Dolphins open up 20-3 lead in Jersey

Getty Images

Matt Simms was able to lead the Jets to their first points of the day, but not until he helped dig a deeper hole for the team.

Simms and running back Bilal Powell botched a handoff and Phillip Wheeler recovered in Jets territory early in the third quarter. Ryan Tannehill found Brian Hartline for a touchdown two plays later to extend their lead to 13-0 and the bulge would get even bigger when Tannehill threw another touchdown pass later in the quarter.

The Jets sent a heavy blitz after Tannehill, who got the ball to Mike Wallace and then watched as Jets rookie cornerback Dee Milliner missed a tackle. Wallace sprinted for a 28-yard touchdown and a game that was in doubt at halftime is now a comfortable 20-3 Miami lead after three quarters.

Simms has gotten better production in the run game than Smith, but the Jets couldn’t punch in a touchdown after finally moving the ball inside the red zone. They aren’t putting up big numbers in the fourth quarter, so the Dolphins should be fine as long as they don’t shoot themselves in the foot.