Tomlin says “I lost my placement” while watching return on Jumbotron

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After the Thanksgiving night loss to the Ravens, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin met the media.  Not surprisingly, he was asked about his presence on the field during a long kickoff return by Baltimore receiver Jacoby Jones.

“I always watch the returns on the Jumbotron,” Tomlin told reporters.  “It provides a better perspective for me.  Obviously, I lost my placement as he broke free.  I started at the last second and saw how close I was to the field of play.”

Tomlin realizes that, in this specific case, he made a mistake.

“I do it quite often like everyone else in the National Football League,” Tomlin said.  “I was wrong.  I accept responsibility for it.”

As previously explained, Tomlin should have been flagged.  A touchdown could have been awarded.  A fine could be levied.

Most importantly, he shouldn’t have been standing on the white line with one foot in the field of play while watching the play on the Jumbotron, a screen that can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the stadium.

Meanwhile, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco says that Tomlin bogarted an idea Flacco hatched in February.

“I took some flak I think for kind of joking around in the Super Bowl and saying that maybe you should run on the field and tackle somebody if this guy breaks it,” Flacco told reporters.  “I kind of took flak for that.  That’s exactly what he just did.  He was looking at the big screen the whole entire time.  He knew where he was.  He knew where Jacoby was.  He did.  He pulled my move.  He did what I thought we should do.”

Flacco was joking.  The league office probably won’t be, given that Tomlin — intentionally or not — was in a place where he simply shouldn’t have been during a live play.

121 responses to “Tomlin says “I lost my placement” while watching return on Jumbotron

  1. I don’t care if he’s suspended or fined, just flag it next time he “loses hugs placement.” The fact that the SJ had to run around him and didn’t flag it is inexcusable.

  2. As a Steeler fan, Tomlin was in the wrong.

    This is as close to the Jets coach tripping the Miami returner as you can get without actually doing it. If he doesn’t interfere with J.Jones, there’s no way Cortez Allen is going to catch him.

    The season is right back on life support and Tomlin should be fined, at the very least. And the special teams coach should be fired, because in a game of inches and evenly matched teams (and much like many of the New England games last decade in the playoffs), the special teams of Baltimore won this game.

  3. “Tomlin says “I lost my placement” while watching return on Jumbotron”


    Yeah, right.

    All I know is: Steelers lose so it’s a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone outside of Coal Lung-town…

  4. He’s just trying to avoid a fine. I don’t believe him, but it doesn’t matter. Intentional or not it’s a violation of rules in such a circumstance that the official has to give the other team a TD. Regardless if the NFL fines him, which I can’t see how they cannot. He should get a $250k fine minimum.

  5. Bunch of garbage, making his reputation even worse.

    Watch the video or gif of the camera shot facing him.

    His eyes aren’t on the video board, even though he has back to the play, supposedly looking at the board….his eyes are looking over his shoulder at his player, and when his player gets close enough picture it means Jones is close to him and his intentional distraction is over and he can pretend to jump out of the way.

  6. I have to give credit to the Ravens. They played a pretty good game. I also think however that the Steelers totally wasted the first half with conservative, non-aggressive play calling. Man the Steelers suck. The Steelers need to get rid of 99, 43, 25, and 24 for starters. The Steelers need to fire Haley and Labeau. Also that field goal would have been cool in the first half by Suisham. Laces out Suisham. My god does Emmanuel Sanders suck. Least clutch player there is. Colonel sanders > Emmanuel Sanders.

  7. The local media has shown this play over and over. Looking at Tomlin’s eyes, if he was “watching the jumbotron,” he must have thought the jumbotron was on Jacoby Jones’s jersey. I’m thankful that Harbaugh didn’t so something this, or the Raven’s would be labeled as “cheaters” forever.
    Come on Mike… tried to give your team an edge…..and the only thing you’re sorry about was that the cameras caught it.

  8. That could cost him his job. Such a stupid move. Intentional, then UNACCEPTABLE. Accidental, UNACCEPTABLE. He’s the HEAD COACH! How is he gonna give ANY player a tough time when he is too busy watching the TV screen than the play on the field.

    Total joke. He may have sealed his fate. Couple bad years erase Super Bowls with other coaches players.

    Signed Jon Gruden.

  9. I wonder what all the cry baby Steeler fans who feel the refs robbed them have to say about this non call by the refs. Not to mention how Suggs was being held and mugged all game. I believe this was a hard fought game. As a Raven fan the Steelers earned my respect. Prior to this game the Ravens defense allowed opponents an average of 20 points a game and the Steelers allowed 21 points a game. In points allowed the Ravens were ranked 10th and the Steelers 11th. The Ravens red zone defense is ranked #1 in the NFL.

