Dolphins place Jonathan Martin on non-football illness list

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Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, whose departure from the team led to an investigation into the locker-room culture in Miami, is no longer on the team’s 53-man roster.

Instead, the Dolphins placed Martin on the reserve/non-football illness list today. That frees up a roster spot, and it means that Martin is done for 2013.

What we don’t yet know is whether that move represents some type of agreement between Martin and the team, or whether this was a unilateral decision by the Dolphins. The other player at the focus of the investigation into the Dolphins, Richie Incognito, was initially suspended by the team without pay, but he agreed this week to remain away from the team with pay while the investigation continues.

The Dolphins have avoided commenting publicly while Ted Wells, the NFL-appointed investigator, continues to look into the allegations that Incognito and other teammates harassed Martin before he walked away from the team.

27 responses to “Dolphins place Jonathan Martin on non-football illness list

  1. They seem clearly worried about a legal fiasco so my guess is they said he would be paid for this year.

    I would have put him on whatever list “left team” is applicable to because that is exactly what he did. No need to make his designation politically correct. That designation does not list a reason. If he has an illness and won’t be back then why not just put him on IR?

    Originally he looked like a weak-minded person who happened to have a legal loophole to exploit. Now he looks like a scam artist. Much of the “leaked” stuff has been shown to have critical context and or info damaging to Martin omitted. Either his case stands up or it won’t. His “posse” have led a campaign to manipulate an all-to-willing national media. Look a bit deeper at what data is actually available and you can plainly see this was a planned “legal” scam. Sorry, but he is no victim. He looks more like a manipulator to me.

  2. richie incognito’s suspension gives him more time to drunkenly stomp around like a giant mental midget and/or sexual assault strangers at golf courses.

  3. I break out my best eyeroll when I read all the comments from these yahoo’s who call Martin a “crybaby” or admonishing him to “man up”.

    These keyboard jockeys wouldn’t last 5 minutes in an NFL locker room before they cried for their mommy……

  4. I said it from Day 1:
    Not a very good player
    Doesn’t want to play pro football
    Wants to still be paid for not playing
    Get attorney, mission accomplished

  5. Isnt it funny how in the space of 3 weeks or so, despite the liberal media’s best attempts, the majority of NFL fans were able to see that this story boiled down to noting more than some punk who found himself in a position (the NFL) that he was never meant to be in?

    Kudos to everyone who refused to buy this garbage as it was first reported.

  6. I hate the pile on mentality people have with this guy because there are clearly some mentally unstable people in the dolphins organization. Having said that, this dude doesn’t want to be a football player at this point.

  7. Martin is done in the NFL. Richie will be back next year, but for another team. The real loser in this whole fiasco is the Dolphins organization. Not only is this a black-eye on them, but it takes two O-linemen out of play, with nothing to show for it.
    This whole thing will be but an afterthought, by the first game, next season.

  8. Yes Jonathan Martin is a big baby but he is now appearing to be more of a scam artist. Who just wants to use the system to become a free agent and get paid under the guise of racism and bullying behavior.

  9. What type of person goes on this site every day to write about how great their favorite team is when it’s obvious to everyone they’re bad? The steelers guy must be very lonely.

  10. Is this story still going on? Damn. Must be going to sue for money to be taking this long. Martins career is over. What team will bring him in now?

  11. Man up in the NFL? Maybe you would like to see a team that only has Martin types on it..Not me. Oh, and if they get drunk and are crazy..even better. Tough hard nosed crazy animal type footballers is what I like to see on Sundays. Not that sissy-mary johnathan martin thing you want.

  12. The chorus of posters here saying that Jonathan Martin will never play in the NFL again are either shortsighted or ignorant. We’re talking about a 24-year-old very recent second-round pick who clearly established himself as a solid ORT that probably can’t handle OLT. Numerous former NFL players (such as Chris Carter) have said they never saw things in their NFL locker room careers that have been revealed in this case. Whether Martin should have been able to handle the locker room environment or not, I find it hard to believe he will not be invited to an NFL training camp next summer. If he doesn’t want to play or has a serious mental illness, that’s a different story. But if he wants to play, plenty of NFL teams looking for a possibly-cheap, solid ORT will give him a chance. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he ends up on a different NFL team next year and goes on to be a solid 6-8 year starter.

  13. This is what years of “participation awards” have done to our country

    Welcome to you new world.

  14. Gaming the NFL game. Gotta give Martin his props, he will get paid for walking away.

    The looking in the mirror thing?…well, that’s his life long problem now.

  15. The real blame in this crap will fall on the lack of control that the front office and coaching staff has on this team, if or WHEN the Fins are sued by Martin and his mommy and daddy, the management has only themselves to evaluate as to why the team got so unraveled.

  16. I know you guys are going to flame me for this, but maybe Martin is mentally ill (and maybe not, of course) so at this time, until we really know, I believe it’s inappropriate to hammer on him.

    Go ahead, let me have it, it’s my opinion, etc. And someone give that Steeler guy some beer or something. Or take it away, I don’t know.

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