to do a little research, these writers arent going to teach/tell you everything!

  20. I love suh and i think he is obviously being targeted BUT not for this. This is a automatic fine every player every time, this isn’t b.s judgement call SO STOP WHINING !

  21. The problem here isn’t that Suh was fined for it. The throat slash thing was banned a long time ago and for the most part had gone away. The problem is that the NFL is selective in it’s punishments.

    I’ve seen the throat slash done 3-4 times this season by other teams but Suh is the first to draw a fine.

    Tramon Williams pushed a lions RB to the ground well after a play was dead, kicked Fauria, and pushed an official. But th first thing the NFL does is watch all of Suh’s tape to see if they can not-pick a fine.

    It remains to be seen if Williams gets fined at all. After all he did say how pushing the official was a “misunderstanding”. If Suh did this he’d be suspended immediately, but Williams is a packer.

  22. Yet another sign that this guy has no control. That and how he intentionally let Flynn down to the ground lightly demonstrates that he just doesn’t get it, and thinks the rules are something to be mocked. I agree the rules are ridiculous, but I’m not that is representing the league.

    He will cost his team a win again by the end of the season, book it.

  23. Well said pappageorgio. What about Long coming onto the field to pull his little brother away from a scrum. That conduct had been banned for a long time (no pun intended), yet no flag and no fine. I’m not aware of any “if it’s to keep your little brother from getting ejected” exception to this rule. Like I’ve said before – no consistency = no integrity.

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