Jay Cutler’s status for Week 14 up in the air

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With their Week 14 game against the Cowboys scheduled for Monday night, the Bears won’t have their first practice of this week until Thursday and that’s also when they’ll get a clearer idea on the chance that quarterback Jay Cutler will be able to play.

Coach Marc Trestman took a break from defending his decision to try a field goal on second down that Robbie Gould missed in overtime on Sunday to say that Cutler’s condition was still considered week-to-week and that the team would know more on Thursday after Cutler met with doctors. Cutler was equally noncommittal about his status during an appearance on ESPN 100 on Monday.

“Getting better,” Cutler said. “Still got to talk to the doctors, gotta go through some stuff this week. I don’t know. I think if we’re gonna have any shot at playing, I’m gonna have to practice [this week]. I still feel like I’m gonna get back here really soon. I want to play. It’s just the trainers and doctors and going through the scenario we’ve got to go through.”

Cutler ran on a treadmill Monday and hopes that there won’t be any ill effects from that on Tuesday, but that’s just one step in the route to getting medically cleared in time to play Dallas.

14 responses to “Jay Cutler’s status for Week 14 up in the air

  1. With a healthy Cutler, the Bears would have two more wins. McKown does a great job as a back up, but in crunch time Cutler can deliver better than McKown. Unfortunatly even if the Bears somehow run the table, it will be tough for them to make the playoffs.
    I just hope Cutler is a Bear next year.

  2. You can put Manning, Brady, Rodgers, or Brees out there…it won’t matter.

    The garbage defense will let a high school football team score on them.

  3. What’s worse than tying a 2-8 team? How about losing outright to a 2-8-1 team. Even with Cutler, Chicago is dead in the water and won’t make the playoffs (again).

  4. If he sits this week and they lose might as well sit him for the season.

    Next year will be different for the bears. Cutler in another contract year and I bet Emery finally pulls the plug and moves the defense to a 3-4. He has been drafting for it and hiring for it. Mel Tucker is a 3-4 guy, Bostic and McLellan are 3-4 guys. Khaseem Greene should be a good inside guy for the 3-4. I bet Briggs, Peppers, and Tillman are all gone and they go off and sign Brian Orakpo and maybe a safety.

  5. coachkilla6 says:
    Dec 2, 2013 5:10 PM
    What’s worse than tying a 2-8 team? How about losing outright to a 2-8-1 team. Even with Cutler, Chicago is dead in the water and won’t make the playoffs (again).


    A 5-6-1 record is also worse.

    Both Chicago and Green Bay will be sitting on their couches in January.

  6. It won’t matter if Trestman just keeps running the ball up the the middle over and over and over and over, even though, they don’t work. Put your best players on the field when you need them the most. 3rd down. Garza can’t move the middle. He just doesn’t have it anymore. Michael Bush does not belong on a football field anymore. The defense knows what your trying to do. That equals failure

  7. Well, the Bears aren’t going to make the playoffs (here’s looking at you, defense!!), so bringing Cutler back in would solely be for the sake of his contract. Unless he plays horribly, playing the last couple of games may not change the numbers much, but it will show that he has at least recovered from his injuries.

  8. thepftpoet says:
    Dec 2, 2013 4:47 PM
    You can’t question Jay Cutlers toughness
    Saying that over and over doesn’t change anything.

    He’s as soft as they come.

  9. Let him sit as you are going to use the tag on him and a good or great performance would confuse that issue. He will be just too much money on a new con tract for all the other holes that need repair on the defense.

    Still don’t get all the Cutler is soft stuff even if he will cost too much money to keep.

  10. Cutler would’ve only missed one week if he had sat against Detroit. Man Trestman is not a good coach when it comes to common sense. He messed up this season for the Bears.

  11. Cutler would’ve only missed the Detroit game if he sat that one out. Trestman has no common sense as coach and really screwed up this season for the Bears.

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