  10. It wasn’t only his “placement” he lost. He lost the game, lost some money from what should be a big fine from home office NFL, and lost his mind. He should know that his every move is being watched!

  11. Dumb move by Tomlin — trying to pull off his best J Kidd impersonation.

    On a side note: My God, Joe Flacco is such a tool bag it’s ridiculous.

  12. I’m sorry Detective…I didn’t mean to leave the evidence here…

    Minimum one game suspension.

    Oops, I’m a Patriots fan…Let the SPYGATE comments begin…And don’t forget our TAINTED TROPHY’S…PRE 2007!

    Goodnight Steeler Fans.

  13. Tomlin sticks his foot onto the field. He took a touchdown away. The NFL let the officials take a Superbowl away from the Seahawks. This was deliberate act that should warrant a one game suspension. Step up NFL and take action against your golden child coach and your untouchable franchise.

  14. Tomlin didn’t do anything wrong. Jones just slowed down because he mistook Tomlin for Omar Epps.

  15. I was at game. Tomlin’s intentional act was so bush league. Funny thing is, as much as we hate Steelers, most Ravens fans I know like/respect Tomlin. No more! What a loser thing to do…he should be suspended!

  16. Tomlin is a head coach in the NFL not an actor. Sorry but your behavior proves your guilt regardless of what words you use to feign innocence on this play.

  17. I like Mike Tomlin. But he should feel some pain from the league for this. There isn’t any excuse. He was way beyond the line coaches are supposed to stay behind. It’s pretty clear he caused Jones to alter his course and turn in to a tackler. I find it hard to believe none of the refs caught it. They can zero in on the most ticky tack of fouls, but miss something as blatant as this.

  18. Tomlin is a classless punk. When they showed the replay on the big screen, he laughed & egged the crowd on. Dude knew what he was doing. Pgh should lose a draft pick & Tomlin should be suspended.

  19. Non-issue at best. Calling back that Bell TD was the worst thing i’ve ever seen in NFL history. They sold a DVD highlighting a Jason Witten play going without his helmet….just like they’ve made millions selling DVD ‘s highlighting plays they now claim are “illegal”. Pathetic. The Ravens won it fair and square but that call was pathetic at best. Central Catholic HS is ashamed of Florio, not that he ever played for them anyway as he claims. Produce a team pic. You can’t.

  20. If that were John Harbaugh there would have been 3 flags thrown and an awarded touchdown.

    It is just like Torrey Smith’s catch was closer to being a touchdown than Miller’s. However Torreys they first rule a TD then put it on the 1 with no review, forcing Harbaugh to challenge. Miller’s catch, they rule a TD, and it gets overruled by the booth on any scoring play.

    Steelers = Patriots
    Different Rules

  21. It was a do or die game. The loser is for all intents and purposes done for the year, so yeah, Tomlin “made a mistake.” Never mind that he wasn’t looking at the jumbotron like he claimed when the camera caught him and instead was leering over his shoulder waiting for the ball carrier to arrive so he could hop out at the last moment. Absolutely classless move.

    And Emmanuel Sanders should be thanked for paying homage to the awesomeness of Ray Lewis. He honored the Ravens by humbly performing the Squirrel Dance… and losing.


  22. As a Bengals fan I’ve grown to respect Flacco. Not so much for his on the field contributions but because he just tells it how it is.

    Btw Tomlin is full of it.

  23. Bull….your a blatent LIAR…You knew exactly what was going on and you knew where you were at. Just watch the replay and it’s easy to tell where your eyes are at you could see him comming.
    What’s worse is the ref let it go.

  24. He knew what he did and found it so funny that he did not get flagged. But then again, the Steelers never got flagged, even when Suggs has to drag a guy holdinghis facemask to rush the QB.

  25. Nothing smells worse than desperation and that’s what this was, desperation.

    The Steelers defense has been carrying this team since Tomlin got there. Now they truly need a HC, but this guy can’t get it done.

  26. Yeah and I forgot I was watching a professional NFL football game. Man have you no shame Coach Tomlin, have you no shame. I was pulling for the Steelers in this one, until I saw Tomlin’s idea of great defensive strategy to stop the Ravens. Poor non call from the refs maintaining my believe that this year will not go down as one of their best. OK cue the SpyGate comments to smoke screen more proof they all cheat if they can get away with.

