Jason Campbell cleared for activity, but not practice


When the Browns announced that quarterback Brandon Weeden had been diagnosed with a concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Jaguars, they were left with just one healthy quarterback on their roster.

And that quarterback, Alex Tanney, has never played in a regular season game and has only been on the team for a week so it’s not like he’s an ideal choice to start against the Patriots in Week 14. It’s unclear whether the Browns will have another in-house option.

Weeden’s status is up in the air as he starts the league’s concussion protocol and coach Rob Chudzinski said Monday, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, that Jason Campbell has been cleared for activity in a return from a concussion. Campbell hasn’t been cleared for practice, though, and that creates uncertainty for the Browns as they prepare for their next game.

Chudzinski said that the Browns are holding off on making any decision at quarterback right now as they wait for word on the two quarterbacks, but that they’ll need to know something definitive on the injuries by the start of practice on Wednesday to put a plan into motion. Caleb Hanie worked out for the Browns last week and could be an option if the team needs to add another quarterback this week.

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  1. Concussion protocol? If your Wes Welker you can practice four days after your concussion in time for the SNF ratings bonanza against the Pats.

  2. It doesn’t make any difference who the QB is.. Run the wildcat the remaining games and call it a season… This is from a lifelong Browns fan..

  3. 3rd in NFL in dropped passes = Cleveland wide receivers

    Jason Campbell’s completion percentage dropped from a CAREER 61% completions to 56% completions in Cleveland.

    You can thank the terrible Cleveland wide receivers (… and RB Ogbannaya – 3nd most for RB in NFL) … and…. Cleveland’s poor offensive line.

  4. You can’t blame the receivers or the O-line for Weedon’s or Campbell’s problems. Brian Hoyer was doing pretty well with those same guys, until he took a cheap-shot.

  5. The cheap shot didn’t end Hoyer’s season, joemammy. It was the terrible attempt at sliding that did it . . .

    But I agree. A real QB performs just FINE behind the Browns’ current O-Line . . .

  6. So… Brian Hoyer who totaled…

    3 td – 3 int – 59% completions against Minnesota’s 30th ranked PASS Defense

    0 td – 0 int against 15th ranked Buffalo PASS Defense

    2 td – 0 int against a Cincinnati secondary who lost CB Leon Hall and S Nelson in the previous game, played S Crocker who was signed that week after being released in April, and CB Kirkpatrick was out, too.

    Yeah …. Hoyer was doing pretty well.

    LOL…. Go Figure!!!

  7. For a long time Browns fan, this isn’t really worth writing about. They will lose to the Pats regardless of which QB plays. This team has produced nothing but 14 years of sorry excuses and has never failed to disappoint.
    How ’bout his; just choose up off/def teams before the game and let’s watch the fun. It can’t get any worse than it is!

  8. scrp2 says:
    Dec 2, 2013 1:15 PM
    Concussion protocol? If your Wes Welker you can practice four days after your concussion in time for the SNF ratings bonanza against the Pats
    One of the more ignorant and misinformed things I’ve read on here.

    1) There are varying degrees in severity of concussions. That’s why some concussions (ie Kevin Kolb) keep you out for the year while others (ie Wes Welker, or Andre Johnson earlier this year) dont even keep you out for the next game. Not to mention each person’s adaptability to the concussion is different.

    2) Are you scoffing at the existence of protocol or are you suggesting exceptions were made for Wes Welker so he could play in primetime? Either way that is absurd, especially with all the attention the NFL recently has given to concussions. Do one quick google search of Welker’s concussion and you will see that he passed tests according to protocol allowing him to be cleared.

    Bottom line, Welker passed protocol tests, Campbell has not, because Campbell’s was more severe. If youre trying to use this as an excuse for the Browns ineptness, that’s even sadder. The NFL is not out to get the Browns- the Browns just are not a good team, and have not been since they returned to Cleveland, with the exception of their one playoff appearance.

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