Martin will be paid while on NFI list


Dolphins guard Richie Incognito currently is being paid to not play for the team.  Tackle Jonathan Martin will be, too, for the rest of the season.

Per a league source, the Dolphins will continue to pay Martin now that he has been shifted to the non-football illness list.

The change in Martin’s status comes one month and two days after Martin left the team.  He had been receiving weekly game checks because he had still been on the active roster.  The Dolphins, as a result, had been operating with only 52 players.

Moving Martin to the NFI list means that the Dolphins once again have 53 roster spots.  It also means that Martin’s status with the team will be determined in the offseason, at which time one of the issues will be nearly $1 million in bonus money that applies to the 2014 and 2015 seasons under Martin’s four-year rookie contract.

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  1. Look, I am a die hard fins fan so this story should be more important to me than fans of other teams, BUT I am sick and tired of this story already. Put a hold on every tiny incident from this story and just summarize it once it is all said and done already!!!

  2. steelersaregodsteam says:
    Nov 30, 2013 7:35 PM
    Six rings is desirable. No?
    Only if your team doc gives the players HGH.
    Steelers know that all to well.

    Steroids, now HGH. What’s next Steelers?

  3. I was involved in telephone conversations/textx with my “best” friend. Some time later, because a bunch of people wouldn’t sit with me, I stormed off my job blaming the previous telephone conversations/texts from my “best” friend.

    My “best” friend has been suspended with 4 weeks pay, and I’m on a non-physical injury list and still getting paid. And I have the remainder of my rookie contract which keep my paycheck coming.

    I’m sure Martin will still be receiving money from his eventual law suit while his “best” friend is just an NFL foot-note.

  4. First off, nobody deserves to be subjected to the type of harassment and belittling disrespect that Martin had to endure from Incognito. Teammates should never even remotely interact with one another in this fashion, and I’m sure that on most teams there is a higher level of respect and comradery amongst the guys.

    That aside, I just can’t help but scratch my head as to why Martin thought his only option was to just run away and hide in a hole. Jonathan Martin possessed E-mails, voicemails, and text messages that all outlined the disgusting, racist abuse that he was faced with, and it is crystal clear that he is the victim in this situation without a sliver of a doubt. SO WHY DIDNT HE JUST CONFIDE IN HIS COACHES AND OTHER DOLPHINS STAFF??? Did this kid honestly believe that he couldn’t trust anyone in the Dolphins organization?

    In my belief, Martin had 2 options…

    1. He could show the evidence of abuse to the higher-ups in the organization, Incognito would be punished, and Martin could then continue going about his job while avoiding the media storm.
    2. Martin could run away from his job and hide in a hole, ensuring that the media hurricane smashes right into the shores of Miami.

    *The point I’m trying to make is that you can’t just run away any time you’re faced with adversity, that just isn’t the honorable thing to do. Jonathan Martin needs to MAN UP and learn how to face his problems head on.

  5. He should not be paid. That’s unfair to everyone on the planet who WORKS for a living. If he can’t get along with his team then make him work as the worlds highest paid janitor.

  6. Dolphins showing a bit of class for a change but then again what else could they do. Pay the guys and move on, we made a mistake drafting Martin no big loss from a talent point just a waste of a player, a pick and some cash. As for Incognito probably went to far but its easy to say that now. Martin seems to have kept it under raps and even joined in with the banter before he quit. I just don’t believe any other NFL locker room would have been any different for Martin. I think he is better out of that type of environment. I just wish he could have settled this a different way.

  7. So what we have here is a 6-5, 320 pound professional athlete, sponsored for a degree from an elite American university, who now is being paid top 1% of the nation wages to sit at home and not work in case he becomes a victim of bullying.Totally makes sense.

    Give me an arrow Katness, I want to join the Revolution.

  8. ratsfoiledagain says: Nov 30, 2013 7:43 PM

    Only if your team doc gives the players HGH.
    Steelers know that all to well.

    Steroids, now HGH. What’s next Steelers?

    Wow, lots of lies. First of all, studies have shown that Steeler players naturally have higher levels of HGH than the average NFL player.

    Your jealousy is showing.

  9. Sissy….doesnt want to play football but who’s parents are lawyers (liars) and still want the fat $. Simple as that.

    Yes, Incongnito is a tool, but he’s being used
    as a tool as well.

  10. Ok now the last step for this big baby who cried wolf is to be become a free agent. Let him go he’s a very weak Right tackle who wanted to be a Left Tackle.

  11. I still can’t get my head around a 6’6″ 330lb guy feeling bullied and running home to his mother about it. And he’s getting paid?

    It’s already been said, but this really feels like a scam, and one which will end more than one career in Miami. I hope we never see him on an NFL roster again, he’s not team material.

  12. This story sounded fishy when it came out. I holding out hope NFL uncovers that Martin was just an overly sensitive whinny baby. In the end, IHope Martin gets cut and sued. Do you really think anyone wants bim in a locker room anymore???? Regardless if its with a new team??? I wouldnt.

  13. It’s funny that he cries about Incognito extorting money from him, yet this is extortion in it’s own right.

    I hate you Jonathan Martin and I hope you never play another down in the NFL.

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