  27. Tomlin forgot if it was one of the days his team was playing football. In his defense Tomlin does a lot of walking on greens

  28. .
    What was I thankful for on Thanksgiving?

    That it was Tomlin and not Belichick that was on the field.


  29. “Tomlin should have said “I lost my integrity” while watching return on Jumbotron and intentionally disrupting a kickoff return.” And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those pesky HD cameras, showing me looking over my shoulder and positioning myself when Jones came running by me.

  30. First I lost some respect for Tomlin after what he did. Second, I just lost some more respect for his lame excuse/lying about it.

  31. PUH-LEESE… Tomlin is full of it, he knew exactly what he was doing. Love how most of the media is treating it as a big joke….of course if Bill Belichick pulled that bush league move they would be calling for a lifetime suspension and ESPN would be having a 1 hour special, “SIDELINE GATE”

  32. Considering the smirk on his face afterward, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was watching the jumbotron and knew where he was at. The league should absolutely fine him. If they don’t, I’d say Baltimore should be filing complaints until they’re blue in the face.

  33. Not a good night all around for the Stoolers. As much as I hate the team, Tomlin is a straight shooter. I’ll take his word that he just got lost on the field.

    The real issue to me is, as always, where were the officials? Oh, that’s right this is Clete Blakeman’s crew. Can you imagine the uproar if the Steeler’s had won this game? The performance of these guys in game changing situations continues to be farcical.

  34. I don’t have a horse in this race, but Tomlin is lying like a rug. The video, and stills, show that he was not looking up AT ALL!
    His acting was terrible too. It was pretty obvious that it was intentional, and the Ravens should have been awarded the TD.
    I don’t think Jones would have gotten by the last defender, but Tomlin should have been penalized, and Jones given the benefit of the doubt and the TD since it was too close to be sure he would have been caught.

  35. Desperate measures. And I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but Flacco was actually…gulp…charming and entertaining in his post game press conference.

  36. Gee, Joe…..the rest of us missed that part where he ran on the field and tackled Jones. No one pulled your move if they don’t actually pull your move.

  37. I believe he is a liar. I have lost respect for him, the Rooneys and the Steelers. They used to be tuff and classy. Now they join Peter the cheater.

  38. I always watch the returns on the Jumbotron,” Tomlin told reporters. “It provides a better perspective for me.

    I agree. Thats why its always better viewing to watch a game at home.

  39. To all saying that Mike Tomlin is better than this, etc., he obviously is not better than this.

    He went to cheating, pure and simple. This indicates what Mike Tomlin is made of, and now he further drags the once great Steeler franchise into the gutter with him, and the team too will now be called cheaters, and for good reason, having this guy as the HC.

  40. I wonder what the tone of the article would have been if the Patriot’s did this. Florio would have killed them like he always does. Then again, all teams are Saint’s and the Patriots are the only ones that try to bend the rules.

  41. Apparently Tomlin is trying to get fired. It is one thing to have a down year…but the Rooneys would probably give him the benefit of the doubt that he has things under control…now, not so much.

  42. Not only was he in the white zone that’s prohibited for coaches (and for which an assistant coach got hit with a penalty just last week), HE PUT HE FOOT OUT ON THE FIELD OF PLAY. And the ref WAS RIGHT THERE. What a classless move by Tomlin, and a culpable non-call by that ref.

  43. He is also probably going to lose the placement of about $30,000 from his wallet. That is the kind of play I would expect Jim Schwartz to make.

  44. ““I was wrong. I accept responsibility for it.””
    Something very few coaches in the NFL ever do…accept responsibility. He said he was wrong. Yet people call him “liar”. Wow. Liars don’t admit to being wrong, people.

  45. He should be fined AND suspended for a game. That’s pretty blatant cheating and the depth of poor sportsmanship.

    On the other hand, it’s pretty funny that the Steelers had to cheat to get to 5-7.

  46. Head Coach-Must have ethics and be trustworthy beyond reproach. Must set the bar as an example to his team and fans that support him and his city. We all talk about heros, and the kids that look up to them. No respect for the game, his fans or his city.
    Not good Mike, not good at all.

  47. Dangit. Now watching Jacoby Jones’ post game, he said Tomlin was halfway on the field, as he first browke down the sideline.
    He knew what he was doing. Come on Rooney, Steeler nation doesn’t put up with this classless stuff.
    A change is needed.

  48. I think Tomlin is still one of the best coaches in this league.I would take him as a head coach over that boring drip in Dallas.By the way Steeelers suck!

