Bills fumble away a chance to beat the Falcons

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The Bills had to work to lose to the Falcons in Canada Sunday, but they did it.

A pair of fumbles, one at the end of regulation by Stevie Johnson and one in overtime by tight end Scott Chandler greased the skids for a game the Bills seemed to control throughout the day. The Falcons came back to win 34-31 after their first possession of the extra session.

Johnson’s ruined what would have been an easy field goal for the Bills, while Chandler’s allowed Falcons kicker Matt Bryant to win it with a 36-yarder moments later.

That snapped a five-game losing streak for the Falcons (3-9), and likely killed whatever shred of hope the Bills (4-8) had left.

The sudden turn of events seemed to stun the “crowd” of 38,969 at the Rogers Center, which watched the Bills run effectively throughout the day.

C.J. Spiller had a 36-yard touchdown run and a 77-yard dash which set up another en route to 149 yards for the day, as the Bills ran for 195 yards. Fred Jackson added a touchdown run, as the pair were able to keep the Bills moving.

The Falcons were able to withstand that, even with Matt Ryan being sacked six times.

22 responses to “Bills fumble away a chance to beat the Falcons

  1. Bills still have a shred. Killed implies dead, and death is irreversible. Their dwindling odds are small numbers, but they are living numbers. You never know what can happen as long as there’s still one relevant snap to take.

  2. This one hurts, as so many of our games hurt. I’m choosing to look at the positive, we have EJ, he seems to be a legitimate NFL QB. He made nice plays down the stretch and put the team in a place to win.

  3. Def not a pathetic franchise, it’s a franchise on the way up that needs to learn to win!!!!

    Big thing is the Bills players didn’t fumble the win, the Bills owner did. If this game was in Buf no way Atl wins. It is maddening listening to the game and hearing the ‘home’ crowd cheer the opponent and boo the home team. Having a 12th man there would have given the Bills the win.

    Had enough of the Toronto fans after the classless bunch threw beer cans at the Sabre’s friday night after we beat them AGAIN. Now today they screwed us over again.
    If the Bills are going to be serious contenders they need to scrap this stupid arrangement of a home team with these Toronto jerks, and get the home game back where it belongs!!!

  4. The Bills playing this game in Toronto is a vile abomination, as is the NFL rule book regarding pass interference. You can also include the Bills offensive play calling in the 4th quarter and their butterfingered receivers.

    The good news being Stevie can now spend more time working on on his TD celebration moves( in case such an event does occur), or planning for his next Tattoo

  5. Stop making excuses for this franchise…they lose no matter where they play or who the ref is…it’s just a matter of which player is going to blow it each game.
    Their record since the merger is indeed pathetic – you can deny all you want but the win & losses say otherwise

  6. “The Bills had to work to lose…but they did it”
    that’s hilarious. Sigh. It’s hard being a Bills fan.

  7. Goodbye Stevie. We hate to see you go….NOT!
    The only time this loser is talked about is if he’s getting fined fior showboating, dropping critical passes or, in this case, blowing a game with a ill-timed fumble.
    Not a #1 receiver and certainly not clutch. If any GM gives him big bucks next year they should have their head examined.

  8. bbillsfan1 _ and let me guess,two weeks ago you were screaming at the bills to get rid of cj spiller? kills me how “fans” always wan a get rid of our best players when things don’t go right.go root for another team please.

  9. Soo Stevie is a free agent after 2 years in2 a 4 yr contract…..nice math, please do us a favor, I heard the Jets are looking for fans….you’d be better off there….they don’t know what’s going on either

  10. Multiplemeggs must be a Jets fan. Im not a Bills fan but your statement is so off base for so many reasons.

    1) Toronto is 2 hours away from Buffalo. And another country. Philly is closer to NY than that. So therefore this is not a home game, nor is there any reason to indicate people in Toronto should have an allegiance to the Bills.

    2) If you watched the game you’d have noticed applause was loud for both team when big plays were made. People were rooting for both teams, in other words, but only on big plays.

    3) Refering to the franchise as trash really shows the claissiness of jets fans we all know and love. Im pretty sure Jersey is the one with the rep for being trashy, not Buffalo. But hey, whatever you want to tell yourself.

  11. The new Bills of the Brandon/Marrone era have repeatedly said they are trying to “change the culture” in Buffalo. Yet giving up a critical home game to be played in Toronto for nothing more than MORE money and losing winnable games won’t help in getting it done.

  12. Toronto or Buffalo doesn’t matter today. DONT FUMBLE TWICE in 3 PLAYS AND YOU WIN. I’m a Bills fan that lives in Toronto. I HATE having games here but today made no difference. Only one thing is worse then losing and that is making excuse for losing. If we had the game in Buffalo…no No NO just don’t freaking fumble. We still don’t have enough give that don’t choke. Our D played good enough to win had trouble stopping 3rd and long. Still comes down to Stevie and Scotty fumbling…not enough talent on offense.

    just please fellow Bills fan…. stop make excuse. not enough good players bottom freaking line

  13. Does anyone even realize that Stevie is in the 2nd year of a 5 year 35 million deal? Highly unlikely the bills eat that money just to let him go. More likely he doesn’t play in crucial situations and they draft true #1 with their top 5 pick after they lose of next games.

  14. Stevie is not a number one receiver. He can’t draw double teams and is useless in the clutch. 5th round pick out of Kentucky enough said. Bills got a bright future with woods Manuel Goodwin and Alonso though

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