Gronkowski is fine, despite apparent ankle tweak


The Patriots got a bit of a scare during Sunday’s win over the Texans, and not just from the Texans.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski came up limping after being tackled, his ankle apparently twisted under a defender.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Gronkowski is fine.

That’s good news for Gronkowski and the Patriots, given that Gronkowski has had a hard time getting and staying healthy in recent years.

Gronkowski had six catches for 127 yards and a touchdown in the 34-31 win.

18 responses to “Gronkowski is fine, despite apparent ankle tweak

  1. It’s pretty incredible how dominant Gronkowski has been since returning. His blocking is starting to round into form as well which immensely helps the Patriots running game.

    With him and Vereen both back the Patriots offense is just starting to tap into its full potential. I think they’ll keep improving all the way up until and during the playoffs.

  2. Posters; please give pftpoet all the attention he craves. Sometimes he doesn’t get enough, even when posting under all his other usernames like steelersaregodsteam, etc. Try and contribute a thumbsdown to the needy.

  3. He’ll just rub some dirt on it.

    The last thing the rest of the league wants to see is Gronkowski healthy for the playoffs for the first time… ever.

    All the creepy obsessed Patriots-haters think the NFL is fixed but in reality the Patriots have yet to go into the playoffs with a healthy Gronk, I think since he’s been with the team.

  4. Gronk missed one play and came back in the game. The big worry is the D. Not as worried about the 2ndary, esp if some of the injured guys get healthy. Teams are just running all over them, and there’s no help coming at DT or ILB. I think Spikes is playing hurt too. They can’t just keep coming back from big halftime deficits and winning shootouts, esp in the playoffs.

  5. I repeat, “All those who cry spygate or cheater talk, it must pain you that those wins or super bowls will never be taken away from the Pats.” But hey, you can still post that stuff for every Pats post. Knock yourself out!

  6. He just seems to get really lucky, doesn’t he? First the officials decide to bend the rules and let him score on the one (Who needs to actually get into the end zone when you’re the Pats?) and now he isn’t hurt. Joy.

  7. Geez, I’m a passionate Steeler fan from the Pittsburgh area – and even I gotta say all you clowns coming out (again) with the “Spygate” re-hash need to turn the page. Are you really even Steeler fans from anywhere near Pittsburgh? It’s embarrassing.

    You guys all sound like embittered jilted lovers – or worse, losers who crave any form of attention because you’re not getting it in real life.

    Besides, this thread wasn’t even about Spygate anyway – it was about Gronk beasting again. Props to Gronk – not too many TEs (ever) who have his package of size, speed, strength, heart, agility, hands and potency as a blocker and as a receiving threat. And no defender wants to match up solo on Gronk in the red zone.

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