12th Man sets new noise record

Take that, Arrowhead.

The ping-pong of noise records continues, with the Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Field setting a new high water mark for sound during Monday night’s game against the Saints.

As evidenced by a photo posted by the Seahawks at the team’s Twitter page, the 12th Man has cranked up a peak noise level of 137.6 decibels.

That’s 0.03 decibels higher than the maximum level generated in October by Chiefs fans, who had beaten the record of 136.6 set in Seattle during a Week Two game against the 49ers.

With only 12.4 more decibels, ear drums will begin to rupture.


70 responses to “12th Man sets new noise record

  1. Finally! The Seahawks have something to place in their dusty trophy case! Come on Seattle, this is your queue to excessively celebrate

  2. I give more credit to KS, their stadium isn’t as artificially designed like the Seattle’s stadium to funnel in the noise. It’s a BS record any way.

  3. Pop some eardrums Seattle. I want to see half the stadium stampeding out of there with blood running out of their ears…

  4. Good thing it’s a rout, that memory needs to be really swell to make up for a permanent louse of hearing. Oh well computers will serve as better ears in the future, you won’t need natural hearing for that much longer.

  5. Their are Jo speakers and that’s been checked many times . The stadium is built to keep fans dry not just to amplify noise , does it uses bit doesn’t as much as any dim team so why they can’t set the record shows you something .

    Also let’s not forget KC fans had 10,000 more people and barely beat the record .. 10,000 makes up for any potential stadium design .

    Let’s stop reining on everything Seattle does well by being haters .

  6. Here is a little poem to the PFT Poet
    Seahawks are going to be 11-1, we all know it
    You like to call us cheaters, that’s all you got
    And sometimes our boys like to smoke pot
    You even hate us for setting the record of outdoor noise
    But you can’t knock us for Russell’s poise
    I’ve got one last thing to point out PFT Poet
    Someone needs to shave your back or just plain mow it.

    Go Seahawks!

  7. Wisconsin 77 wrote-

    It’s a BS record any way.


    I agree, the Chiefs should be 6-6

  8. This 49er fan congratulates you on your victory and winning the division. nice job.

    That being said, I only pray that you strap it on next week, and don’t go to the resting your starter business. Will be a huge bush league move and show your true neon colors.

    That being said, the two best times at this point will be knocking the business out of each other next week.

    One last thing (non-whining), I just live the guys the celebrate big time before the game is over and they end up losing the game. You all have a lot to be proud of, but its not over until you are awarded the Lombardi Trophy in February. We won the division last year, and that does not cut it.

    See ya next week.

  9. eaglesfan036 says: Dec 2, 2013 10:16 PM
    While the stadium design does play a large role in this, I’m sure the fans are pretty loud too.

    Point is that they think this record proves that they cheer louder/harder then other NFL fans which is complete BS.

  10. They had to pump fake crowd noise into the stadium to simulate the noise.

    A team that cheats with PEDs shouldn’t surprise anyone that they have to cheat to get a noise record too.


  11. Aside from a roster full of cheaters, the stadium design is also causing fraudulent results.

    The next new stadium should just have an eight story speaker system that blasts the sound of a jet engine when the visiting team has the ball.

    It would be just about as fair as what Seadderall has now.

  12. lol with those earpieces the artificial 13th man had no effect.
    The Seahawks defense, on the other hand, had a major one.
    The announcers even said the noise wasn’t affecting the Saints. Just playing outdoors on the road and ineffectiveness.

  13. amature fans. Humans know where sound comes from. If you sit in the upper deck and the sound comes from above you, it’s from the house PA… since it is obvious, everyone from the Press Box and up in the upper decks would know instantly when that happens. It would have to be louder than the ambient level of the audience to be effective in adding to the noise.

    Large PA’s like one in a stadium, also have audio mixing consoles, system processing and power amps and would easily be monitored both by a computer or simply by looking at the LED indicators that are on the front of 99% of the power amps.

    “Fake Sound” may work in the WWE, but not in this stadium.

  14. I was at the KC game when the record was set. Arrow head hold 12,000 more people the the Clink. Seattle fans deserve this one. I’ve been to both stadiums and there is no doubt that they are two of the loudest places on earth.

  15. fourthand20 says:
    Dec 2, 2013 10:52 PM
    “With only 12.4 more decibels…” A 10 decibel rise means twice the sound energy.

    Actually a 10 dB increase means 10x the sound energy. A 3 dB rise means twice the sound energy. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

  16. “this is your queue ”
    ” Seahawks fans also blowed horns in the stadium to ”
    “Amazing what piped in sound will do”
    ” I won’t be impress!”

    The caliber of commenter here is pretty low, but FROM SOMEBODY WHO WAS ACTUALLY AT THE GAME, let me tell you that horns didn’t make a difference, you certainly couldn’t hear them in the crowd. And you’re claiming that Seattle’s sound system can pump in noise at 136db? I think you’re high, there is no sound system capable of producing that level of noise. And I got rained on in my seat, so I’m pretty sure that makes the CLink an open air stadium.

    KC’s (not KS, btw), stadium seats 76,000, the Clink seats 68,000. Per capita, the competition isn’t even close.

    But the guy who said this is kind of a lame competition is right. I’d rather have a record home win streak than the noise record… wait… we have that too. 🙂

  17. Seahawks Century Link stadium holds 9,000 LESS people than Arrowhead!!! And we are still louder!!!! Person for person Seahawks fans are louder than any fans out there!

