Fred Smoot fires back at Steve Smith

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Panthers receiver Steve Smith recently boasted that he ruined the career for former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot.

Smoot, who rarely chooses to say nothing, has responded to Smith.

I think he’s a bully,” Smoot said regarding Smith, on 106.7 The Fan in D.C.  “Actually, I think he’s a weak bully at that.  And I’ll be honest with that.  I don’t care about saying that.  He’s Steve Incognito to me.  I call him Steve ‘Pinocchio’ Smith, cause he’s a liar.  He went on national TV and lied. He’s a liar.”

Smooth had more.  A lot more.

“I can say this about Steve Smith, and I can say this, my worst day in the NFL, he had a part in,” Smoot said, in reference to a 2005 game between the Vikings and Panthers.  “He’s the guy that beat me.  But I don’t say he beat me.  [Quarterback Jake] Delhomme threw great passes all day long, and beat me.  I had Ted Cottrell as a defensive coordinator call Cover Three all day, and got me beat.  So it’s fine, I don’t make excuses.  He beat me.  But no, you didn’t ruin my career, and yes, I’m happy and I’m still smiling, and I’m good, and I’m fine Steve Smith.  So don’t worry about it, Steve Incognito.  You’re so soft.”

And there was even more.

“He’s soft!” Smoot exclaimed.  “I’ve seen him jump on Ken Lucas.  Ken Lucas, anybody will tell you about Ken Lucas. . . .  Only reason [Smith] wants to fight people during a game, is because we got helmets on, we got shoulder pads on, and somebody’s gonna rush and break it up . Referee, teammate, it doesn’t matter.

“Put it like this, if I’m in a dark alley and I’m gonna fight a couple guys, I don’t want Steve Smith with me.  He’s nothing but a talker, he’s soft.  Come to Mississippi with that.  That’s what you do.  You come to Mississippi and we’ll teach you a couple lessons out there.  We’ll show you how to be tough.  He’s not tough.  He wants to fight everybody in front of everybody, when he knows everybody’s gonna break the fight up.”

And the ball is now back in Smith’s court.  We have a feeling he’ll smack is back over the net.

22 responses to “Fred Smoot fires back at Steve Smith

  1. Hahahahaha Fred Smoot hahahahahaha.

    Shut up Fred Smoot. People need their socks and somebody’s gotta ring their purchases up.

    I’ve never seen a player whose been irrelevant for so long run their mouth about such of great players.

  2. Too bad his name is not Steven Smith…and Smoot is a lie he was playing plenty of man on Smitty and even in cover three of he us in your deep zone towards thesidelinee then that’s technically man coverage at that point

  3. you can tell Steve Smith spoke the truth cuz Smoot mad as hell lol.. he contradicted his self through that whole thing, “naw he didn’t beat me, Jake Delohmme beat me.” “I don’t make excuses yeah he beat me.” lol… the main sign that Smith hit a nerve is Smoot going from making excuses to wanting to fight lol

  4. Smith ruined no ones career. Smoot doesn’t even play anymore. Just shows lack of maturity on both players behalf but more so Smith for trying to call out a retired player. Just wow. Now we see the real cancer of Carolina all these years. I hope he’s not a team captain for the Panthers.

  5. As far as I’m concerned both players need to put a sock in it cause they both are under achievers

    However smoot is probably the funniest analyst on radio it’s too bad he doesn’t get more pr…wish he could trademark the name red lobster in reference to mike shanahan cause that’s the funniest reference I’ve heard regarding the situation in dc…subway Bob is another funny reference he said that got me rofl in regards to rg3

  6. Why even bother defending either of these morons. Steve Smith is about 7 yrs removed from being a top tier player in the NFL. Smoot was never a good player. Smith did break the jaw of his teammate Ken Lucas while he was on a knee taking a break, so Smith is a punk and definitely not a good dude.

  7. Okay I’m a Vikings fan and remember that game vividly. Smoot was smoked all day long and Smith did have something to do with ruining his career. Smoot was a pretty high draft pick with high expectations for the Skins. Notice how the Skins didn’t try hard to keep him as a free agent and neither did the Vikings when he was a free agent with them.

    Sure the Skins took him back because they needed help in a secondary and someone with experience with that secondary. Notice how long he lasted? Smoot was a joke in the NFL and didn’t live up to his expectations. He needs to deal with it.

  8. “I had Ted Cottrell as a defensive coordinator call Cover Three all day, and got me beat. So it’s fine, I don’t make excuses.” …….You do realize your last sentence was an excuse, right?

    “I’ve seen him jump on Ken Lucas.”…..really you saw that? Funny, what were you doing in Panthers’ Training Camp?

  9. Steve Smith over time has worked my very last nerve. Ruined someone’s career, really! He had a great day against a good corner and you ruined someone’s career. I do halfway blame the def-cord. for keeping them in cover 3 all day. Would not have happened in Washington. But Steve and Jake had their day. Most trash talk is left on the field, except for S Smith. I’ve heard him say some outlandish things. I’ve known Fred since his Miss St. days. He ain’t no punk. I didn’t expect him to just let it go. He had every right to defend himself..

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