Source: Jake Long disputes notion that he served as “voice of reason” for Incognito


As the Ted Wells investigation regarding the Dolphins continues, the process has encompassed someone no longer with the Dolphins.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, former Dolphins left tackle Jake Long has been interviewed by Ted Wells.  The interview, which occurred by phone, included a revelation from Long that many would regard as unexpected.  Long, we’re told, did not corroborate the theory that, in 2012, Long served as the “voice of reason” for guard Richie Incognito, telling him to back off if/when Incognito’s antics approached or crossed the line.

This information undercuts the idea that, after Long left via free agency, Incognito ramped up his comments and actions toward Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin.

The specific comments and actions of Incognito remain the subject of intense debate.  Regardless, Incognito has found plenty of support in the investigation, with some telling Wells that Incognito went out of his way to help young players improve.

The source confirms, as Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported earlier in the day, that Wells has spoken to former Stanford teammates.  Such interviews possibly would be aimed at determining the types of interactions and communications in which Martin engaged while playing college football.

For now, there’s an emerging sense that Incognito ultimately will be vindicated by Wells’ investigation.  Which will create an awkward situation for Martin, the Dolphins, and the NFL.

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  1. “The interview, which occurred by phone, included a revelation from Long that many would regard as unexpected. ”

    No I doubt “many” would find it unexpected that yet another innuendo floated by Martin’s camp at a pace of one every few days as opinion turns against him proves to be a gross distortion that no one else believes. After all, this has already occurred about five times now. Many will also not find it unexpected that this site remains one of the primary venues for Martin’s camp to float these poorly sourced and uncorroborated rumors despite them being highly dubious and it being unethical for a true reporter to do so.

  2. The “many” would be the ones that believe everything that comes out of the Martin camp. So, basically that is all the reporters that keep trying to shoehorn this story into some weird national agenda and about 7 fans.

  3. Jake Long, Reggie Bush, and Karlos Dansby were poor locker room leaders in Miami.

    That is a huge part of why the team got rid of them.

    Remember when Long/Bush/Dansby went to Coach Philbin to fight for chad ochojohnsoncinco?!?


  4. The voice mail Martin left to kill Incognito’s entire family makes anything Martin says bogus.

  5. I thought it was obvious from the beginning that Martin was making the whole thing up.. The majority rushed to judge Incognito and Martin’s camp, along with the help of Jason Cole and the media, kept leaking info from “a source”, while the Dolphins were only able to get out a few comments that it wasn’t true and then were gagged due to the investigation.
    The politically correct jumped on the band wagon on their two favorite subjects, racism and bullying and Incognito and the Dolphins were tried, convicted and HUNG before anyone had any real information from BOTH sides, any evidence or knew the facts..
    Martin’s camp also knew by getting everyone fired up about “bullying” especially, that even if evidence came out he was not bullied it would be hard for the NFL to call Martin on it because the public had already made up it’s mind Martin is the “poor victim”.. Even if evidence comes out clearing Incognito and confirms it was just comradery, fun and games, mutually participated in by Martin, it will still be, “Well Martin is very sensitive and he tried to fit in, but they should have known he was too sensitive for the type of pranking and locker room antics that went on..” Even though it was nothing!!!

    My favorite part of this is; now that it’s coming out more and more that Martin is the problem and not Incognito and that Incognito is in fact the one that is telling the truth (not just this report, but the fact they are now paying RI for his time off, gives a HUGE hint).. All those that rushed to judgement and are now finding they were most likely wrong, are now saying, “wait till the report comes out”.. When they didn’t give Incognito that same benefit of the doubt.. And why do the people against RI always bring up the over 6 month old voice mail (joke) from RI to Martin and completely disregard the numerous current texts from Martin to RI, including the one saying, “I’ll kill your whole F** family..”?

  6. Incognito will get off with time served.
    Any lawsuit regarding text messages will be appealed by challenging the fact that no other player has sent disrespectful or lewd texts.

    He may face punishment due to his off field run ins with golf course or nightclub employees.

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