Giants could see the Redskins coming unglued


The Redskins confusion over the late-game officiating was reasonable.

But the Giants said they could sense their opponents losing their cool long before that.

The Redskins looked disjointed through the second half while blowing a 14-point lead in their eventual 24-17 loss, bubbling over after Will Hill stripped their final pass away from Pierre Garcon and made the rules discussion moot.

“Once we settled in and started to play our ball, they started to sense that we were going to fight. We were not going to lay down,” Giants cornerback Jayron Hosley said, via Jordan Raanan of the Newark Star-Ledger. “It did get to them.”

From wide receiver Santana Moss getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, to Garcon kicking the football in anger after a near-interception in the end zone, there were several examples of the Redskins coming unraveled in the second half.

“It was frustration. You can’t lose your poise. That was disappointing,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said. “We have some competitors out there in Pierre. We had the opportunity to get that ball in the end zone for a touchdown and Pierre got a little upset, so you have to keep your poise in those situations, and we lost it a couple of times.”

So as frustrated as they might have been with the officials, they also have to know they lost that one on their own, gradually over the course of the night as well.

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  1. The worst run organization in the NFL, the Jaguars are laughing at you Washington!… But you’ll use your first pick to fix it… Of wait!!… Hahaha

  2. Different play call on 1st and 3rd down. If they knew it was 3rd down there wouldn’t have been a long pass play. There were a lot of dropped balls by the Skins, and that is frustrating, but the mix up on downs will kill the spirit in a frustrating game.

  3. jucam1 says: The worst run organization in the NFL, the Jaguars are laughing at you Washington!… But you’ll use your first pick to fix it… Of wait!!… Hahaha

    So I’m guessing you followed up that petty, silly remark by jerking off, correct?

  4. I suggest PFT fans put their wallets together to help superbowl42champs’s battle with literacy. It’s the holiday season people. He also seems to have a stutter.

  5. Washington had 61 net yards in the 2nd half Sunday night on 6 offensive drives.

    Alfred Morris had just TWO carries in the second half for 15 yards. No excuse for that.

    The fact that Washington might hand St. Louis a top 5 draft pick is reason enough to bench RG3 and go with Cousins the rest of the way…because things can literally not get any worse.

  6. Funny thing is the strip would never have happened if the “rules discussion” was never needed. The plays would not have been called the way they were.

    rest of the world > footballfan01

  7. .

    Maybe the coach should fire the offensive coordinator. You know, get some new blood in there.



  8. I think the reason RG3-9 is not playing well in 2nd half of games,is bcuz he is eating a pastrom-me during halftime@not wiping the red onion juice off of his hands!!!. I think Tuck had something to do w/it!!(conspiracy).

  9. Many of us said, at the time, that the Skins were foolish to draft a second QB (even if he was good) when their main need was OL and especially considering how much they paid for their presumptive starter.

    But no one outside DC ever accused Little Danny of running a savvy football operation.

  10. Redskins fans love to complain. Sure the refs botched a call. YThey also let washington Hold all night. They let pierre garcone have a 5 yard delay of game instead of a 15 yard unsportsman like conduct etc. Bottom line is if Garcone holds onto the ball, he had a first down. Get over it. One play does not define a game.

    Face it, your precious team has not made the playoffs for 17 out of 21 years and you knuckle heads say every year, “Its our year”. You guys stink. Your owner is a jerk so this is Karma.

    Hi Logicalvoice says 🙂

  11. Urfinished u mad girl? Don’t worry i will personally buy you a box of tissues so you can save your money to buy more deadskins tickets. I think the tissues are more expensive but i don’t mind.

  12. Why was the clock running after RG3 ran out of bounds twice towards the end of the game? There was no forward progress called. He clearly ran out while he was moving forward and more or less untouched by the Giants! I could care less who won that game. I watch because I’m a fan of the game but that’s ridiculous.

  13. Oh did I hurt you feelings about your sad little team AzarkhanDouche?… Sorry, but its true, you are the worst team in the worst division, you gave up your draft for damaged goods, and your coach much like you, is a mental midget. It’s ok tough guy, you can talk all the trash you want from your computer in your mom’s basement. I’m sure you’re sad little life will turn around some day

  14. i only watched the fourth quarter but they seemed entirely unglued. i saw four dropped passes by WA receivers in just the last five minutes of that game. WA is a mess, and very little of that is due to RGIIIs performance. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors but that is the way it appears to me.

  15. Giants did to them what the Seahawks did to them in the playoffs. Quick start by Washington, sideline acts like the route is on and the game is over, and they got completely shut down thereafter.

  16. sdelmonte says: Dec 2, 2013 10:45 AM

    And Giants, despite being out of the hunt, have come together. Credit to Coughlin? Or to their new LB?

    They aren’t out of it, and yes, Beason and Coughlin deserve credit. We could be the Texans right now otherwise.

  17. superbowl42champs says: Dec 2, 2013 10:10 AM

    anyone who thinks the skins got the better end of the trade with RG3
    Yes, the Skins def got the better end of the deal. He’s better than Luck. Skins will win the nfc east next year. No more 36 million in bs cap penalties. They will have plenty of money to improve now. Go Skins!

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