  49. Not all Steelers fans condone what Tomlin did last night. I didn’t see the play as it unfolded, I was too busy screaming at the special teams for their ineptitude, and was pretty impressed that Allen didn’t quit and was able to run him down. Then I saw the replay and thought: OMG, our Coach actually affected the play? How embarrassing! Hopefully the Rooney’s will do the right thing on this and own it, because I don’t buy Tomlin’s excuse at all.

    That being said, I wish to God Joe Flacco would just keep his mouth shut. If it wasn’t for his special teams, the Ravens would have lost. He did nothing spectacular. Justin Tuck was awesome.

  50. He’s just doing the same thing his classless fanbase would do if given the same opportunity. Whats the problem?

  51. @notwhoyouthinkitis

    He is a liar because it was clearly intentional and not an accident as he is saying.

    Tomlin should be suspended for the remainder of the year and the Steelers should lose a draft pick. This play could have had a tremendous impact on the playoff race in the AFC and the NFL needs to send a message. The ref should also be fined or suspended because it is equally inexcusable that he didn’t throw the flag and award Jones a TD.

  52. Oh he HAD been looking toward the Jumbotron. But then he saw the score. Then decided if his team was going to win he would have to join the special teams unit.

  53. I will postscript this with “and the Ravens should have been flagged for shielding on the 2-point conversion try.” Look, refs get calls wrong, and those were two blatant missed calls that could have had a huge impact on the game’s outcome. In fact, the missed shielding call directly impacted the outcome…

    So, before you Ratbird fans start crying “foul” look at the deciding play of the game. The refs paid you back.

  54. I have always likes Tomlin, even as a Browns fan.. No longer. The intent was evident, you could see him watching the runner get closer, then he jab steps toward the field. Stay classy Tomlin, ur just like the rest of the stools..

  55. Tomlin is one big liar. But come on ref. you had to run BEHIND him and still did not call it. Totally lost respect for Tomlin and at least that ref. Inexcusable.

  56. @cup1981:

    I was waiting for a flag to be thrown for shielding on the 2 point conversion. It certainly looked like it to me, at least the first time I saw it. And when no flag was thrown I was surprised. Still…Sanders had the ball in his hands, and just flat out dropped it. Also, after re-watching it I’m not 100% sure it was shielding. It’s possible it was a good no call; but I would not have been surprised to see a flag. The difference is…the infraction by Tomlin was blatant.

  57. And for his next trick he’ll spray cooking oil on the ball when they’re playing defense. “Hey, I thought I was in the parking lot tailgating.”

  58. No class. The Steelers got mout muiscled for 3+ Quarters yesterday.
    Rooney is asleep at the wheel.
    Tomlin and Colbert need to go.

    What game did you watch? Out muscled? Take off the purple shades and see a whole different world.

    All you nailing Tomlin need to watch your teams coach in their game…..just try to be honest with yourself as hard as it’s going to be. Tomlins smirk was priceless like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar but not getting his wrist slapped. He thought it to be funny …..lighten up hypocrites.

  59. Absolutely he should be fined to set a precedent that this can’t happen, and it looked like a dirty play, but as neither a Steeler or Raven fan, Jacoby Jones isn’t scoring if he wasn’t there. Surprised no one has admitted this on this whole thread. The tackler had the angle on Jones which is why he was closing so fast in the first place. Sticking that close to the sideline all it would’ve taken is a tap from the defender to get his momentum going out of bounds. Absolutely 0 chance he scores on that return.

  60. I’m a Packer fan, so I doubt think I’m biased on this call.. (just depressed in general because my team sucks, but anyways..) Personally I’m giving Tomlin the benefit of the doubt on this one. He always come off as extremely honest, classy coach to me and I can’t see him doing something like this on purpose.

  61. I think that was SUH in a tomlin disguise doing the press conference.
    UUUHHH i was trying to maintain my balance whilst i stomped the crap outta of some dudes arm.

    UUUHHH i lost my place on the field i didnt mean to do that.

  62. Classy move… Interfere with the play and give the “I made a mistake” speech…and casually throw in that ‘ everyone in the NFL does it.” It was a scummy, unsportsmanlike move. I expected better from Pittsburgh. This is a Belichick level move.

  63. And the many fans who have run out on the field in many sports lost their placement in the stands.

  64. I just really wish Jacoby would have ran Tomlin over!

    I’m a Steeler fan btw. The guy sucks and needs to go. Along with Kevin Colbert. Their poor draft picks in the last five or so years has set this team back for the next few years unfortunately. Tomlin looked like a good coach his first few years bc he was coaching Cowhe. r’s players.

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