Shanahan may not be too upset, if he’s fired

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When Broncos owner Pat Bowlen unexpectedly fired coach Mike Shanahan in early 2009, it was sudden, unexpected, and traumatic.  If Washington owner Daniel Snyder fires Shanahan in early 2014 (or late 2013), it will be anticipated, expected, and possibly a relief for Shanahan.

As the situation gets more and more dysfunctional in D.C., there’s an emerging theory in some league circles that Shanahan may not be all that upset about getting $7 million to not coach the team in 2014.

With quarterback Robert Griffin III not going anywhere, given the draft-pick investment made to get him and his relationship with Snyder, Shanahan may welcome the opportunity to escape the burgeoning burgundy circus, take a year off with pay, and explore possible options for 2015.

If/when Shanahan goes, the question becomes whether G.M. Bruce Allen stays.  Regarded as the table-setter for Shanahan, it’s possible that Allen stays to set the table for the next coach — especially if the next coach is, say, former Bucs coach Jon Gruden, who worked with Allen in Tampa.

Allen could actually emerge with even more power if Snyder decides to make a run at Baylor coach Art Briles, who coached Griffin in college.  Briles could be the best person to get the most out of Griffin, both as a player and a leader.

Or Allen could be cleared out along with Shanahan, with both a new coach and a new G.M. joining the franchise.  The question then would become whether a new regime truly wants Griffin.  Even if the new coach and G.M. insist during the interview process that they do.

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  1. Mike Shanahan and the Redskins will be fine. I couldn’t ask for a better owner, General Manager, Head Coach, QB and Team. What a great franchise I root for. The NFL should be deeply concerned heading into 2014 about the Washington Redskins. #HTTR

  2. .

    Not to worry…… The ineptness of the DC eleven has put themselves in position to pick number 3 in this year’s draft.

    Oh wait……


  3. You tie Gruden’s name to every job there is. How’s he supposed to be HC in both Dallas and Washington?

  4. Shanahan’s been mailing it in since he got that big contract and realized he’d never have to worry about having money for spray on tanner again.

  5. Logical:

    You do realize “team” includes both defense and offensive line right?

    At least you didn’t include OC in the things you couldn’t ask for. It’s fun watching a troll go “I can’t even troll about Kyle Shanahan.”

  6. Seven MILLION is a great deal of “I am not worried about much salve” to last a lifetime. Even if he doesn’t coach another game for the rest of his life, he is set forever and absent all the drama and pressure, he is set free from ‘It’s all about MEIII, and he will land on his feet somewhere on television if he so chooses. Over what is he going to be upset?

  7. Mike Shanahan has been a head coach for 20 seasons. He’s only won a playoff game in 2 of those seasons.

    Mike Shanahan has only won a playoff game in 2 of his 20 seasons.

    In only 2 of his 20 seasons as a head coach has Mike Shanahan won a playoff game.

    Say it whatever way you want but Mike Shanahan hasn’t done enough in the league to get a pass.

    Redskins are only partly his fault though.

  8. Allen isn’t going anywhere. Snyder is big on the legacy angle of things and will keep him around for that reason alone. He knows how to work the cap, which is a valuable skill I suppose.

    Fans need to be worried about him bringing back Cerrato like he did the last time he fired a coach who wanted him out of the picture before he took the job (Schottenheimer).

    If Gruden would come, I’d just pray for some kind of personnel guru to hold his hand because he doesn’t have a clue on that end of putting a good team on the field but would turn that team around in a hurry in between the lines.

  9. I hope he stays. Monday mornings in the D.C. are so much fun after a Washington loss. Friggin RG3-8. What a shrewd move that was mortgaging the farm to draft him. That’s really paid off well.

  10. Shanahan has earned more than $1 million dollars for every Redskins win. What a great gig! Of course he’s going to be fine if he gets canned.

  11. shanahan dropped the hint a couple weeks ago. its readonable to assume both he and philbin get fired. he’s put it out there that he “wanted” tannehill because he wants the Miami job

  12. ” logicalvoicesays December 1, 2013, 4:15 PM EST
    Mike Shanahan and the Redskins will be fine. I couldn’t ask for a better owner, General Manager, Head Coach, QB and Team. What a great franchise I root for. The NFL should be deeply concerned heading into 2014 about the Washington Redskins. #HTTR”
    Yeah that’s what you said about 2013 too. Trust me, we’re all shaking in our boots. ICWT

  13. People tend to forget the reason why Shanahan got fired in Denver is because he let his ego get in the way of his once solid decision making.

    Obviously he didn’t learn that lesson and hasn’t changed a bit.

  14. Think Shanahan is toast, but if I was Snyder, I’d force the elder to fire the younger and get a competent OC. Keep him there to earn that over blown salary.

    Because the OC is the problem, including shepherding Griffin as a QB.

    Briles is not the answer. College coaches generally do not fare well though Chip Kelly might be a looming exception to this rule. However, I have always felt that Mack Brown would be a good pro coach, Gruden might be an option, since he worked with Allen. But I’d go low-octane and hire Lovie Smith. Proven winner.

  15. Shanahan’s an overrated bum. He cheated in Denver, paying players under the table to circumvent the salary cap. Both titles were tainted and he rode Elway both years anyway.

    Look what’d he’s done in DC when he’s had to build a team. Crap. Plus he hired his inept son to be the OC. What a bum.

  16. About Griffin, I love the guy. He plays his heart out, and his ineffectiveness this season is clearly a function of the mind-boggingly ridiculous decision(s) to trot him out when he could barely even walk in warm-ups with his helmet off.

    VERY predictably, he got injured. It’s hard to fathom how Shanny (and his medical “professionals”) couldn’t detect that at a time when it would preserve RGIII’s career.

    What the hell were they thinking???

    So Griff’s play in 2013 has dropped off, and many people have “turned” on him. Those kind of people aren’t real fans. They’re just people who like you only if you can do something for them (primarily in the short term).

    It’s the same kind of mindset of people who are known as “hangers-on” with monied people (e.g., the entourages and managers of Tyson in his hey-day). When the going gets tough or the money dries up, they’re not your friend anymore. But when the money is raining and the Dom P is flowing, they’re you’re bestest buddy.

  17. Mike Shanahan helped to create the Redskins circus. He’s not some innocent victim here. You think the trade for RGIII was a mistake? Remember the idiotic trade Shanahan cooked up for Donovan McNabb? How about the ridiculous feud with Albert Haynesworth?

    The Redskins were a circus long before RGIII got there. And I seriously doubt anyone will want to hire Mike Shanahan after his subpar performance in Washington. He had total control over the franchise from day one and he’s failed.

  18. You know who is worse than the Redskins? Redskin fans. It amazes me that the so-called “fans”, that are supposed to be supporting this team, can turn on a second year QB like they do. The same QB that took the suckass Skins to a division title in his first year. The same QB that played with a shredded knee. It used to be when you played hurt it was considered the sign of leadership. In RGIII’s case you call him selfish. The guy busted his ass to get back for the season, plays hard every week, and all he gets for the effort is this RGme BS. The so-called fans have no understanding of blocking and tackling and place all the blame on a second year player. I hope Shanahan stays and RGIII is traded to a team with real fans. That would ensure the DC fans get the poor product they deserve and give this young man a chance for a fantastic future in front of fans that understand the game and appreciate ther stars. Merry Xmas losers!

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