Vick exits injury report


The most uneventful quarterback benching in recent memory has become officially complete:  Nick Foles is now the Eagles starting quarterback.

It’s no surprise.  Former starter Mike Vick already has given his concession speech, and coach Chip Kelly has announced that Foles is the guy.  But the last  word comes from the two words not on the injury report:  Vick and hamstring.

Vick initially pulled the hamstring in Week Five against the Giants.  Three weeks later, Vick returned.  Also against the Giants.  And he injured the hamstring again.

Three weeks after that, Vick remained questionable on the official report.  Now, as the Eagles emerge from their open date, Vick has returned to full and complete health.  But he won’t be returning to the starting job, barring injury to Foles.

If Foles gets banged up, Vick undoubtedly remains the guy.  As we hear it, the Eagles have no faith in fourth-round rookie Matt Barkley — so little that there’s a real question as to whether he even makes the team next year.

For Vick, being the backup to Foles in Philly could be the future.  Though Vick wants to start elsewhere, he may not get that option.  And the Eagles may offer him more to be Foles’ No. 2 than someone else would pay for the chance to compete to be No. 1.

So while in less than four years the torch has passed from Donovan McNabb to Kevin Kolb to Vick to Foles, Vick could choose to stay put, earning a solid paycheck to not play.

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  1. Backup??
    Vick will be starting after the next two games when they realize nick foles hasn’t played a real nfl team yet.
    Foles is gonna get crushed by the cards this week, and everyone is going to think it’s a one off.
    Then he’s going to get crushed again next week, and everyone will realize that he IS NOT as good as his record suggests. Remember that it was Vick who had to play the chargers, chiefs, and broncos, not foles. Their win loss record would be A LOT different if that was the case, and files would probably have interceptions as well.

    Vick’s problem is his health, but he absolutely gives the tram the best chance to win the division. It’s too bad 99 percent of people don’t know football.
    Just wait and see. Foles is not going to get them where they want to go, but lets hope chip benches him sooner rather than later

  2. Chips offense is a machine. Foles isn’t a fluke, and he isn’t Peyton..But the kid can play.. U must be a cowgirls fan!

  3. Vick isn’t sweating it. He’s “lost” his starting job to a number of quarterbacks over the years, including Kevin Kolb. He’ll be there when the league figures out Foles.

  4. tedesco47 says: Nov 29, 2013 2:54 PM

    Vick will be starting after the next two games when they realize nick foles hasn’t played a real nfl team yet.

    well i’m apparently not as bright a football mind as you, but i remember vick’s last game against the cardinals; and foles couldn’t play much worse than that. the last play of the first half, inside the arizona ten, vick doesn’t recognize an obvious blitz by the safety, fails to get the ball out, gets sacked and the fumble return is taken back 93 yards to put the eagles down 24-0.

    Kelly thinks his best chance at winning this week is Foles, as both are healthy. And i’m guessing he knows at least as much as you, even if we here do not…

  5. All this hate on Foles, I don’t get it. Tell me something, if you had your choice of Nick Foles or Kevin Kolb to run this offense, who would you choose? And don’t give me a cop out answer like neither. I really can’t get a grasp of this Foles is a fluke talk. This isn’t Matt Flynn we’re talking about here who turn 1 game into a lottery ticket. And granted we’re likely not talking about a Manning/Brady type of QB either. BUT what we are talking about a QB who has won for us. Now everyone wants to throw stats out the window, so let’s do that. Look at the schedule that remains and the teams that we play. Outside of Minnesota, every last team is a playoff contender or likely getting a spot. That begs the question: if at worst Foles goes 3-2, does that mean he’s not capable of being our long term QB? Or, let’s say he plays well but an defensive blown coverage or a special teams returns ends up being the nail in the coffin, what does that mean then. Bottomline, we got a guy that’s winning games for us and everyone wants to doubt him still. And what’s even crazier, everyone is on this Vick fantasy as if he is still that same Madden icon that we thought he would be. Face the facts, Vick is a great athlete but his best years are behind him. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it a million more time, 10 years ago there wouldn’t be any talk of Foles or Vick. But time does not lie and we don’t have the Vick of old, we have an old Vick. Don’t believe me still? Look at the KC game, which really the defense was still finding their stride at that point. Vick took off for a great run that, in his prime, would’ve been off to the house. But while he’s still faster than most, he isn’t what he used to be. And I’d rather my QB not risk his body for the sake of the highlight film. Get over it hates, Foles is the Philadelphia Eagles QB, if not for the future, at least for now. And, by God, as fans of the team we owe him the support to take us as far as he can. LET’S GO EAGLES!

  6. I think the bigger point here is that they’re looking to pull the plug on Barkley…….maybe Chip is looking to draft his QB next year.

  7. thegreatgabbert says: Nov 29, 2013 3:22 PM

    Vick isn’t sweating it. He’s “lost” his starting job to a number of quarterbacks over the years, including Kevin Kolb. He’ll be there when the league figures out Foles.
    Vick didn’t “lose his” starting job to Kolb or anyone else. McNabb lost his starting job to Kolb, then Kolb lost it to Vick.

    Vick lost his starting job to prison in 2007, then to Foles in 2012 and again in 2013. Other than that, he hasn’t lost “his” starting job to anyone else. Unless you consider 11 years worth of injuries to be someone else.

  8. @tedesco47


    Nick Foles 18TDs – ZERO INTS

    Can you give us an example of Mike Vick EVER playing this kinda lights out?? Even in 2010 he started to slip after the second miracle of the meadowlands. Look at his numbers starting in that game until today- PUTRID is what they are. Don’t be mad because the Eagles have figured out how horrible Vick is.

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