Rex Ryan doesn’t name a starting quarterback for next week


David Garrard said last week that he “definitely” feels like he can do more than serve as a veteran mentor to the younger Jets quarterbacks and he might get a chance to prove that before the year is out.

Geno Smith got benched on Sunday after going 4-of-10 for 29 yards and an interception in the first half of a 23-3 loss to the Dolphins and Matt Simms was 9-of-18 for 79 yards and an interception of his own in the second half, leaving Rex Ryan without a response when asked at his postgame press conference about who would  start against the Raiders next week.

Ryan did say that Garrard was a possibility and one would have to guess it is between him and Simms for the job. Going back to Smith after this performance and a five-game run that’s seen him throw eight interceptions and no touchdowns while completing half his passes just once. Simms didn’t set the world on fire, but throwing Smith right back out there is a hard sell when other options exist.

Ryan’s job seemed very secure when the team was 5-4 after beating the Saints, but three straight blowout losses have a way of changing situations. Whoever plays quarterback for the final four weeks is going to have to find a way to score some points for Ryan to remain in the job come 2014.

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  1. I think Rex’s job is secure for at least another season with Woody Johnson having the final thumbs up or thumbs down. Even if the Jets don’t make the playoffs this year (hard to believe they will), I expect Woody to stick with Ryan for 2014-2015.

  2. What is going with Garrard going to prove for this team for next year? Time to give Simms a full week of practice and see if he is worth a roster spot next year. I think you Jets fans have seen enough of Smith to know what you got.

  3. Sorry Jets fans, another disappointing year for you. Glad my Fins won, but I have to admit our season has only been slightly less disappointing. Still, we won and I’m glad for that.

  4. Seems like just yesterday the refs handed the Jets a win over New England and Jets fans were calling for the division crown. Keep dreaming Gang Green. Go Patriots!!

  5. Cute little era for the Jets. A few Week 2 Super Bowl titles over the Patriots. A lot of big mouth blabber from East Rutherford. And especially cute how their fans have been on these message boards yapping at Pats fans for the past few years as if they’re even in the same league. Cute all around. #taponhead

  6. There has been lots of talk about Rex on the hot seat, but Idzik better start feeling the heat too. If he doesn’t get the QB slot addressed this off-season he should be on the chopping block too.

    Is it too early to start thinking about a trade for Vick?

  7. 3 straight years out of the playoffs. No way Ryan is back as head coach. Plus it’s the last year of his contract and a respectable coach wouldn’t coach without an extension. Never mind, I forgot it’s the Jets we’re talking about. They will probably give him a 2 year extension and fire him after 8 games. Then, they can hire his brother. Make it happen J-E-T-S!

  8. The rookie turnover machine,


    The crappy undrafted rookie,


    The Pillsbury Dough Boy

    That’s an unenviable choice Rexy has, but he only has himself to blame for who’s on the Jets roster.

  9. The bottom line is that Rex Ryan does not know how to be an NFL head coach. He doesn’t prepare his team to be ready to play their opponent on a weekly basis. The Jets don’t know how to line up correctly on basic plays.

  10. Might as well PLAY Garrard. His mentoring skills clearly suck.

    Meanwhile Wrecks Ryan’s skin is gonna be raw given how many times he has to change the number of the jersey his tattoo wife is wearing.

    That must be why Wrecks hasn’t allowed any of his QBs to be assigned double digit jersey numbers

  11. Hopefully Wrecks’ “Super Bowl” win against the Patriots early in the season was enough for him to keep his job.

    That, I suspect, is probably why Belichick let him win.

    But losing “The Mediocre Bowl” to a Division Rival may mean a change is in winds.

    Still, all the other AFC East teams are pulling for Wrecks to get a contract extension.

  12. how is firing rex ryan going to fix anything? jets have had zero passing attack for 2+ years, in an air attack league. defense has mostly done its part this season despite the secondary. this is on the failure to address the wide reciever position during the offseason. thats on idzik. you cant leave the defense on the field for 45 minutes and expect them to stop every single drive and score points for you on top of it. replace sonjay lal and acquire some health and talent at the skill positions, cause you can’t clone kerley. i’d try and keep sanchez at a lower price (cause there wont be anyone better available) and draft another challenger for the qb position.

  13. He had a good back up had he put some time into someone other than Sanchez. McElroy went in one game last season when the Sanchez/Tebow love fest was in full swing. I do believe that game was one of few wins they had last year, and the very next game he stuck Sanchez back in the start position for a fine loss….

    Every QB goes through an adjustment period within their first 2 seasons transitioning from college to pro ball. McElroy was blackballed because he was asked while being interviewed by a radio station why the Jets were struggling and he stated that he felt the “egos” dominating the locker room were also a distraction on the field. He played college ball at BAMA and won the 2009 National Championship, those young men are groomed that “ITS A TEAM SPORT and to be successful no one man can be above the team. If you lose the whole team accepts accountability. Obviously with their current state and continuing to circle the toilet bowl no one including Rex accepts any accountability.

    Might have not been appropriate by locker room standards to speak about the issues as he did, but I can’t possibly see how that is more embarrassing than the last two season. Unless of course he was absolutely right for calling it arrogant behavior…

  14. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the universe will contrive a way to reunite Rex and Sanchez for another year. It will happen! Believe!

  15. replacing the qb on the jets is like taking advil for a broken leg. yeah maybe the pain will go away for a bit but it wont solve the problem. The real problem is the offensive line and the receivers. The line collapses on every 4 or 5 man rush, leaving *7* guys back to defend 3 or 4 guys. thats on the line. DC’s arent dialing up pass rush because they can just drop back 7 and rush 4 and still get to the QB! How is a QB supposed to find an open man like that in 2 seconds? On the flipside, even when there is time to throw, the receivers STINK!!! they can’t get open if their life depended on it. Blaming the QB is not just stupid. It’s ignorant. The game is not so 1 dimensional. put Tom brady on this team and he wouldnt do much better. what do you expect from a rookie?

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