Kevin Sumlin agrees to six-year contract extension at Texas A&M


Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin has often been mentioned as a future NFL head-coaching candidate, but that apparently won’t happen any time soon.

The school and Sumlin have announced that they’ve agreed to a new six-year contract extension. Although coaches often leave jobs for greener pastures, the announcement — and Sumlin’s adamant statements that he’s committed to coaching the Aggies — likely means we won’t be hearing Sumlin’s name mentioned in connection with NFL jobs.

“I am humbled and very appreciative of the commitment that Texas A&M has extended not only to me and my family, but to our football program overall,” Sumlin said in the school’s announcement. “We have only just begun to lay the foundation for sustained, long-term success here at Texas A&M, and we will work hard every day to make this great institution and the 12th Man proud.”

Sumlin was reportedly a target of the Eagles if they hadn’t been able to land Chip Kelly, and Sumlin is — like Kelly — viewed as a coach with an innovative approach who could bring schemes to the NFL that haven’t been seen before. Sumlin has often said, however, that he prefers coaching young men at the college level.

According to some reports, Sumlin was the first choice as the next head coach at USC, which fired Lane Kiffin this year. Sumlin staying at Texas A&M could give a boost to the chances of Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio getting hired at USC.

10 responses to “Kevin Sumlin agrees to six-year contract extension at Texas A&M

  1. This move by A&M won’t stop Sunlin from leaving for the NFL(Texans) OR any other NFL Team. It’s not a unilateral move to USC, Nebraska or Florida, it’s the NFL. David Shaw or Bill O’Brian also would be decent choices for the Texans if Bob McNair gets smart and fires Kubiak and Smith.

  2. When Johnny Football bolts, he’ll stick around for a couple years there and then move on to the NFL.

    All this does now is prevent him from being a Rooney Rule pawn this season.

    A couple more years as the HC and he’ll get hired right out of the NCAA rather than do the token Rooney Rule rounds before then.

  3. Well, if he takes an offer from Houston in the NFL, he better pray Johnny “Autograph” goes with him, because NO coach in the Sunday league can win without a great QB.

  4. A buyout after this extension would be very pricey for at least a couple years. Unlikely Sumlin will be going anywhere else for a while.

  5. NFL jobs were not the Aggies’ primary concern–all the major college vacancies were.

    I really like Sumlin and he seems like a class act, so all the best to him. But there’s still some questions about him since all his success has been so tied to a single player. It will be interesting to see how he transitions them when he doesn’t have a Johnny Football at QB. And I’ve been surprised to see their defense remain so bad all season.

  6. The Texans don’t look beyond the borders of Texas too often to fill important rolls. They will make a move to buy this guy out. Whether they’re successful remains to be seen.

  7. If the buyout is high, which I suspect it is, then the Texans might go looking somewhere else. I know McNair isn’t cheap(hence contracts for Schaub and Foster, very stupid contracts) but if he fires Rick Smith, then he’d eat that contract plus Sumlin’s buyout, which he wouldn’t do.

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