Colts will be without Ricky Jean Francois for 2-4 weeks


The Colts played their best defense in a month yesterday, and now they’re immediately going to have to replace a member of that group.

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, Colts defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois will miss the next two to four weeks with a foot sprain.

The Colts gave up 162 rushing yards, but they created four turnovers, allowing them to effectively seal the AFC South title.

Jean-Francois was part of their aggressive free agent haul in March, and has been a solid addition. Without him, their depth will be tested, though his time frame should allow him back for the playoffs.

The Colts also lost running back Dan Herron to a torn pectoral muscle, which will send him to injured reserve.

6 responses to “Colts will be without Ricky Jean Francois for 2-4 weeks

  1. Wouldn’t a weekly list of who IS healthy be shorter than their injury list (if you include IR guys)? Josh Chapman, that sound you hear is destiny calling. But since Pagano once called you an 800 lb. safe in the middle of the D line (similar to calling Richardson a rolling ball of butcher knives) maybe I should be skeptical.

  2. The Colts played Ryan Fitzpatrick. As any Bills fan can tell you, you don’t have to create turnovers. Fitzpatrick just gives them to you.

  3. I hope he heals quickly.

    With this news, I suspect the Bengals’ run-heavy game plan just got a little run-heavier.

  4. Rodney Harrison and Boomer Esiason were the latest to say it yesterday. Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, Bill Cowher, Keyshaun Johnson, etc. said it weeks ago: Most devastating loss of a player (excluding quarterback) to any team this season thus far: Reggie Wayne. If Indy had not won early (with Wayne), they’d be done. They are only able to beat the teams they need to beat at this point because it is the AFC South, arguably the worst division in football. And they have Adam Vinatieri.

  5. heeeeelzfan says:

    Most devastating loss of a player (excluding quarterback) to any team this season thus far: Reggie Wayne

    I’d argue Vince Wilfork was a greater loss but the Pats backups have managed to do the job along with getting Sopoaga from the Eagles.

  6. @heeeeelzfan
    Arguably is correct when you say that the AFC South is the worst division. NFC East is pretty pathetic top to bottom. AFC East, AFC North and NFC North have 1 solid team and the rest are terrible. I do agree with you when you said the loss of Reggie Wayne has been the most devastating loss of any non qb so far. The Colts just need to catch a break and get on a run and see how far they can take this thing.

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