Bills grab early lead, and Manuel pops back up


The Bills have an early lead, but nearly had a bigger problem.

Quarterback E.J. Manuel left the game after being drilled by Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, but was back after missing just one play.

That was after the rookie quarterback put his team up 7-0 in the first quarter in Toronto.

Bills coach Doug Marrone had lost his first four challenges as an NFL coach, but got one right in the first quarter after Manuel was initially ruled out of bounds.

After review, Manuel was ruled to have crossed the goal line, giving the Bills a quick lead.

That play was set up by C.J. Spiller’s 77-yard run, but there have been plenty of explosive plays. So far, the Bills have two sacks, and are making the Falcons line look overmatched, as it has so often this year.