Garrard say it’ll be status quo at quarterback


Amid speculation that the Jets’ quarterback Wheel of (Mis)Fortune could land on David Garrard, Garrard has let the cat out of the bag.

According to Rich Cimini of, Garrard said Monday that Geno Smith will remain the starter.

Just kind of status quo,” Garrard said.  “That’s info I received.”

Per Cimini, Garrard added that he wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to say that.

But what does it matter?  If the Jets aren’t going to play Garrard after Sunday’s abomination at MetLife Stadium, the Jets arguably never will.

And so it will be the second-round rookie from West Virginia who hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass since before the World Series began who will get the honors against the undrafted rookie from Penn State on Sunday, when the Raiders come to New Jersey for a game between two teams who are treating the balance of the 2013 regular season as an extended 2014 preseason.

UPDATE 2:53 p.m. ET:  Per multiple reports, Smith told reporters that he has been informed he’ll remain the starter.

29 responses to “Garrard say it’ll be status quo at quarterback

  1. All last off season, no teams were impressed w/ the QB class and thus far proven to be right. Why the Jets threw a bone to Smith in the 2nd round will be talked about for a long time.

  2. What is that even supposed to mean? They already made a change last week. Are they putting Smith back, is Simms staying, are they voting on it??

  3. Wow… that “performance” yesterday was 1 for the history books. That was bad even when based on the jets low standards.

    LMAO still at Geno spraying the ball everywhere but to his receivers.

  4. Using a 2nd round pick on Smith wasn’t bad – he had the potential to be decent, and certainly at least an alternative for Sanchez. Now if they had used a FIRST, THAT would have been a disaster.

  5. Maybe if they won’t give this ex-Jaguar a chance, a sixth round pick might be enough to get Gabbert, or if they ask really nicely, the Jags may give them a fifth instead.

  6. Jets, where QBs go to lower expectations on what little potential they previously had.

  7. The Jets lose.

    Solution: Let’s change QB’s.

    The Jets lose again.

    Solution: Let’s change QB’s again.

    53 players on a team, but the only one who ever gets blamed for a loss, the QB.

    Ah, for those halcyon days of the Buttfumble.

  8. I think this “status quo” plan is just another example of Rex flaunting his disregard for offense and the QB position in general. It’ll get him fired if it hasn’t already.

  9. At this rate Rex is going to have a dozen different QB jersey tattoos before the season is over.

  10. Funny cause Garrard is better than any of them they have on the bench LOL!! the jets are a joke!! LOL!! These people are shameful seems like they getting worse. The two worse teams in the NFL by far is Jacksonville and the Jets and none of them does not even want to give Tim Tebow a shot LOL!! And he’s better than all of them LOL!! What a shame. You get what you ask for. Why not call Tebow hell vince young better than half the Qb’s in the league. Not the top QB’s but the bottom for sure !! LOL!! And they did not even call him LOL!! Rofl !!

  11. I am a LSU fan and a Saints . But even Matt Flynn who sucks!! And he is one of my LSU tigers. Green bay calls him and vince young proved he could play and they call Matt Flynn LOL!! Really why not Vince. Why not Tebow. They proven they can play better than most they have. The jets could use them badly LOL!! ROFL!! Then on the cheap LOL!! Instead they pay Gino the Gizmo pick off artist to play who sucks!! Really Them and the Jaugars should be blowing up Tebow and Vince phones right now!! Hell even green bay! But No phone calls?????

  12. I just don’t understand this team. They had a chance for the playoffs and when they did they keep in Geno. Why not Garrard before they had no chance? They never addressed a veteran backup when they lost Garrard, they get him back and don’t use him when Geno is struggling. Did they draft this guy to use him or just because he fell into their laps? The guys a rookie and he has to take his lumps. (Giants fans had to endure the great Dave Brown, Kent Graham, & Danny Kannel before getting veteran, Kerry Collins) They gave Sanchez 5 years!But it is obvious that Rex doesn’t care who plays QB as long as they win and that ain’t happening. Sanchez, McElroy, Smith, Simms etc. to go along with 4 different OCs. It’s everybody elses fault but the Head Coach. This team has no direction and will never win unless they stick to a plan and not listen to the media and their fans. I mean did he really need to put Sanchez in to win the Snoopy Bowl? Rex’s ego above the team again.

  13. The Jets problems start with ownership. They compound problems by thinking they fix mistakes with a focus on marketing and saving money as much as football. The Revis contract situation led to a trade and the high profile draft pick who couldn’t fill Revis shoes in the best situation so why pretend he would. The Sanchez situation led to the Jets reaching for a quarterback solution in round two, promoting him as a starter too early, and leaving Mark exposed to injury in preseason scrub time. During the season, the lack of roster depth, a problem throughout Rex’s tenure, led to the Jets signing guys that were either over-the-hill or were Patriots cast offs. Rex has only one fetish more dear than feet and that’s a street free agent that use to wear Patriots laundry.

  14. Boomer, Vinnie, Ken, Richard, Joe, will one of you come out of retirement and end this nightmare at QB? Four seasons of I don’t know where the ball will go? HELP!

  15. @One24

    If the Jets would ever consider calling Tebow, they might just as well dial up JaMarcus Russell. At least with Purple Drank, they’d have a chance of seeing passes longer than 20-yards. Why do you think that the Pats cut Timmy, rather than let him hang around to carry Belichicks’ spare hoodie?

    If Tebow, had the abilities to lead a team himself, and not rely on a stellar defense to shoulder the load and produce wins, he’d be playing in the NFL today. That Tebow isn’t, and Weedon is, has to be telling you something.

  16. People Geno Smith is probably not the “who is the Jet’s franchise QB”, maybe something crazy will happen and he’ll be great in a year or two. Probably not but maybe.

    What I know for sure is David Garrard won’t even be in the NFL in 2 years, likely won’t even be around next year. What would be the upside to playing him? The Jets aren’t winning the superbowl with any of their subpar QBs. Their only option was Smith or Simms, neither of which look like franchise QBs

    I actually applaud Rex for looking at the big picture (seeing if maybe being benched woke Geno Smith up) or considering Simms over trying to win a couple meaningless games (that could maybe help him keep his job) with Garrard instead of seeing what, if anything, the Jets have long term.

  17. Raiders Vs Jets could be hard to pick…
    Raiders don’t typically play well on the East Coast, but they have a few extra days of rest for this one.
    Most of the Raider losses have come late, when their offense seems to go 3 an out too often wearing down their own D.
    But if the Jets can’t generate any offense, Raiders will win this one.

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