Gonzalez has no complaints about farewell season

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Last year at this time, Tony Gonzalez was 95-percent sure he wouldn’t return for another season.  This year, he’s 100-percent sure he has no complaints about a final season that sees his Falcons chasing not a championship but the first pick in the draft.

I can’t complain about anything,” Gonzalez said, via Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “Obviously, the Super Bowl — I’m sure those questions are going to be asked a lot more as it gets closer to the end.  But for me, why would I want to change anything?

“Of course I want to win a Super Bowl, but at the same time I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished and the relationships I’ve made over the years.  Everything happens for a reason, and hopefully it makes me a better person in the process.”

Unless Gonzalez plans to come back for yet another year, the proper term is “wanted” to win a Super Bowl.  The Falcons became as of Monday night the first team to be officially eliminated from the playoffs.

And so Gonzalez has five games left in his career, unless he’s not really 100-percent sure he will retire.  It sounds like he is.

“I’m never going to be able to put on these pads again,” Gonzalez said.  “It’s a good, thing, too.  It’s going to be sad, but at the same time, it’s going to be enlightening.  It’s a whole new chapter waiting for me.  I can say that I’m going to enjoy these last five weeks.”

After the next five years, Gonzalez will ride to Canton.  Unless he decides after 17 NFL seasons to return for an 18th.

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  1. Hell of a player, def deserves to be in Canton, no question. I dreaded him when he was a Chief playing against my Raiders. I always held out hope he would don the silver and black one day. That would have been so appropriate. I will always remember a pass both he and Woodson both caught simultaneously, I think it was 2000 or 2001. The refs rightly gave the catch to Gonz, but goddamn if that wasnt the closest WR/CB catch Ive ever seen in 20 years of watching the NFL. I just wish Gonz woulda won a much deserved Superbowl ring. Oh well. He and
    Tim Brown both have something to toast to I suppose.

  2. Gonzalez had the best hands I have ever seen from a TE…seriously it was like glue when the ball hit his gloves.

  3. I understand why he’s retiring he doesn’t want to pull an Ed Reed and be a shell of himself but this guy could easily play for another year maybe 2 too bad Atlanta had all the injuries they did and a horrific defense

  4. Absolutely first year eligible HOF class. He’s one of those rare breeds, kinda like future HOF’ ers like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. If Ed reads the tea leafs and retires as he should have last year then in five years both Tony and Ed will be first ballot HOF together. Kinda wished Ed and Ray would have went together. But this is great too. It’s ashamed Tony didn’t make a SB run this year and totally surprised Atlanta self destructed this year.

  5. No regrets about fleecing the Falcons for about 6 or 7 million for one season? I wouldn’t either. Lol.

  6. I just like to see the true good guys of the NFL win… I wish some how a trade to the Seahawks could have been arranged so he would get a chance to play in the Super Bowl and possibly go out on top.

    Hate to see such a respectable amazing player fade to obscurity on a team with no chance to compete what so ever.

  7. As a Raider fan who hates the Chiefs, hats off to you T. Gonz. Not only are you a one of a kind football player, but a class act off the field. You’re one of a kind, and if I ever make the trip to Canton in the future, my kids are going to learn all about #88.

  8. I wish some how a trade to the Seahawks could have been arranged so he would get a chance to play in the Super Bowl and possibly go out on top.
    The trade to the Falcons was supposed to do that. Since he is retiring this year I don’t see how going to the Seahawks would get him to the SB. They aren’t going.

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