  18. Oh, and by the way, if you knew anything about Seattle you would know that the western Washington inversion layer makes the air in Seattle totally dead in the cooler months-just ask any Mariner player. Just like balls don’t “jump” out of Safeco Field, noise doesn’t carry at all in the moist air, making the accomplishment that much more impressive to anyone who cares (which admittedly is only 12th fans, Seahawk players and any team having to come to Seattle).

  19. 1. The noise competition is pretty lame, but whatever, the title is ours again.
    2. The noise isn’t “pumped in.” That’s been investigated by the NFL and presumably Guinness, wouldn’t ya think? Stop with that lie. And speaking of lies…
    3. The “12th Man” thing originated at the U of Iowa in 1912 and not A&M in 1922, who stole it & trademarked it.
    4. Continuing your denial of numbers 2 and 3 is detrimental to your credibility.

  20. Decibels are logarithmic units. To increase by 12 decibels would require the crowd to produce about 16 times the amount of noise. That’s why these records are generally only small fractions above previous decibel levels.

  21. This entire thing is nothing but a scam.

    For starters, the measurement isn’t taken at the 50 yard line measuring the collective sound in the stadium. So what does it even matter? The fact that the particular area of the stadium where they’re measuring the sound being so many decibels doesn’t mean the entire collective stadium is that loud.

    And do you know teams have to pay Guinness for this? It costs thousands of dollars to get the Guinness people there to measure it. You would think Guinness would just be happy with the publicity, but nope. The three new records this season – Seattle, KC, and Seattle again – have made Guinness over $20,000.

    So Guinness has every reason to milk this as long as they can. When the Chiefs set the record, it didn’t even make sense. It was late in a blowout over the Raiders. Why would the sound have gotten so loud at that moment?

    And now Seattle beats it by only 0.03? It’s like Guinness is begging Kansas City (or anyone else) to try breaking it again.

    And then when that one is 0.02 higher than Seattle’s, Seattle can try again. And so on and so on and so on. And all the while Guinness keeps raking in the coin.

    The NFL should put a stop to the whole thing.

  22. only 12.4 decibels? you have to understand that dBs are not linear but logarithmic, therefore the “only” comment is not as trivial as it seems. it doesn’t rise like temperature.

  23. This is such a meaningless, pointless record. I can see some bragging rights if this noise level was spontaneously generated, but it’s all in response to the scoreboard telling people to be loud.

    I mean well done. When someone tells you to, you can make a loud noise. Most of us stopped being impressed by that when we finished kindergarten.

  24. The Seahawks fans also blowed horns in the stadium to increase the noise level.

    ….the Cheating even rubs off on the fans


    I was at the game and didn’t see a single person with a horn. Not sure where you’re getting this. Maybe you saw a couple people on tv or something. It’s a dumb record anyways. Not sure why you care anyways. You’re wrong though.

  25. Wow, I’ve never seen so many haters on one place at one time! Any reason to hate on Seattle I guess.

    We have this record fair and square. KC’s stadium fits 12,000 more fans than Clink, nothing they can do to the stadium to funnel in the noise is would be more effective than having 12,000 more fans.

    Get over the Seattle hate, it’s just getting hilariously sad at this point.

  26. Not a Seahawks fan, but I’m tired of seeing people say that their stadium isn’t an open air stadium. Are you serious??? What stadium are you looking at? I guess thats artificial rain, the roof is painted like the sky ( with some advanced technology to change between day and night) and they turned the a/c all the way down.

  27. Arrowhead has nothing on Seattle, I have been to both Seattle crushes it, great fans in Seattle

  28. How enjoyable, let’s watch a football game sitting on an airport runway. These ridiculous Seattle fans and their little noise pit are the most nauseating story in sports.

  29. jrazz22 says:
    Dec 2, 2013 10:59 PM
    All those division banners hanging up in the rafters are cute.

    They sure are if we did that nobody i the top deck could see the field….oh well if thats all you gotnI guess you have to celebrate a division or conf. Championship priceless

  30. Also as someone pointed out, KC broke the record late in a blowout game against the Raiders thanks in large part to a “screaming contest” by fans.

    If we are talking about fan noise records they should probably be cheering for something related to the game; such as the mid game defensive touchdown that set the record in Seattle against the Saints.

  31. Wow, whats up with all the haters?…just give the hawks credit.where credits due. Arrowhead has 10k more seats then century link. All you non believers out there. We whoop the next best team in the NFC and yet you still doubt us. See ya in Feb in New York……..GO HAWKS!!!!!

  32. “Seattle has a loud crowd. Haven’t heard that one before!

    Seriously, who cares?”

    You and 65 others.

    What I find most disturbing about the commenters here, beyond the hypocrisy and crying, is the awful spelling. Seattle may be the most literate city (thanks Mike Tirico) but that doesn’t mean you troglodytes shouldn’t at least try.

  33. Guiness should have been there to determine the world record for best football team to play the game. Sorry KC. Soon your Chiefs will be sold to a multi-Walmart owner in your area and re-named the Waltoneers. That’s about all that’s going on over there. Take a step back and think, would you really want your Chiefs to play the Seahawks?? Sometimes you have to know when to walk away. Try to have a good day guys, I’m sorry if reality is hard. GO HAWKS!!

  34. Is there any fanbase more in love with themselves than Seahawk fans? They wear number 12 jerseys with FAN on the back instead of a player’s name, they raise their little 12 flag, it’s really pretty sad. You guys have a great team, maybe make that your focal point rather than how loud you can scream.

  35. 137.6 dB? That’s nice. The Kansas City paper had a picture of this (137.7 dB).

    Kansas City did this without covering their “open air” stadium.

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