DeAndre Levy on his penalty: “The NFL’s becoming a joke”


Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy recorded his NFL-leading sixth interception on Thursday against the Packers, but that wasn’t the play that had him fired up afterward.

Instead, Levy was angry that he was flagged for unnecessary roughness for hitting Packers tight end Ryan Taylor as Taylor was catching a pass. Like many defensive players, Levy thinks the league has gone way too far in its player safety rules.

It’s a joke, man,” Levy told the Detroit News. “The NFL’s becoming a joke with some of these calls.”

Levy tried to get his helmet to the side and lead with his shoulder on the hit, but he did make contact with Taylor’s helmet. In the NFL in 2013, it’s not surprising that Levy got a penalty. Even if most defensive players would agree with him that those penalties are a joke.

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  1. The NFL should not even let them tackle each other… That’s where the real problem is… I have a fix… You put belts on all the guys, and then we tie flags to the belts… The teams will pull each others flag and that will count as the player being down.. Also we should play during the summer only so the guys don’t get colds, with runny noises…

  2. He’s right. His helmet barely grazed the side of receivers helmet and it was clearly unintentional. The NFL has become a joke and will lose fans with garbage like this.

  3. He’s right. That hit was 99.999% legal. The side of Levy’s helmet grazed the packer player’s helmet and it was a 15 yd penalty. Seriously his only other option would have been to side step out of the way and not make contact at all.

  4. The group of people responsible for this are the ex players now suing the league. The NFL has had to make these rule changes to prevent it being bankrupt in 10 years time.

  5. Saw several plays in yesterday’s college games that would have been flags in today’s NFL. At some point NFL consumption will drop due to these blatant inconsistencies.

  6. So, I guess the NFL should just ignore the FACT that head injuries can cause major injuries later in life? The game is changing. If it doesn’t change, then there will be no NFL in any form. We may not like it, but the players and their families may appreciate it in the future.

  7. Is this more about player safety or potential future cost as the National Financial League continues to debate how much profit is enough while a working man can no longer afford to take his kid to a game?

  8. now watch, the player will get fined again for what he said, too. where does all this fine money go btw? its a fortune.

  9. I’d get a short qb, shorter than Wilson, and have him just hold onto the ball until he gets tackled. That way it’s a guaranteed penalty one way or another.

    Just march down the field with penalties.

  10. The NFL spent way too many years ignoring and even promoting the violence of the game. To the point now, where they need to re-train players to tackle…not obliterate their opponents. Years ago when there wasn’t 24 hour highlight shows, the violent hits were occasional…not EVERY play like now.

    I’m glad they’re doing this. Even if it is to avoid future litigation.

    The game is still great. It’s just time to call it tighter and reign in the blood lust.

  11. Not that I know much about it or follow it much, look at rugby. They hit very hard but play without helmets and thus actually have to protect their own heads.

    You could also put a layer of silicone gel on the outside of the helmet on top of the protection inside it. That simple thing would help reduce head injuries at least a little.

  12. You can watch a college game and the announcers will point out a great hit. Those same hits in pro will come with a flag and fine.

  13. the NFL needs look at the NHL when it comes to refs and penalties. Full time refs, usually promoted from the minor leagues, and the NHL has varying degrees of penalties.

  14. the problem isn’t the rule, it’s the way it’s enforced. Levy’s hit was in no way malicious or with an intent to hit with the helmet. He had nowhere to go as the receiver ran to where he was at. The malicious, intended targeting hits should be penalized, not ones like this.

  15. In a way, the NFL is caught between a rock and a hard place. They have been legislating these hits because former players are suing the NFL because of the result of brain trauma/concussions they received while playing in the NFL. On the other hand, today’s current players are complaining that the game is getting soft. The NFL is a business, and as such, they need to mitigate the risk they expose themselves to. I don’t advocate using replay for all penalties, but the game happens so fast that these calls should be reviewed before the penalty is enforced. Another option would be for the current players to sign a legally binding waiver stating they will never sue the NFL (individually or as part of a class action lawsuit) in the future.

  16. What’s also a joke is how much the NFL is in love with Clay Matthews and lets him get away with way dirtier hits than that. He clearly speared Joique Bell earlier in the game without a penalty and most likely no fine.

  17. bmosh99 says: Dec 1, 2013 5:29 PM

    What’s also a joke is how much the NFL is in love with Clay Matthews and lets him get away with way dirtier hits than that. He clearly speared Joique Bell earlier in the game without a penalty and most likely no fine.
    Speared him? You mean the text book hit with his shoulder to Bell’s midsection? That was a a good, tough, legal hit. Hit didn’t use his helmet as a weapon.

  18. I thought Suhs hit on Flynn where he launched and hit Flynn in the armpit with the top of his helmet was worse than Levys play. You can leave your feet to hit a quarterback as long as he plays for Green Bay apparetly. It sure seems to happen alot to this team this season.

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