Browns lose despite Josh Gordon’s record-setting performance


There were two bad teams on the field when the Jaguars went to Cleveland. But there was also one great player on the field.

Unfortunately for Cleveland, even though Browns receiver Josh Gordon turned in an absolutely stunning performance, catching 10 passes for 261 yards and two touchdowns, the Jaguars beat the Browns anyway. A Chad Henne 20-yard touchdown pass to Cecil Shorts gave the Jaguars the winning margin of 32-28.

For Jacksonville, it’s a shocking third win in its last four games. The Jaguars were widely regarded as the worst team in the NFL a month ago, but now they’re actually playing decent football. Jacksonville may be playing itself out of the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

But despite Jacksonville’s valiant effort at a time when many teams would have packed it in, the story of the game was Gordon, who got off to a huge start, then briefly left the game with a head injury, and then was cleared to return and came back to score a 95-yard touchdown. Gordon, who had 237 yards last week against the Steelers, became the first player in NFL history to record 200 receiving yards in back-to-back games.

Despite missing the first two games of the season while serving a suspension, Gordon is now second only to Calvin Johnson in the NFL in receiving yards this season. He’s playing great.

But his teammates are not playing great, and the Browns fell to 4-8. The suddenly competitive Jaguars are 3-9, and no longer have the worst record in the NFL.

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  1. The thing that is most sickening about this is the fact that the Browns are only a few players away from being a playoff team. A competent QB, a RG or RT, and another WR and this team could win 7-10 games next year and compete for a playoff spot. Brandon Weeden will be lucky if hes even a backup next year because I don’t see any team taking a chance on him.

  2. Browns gave away 18 points and the best defender bit on a double move when you can’t bite on a double move. Only in Cleveland.

  3. hbd, the problem is those are not minor things to fill, that’s the entire right side of your line, a cornerstone of a franchise, and someone for that cornerstone to actually throw to. A lot of teams could say that if they only had half of their offensive line being better and a stud QB and another WR they’d be better.

  4. forget the 1st overall pick – PLAY TO WIN!

    It is better for the Jags to build excitement and confidence for the franchise. Besides, all draft picks are gambles – nothing is guaranteed in the draft.

  5. Mike Shanahan should have listened to Griffin a year ago when he lobbied for Gordon in the supplemental draft. This guy is a legit top 5 receiver in this league playing with garbage at QB and has barely scratched the surface of what he is capable of. His friends need to tell him how to beat the weed test so he doesn’t throw his career away though.

  6. If the steelers were god’s team, they wouldn’t be sitting home in frozen Pittsburg in January now would they

  7. accipiterq, you must have missed the or in that sentence. The Browns need a rg OR a rt. Schwartz has had an up and down year and they may move him to guard. Jordan Cameron has been very good this year and is in the top three in most TE receiving categories. With 7 picks in the first 4 rounds of the draft and free agency the Browns have a chance to add to the depth of the defense and go after one or two O-linemen and another WR. Then, in the draft attend to their other needs and get the best players available to them. The Browns are not far off and if they have a good off season they will be in the playoff hunt next year.

  8. Brandon Weeden would do much better with an open garage door and two carnival workers as an offensive line and #2-3 wide receivers.

  9. By the time the Browns fill their holes, new holes will be there.

    Several of the decent players with their initial contracts due to expire, are talking of heading to contender teams.

    Tick, tock, Cleveland, tick, tock.

  10. If Gordon continues his upward trajectory as he will, the will come a time when he will be greatly rewarded and compensated. He is a joy to watch, and yeah he is on my fantasy team as an added bonus 🙂

  11. Just when you think things can’t possibly get worse for Browns fans, it gets worse.

    Fifteen years after coming into the league as an expansion team, this team hasn’t made a single step forward. In fact, it’s going backward. I’d have to say that, at this point, the Browns have cemented their position as the worst organization in pro sports history. A year ago I’d have said that the L.A. Clippers of the 80s and 90s were worse, but no longer. The Browns are the worst-run professional franchise of all time.

  12. coop16, I’d agree, if the Browns still had the same front office, or even same ownership, since 1999. Since 1999, the Browns have had three owners, and six head coaches (seven if you count Robiskie).

    You can’t rightly blame the present owner and present front office and head coach for the mistakes of the previous owners and previous front offices and head coaches.

  13. It’s the Browns. They think they can win with a one man team. It doesn’t matter who that one man is. Check with McCoy, Richardson, Weedon, just pick one. They don’t have any TEAM MATES that are ANY good.

  14. Great non trade Baalke. Yeah Crabtree is finally back and his immediate impaact is signifocant, but Manningham is still lackluster. Had you pulled the trigger you are likely 10-2 at the very worst after today. Even stupider though was the Browns putting him on the block in the first place.

  15. Aaaand that silence you hear is all the Weeden haters with nothing to say, its a beautiful sound. Looks like Weeden has found his new Justin Blackmon

  16. Weeden is brutal. The Browns don’t even need a franchise quarterback. A pretty good quarterback will get them to the playoffs.

  17. The Browns didnt put him on any block. Other teams wrongly assumed they were unloading when they traded Richardson and called trying to pick over their team.

    I think now we can see that wasnt the case as Richardson is nothing special and he was grossly overpaid for. Whats the hurt listening to trade offers?

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