Joe Haden: Until we get better, there’s nothing to say

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After the Browns lost to the Steelers in Week 12, safety T.J. Ward wasn’t shy about pointing a finger of blame at the Cleveland offense for the loss.

The Browns lost again in Week 13 and the offense turned the ball over three times and took a safety to help the Jaguars’ effort. Nose tackle Phil Taylor pointed to the turnovers as the prime culprit again this week, but cornerback Joe Haden, who had one of the two interceptions, wasn’t willing to blame the offense when the Jaguars scored with 40 seconds to play to win the game.

After the game, Haden wanted the blame for Cecil Shorts’ touchdown catch and he also wanted to vent some of the frustrations that come with a 4-8 record produced by sloppy play on a weekly basis.

“We f—— can’t stand losing, it hurts,” Haden said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I go out there and put my f—— heart out there every time. Every time. You know what I’m saying? And we end up coming up short. It was my fault on the touchdown. He ran a good route, a good play, good offense. Don’t take nothing from our D, we’re out there every time grinding, fighting. This s— hurts. … And, you’re gonna to come with the same questions every week and we’re gonna give you the same answers. ‘We’re gonna get better next week, we’re gonna get better next week.’ Until we do it, there’s nothing else to talk about. Straight up.”

Haden and the defense haven’t been perfect, but the overall burden of blame for the team’s state of affairs lies on the other side of the ball. Eleven turnovers in the last three weeks have been the leading cause of three straight losses that have turned playoff dreams into another Cleveland nightmare.

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  1. Take a deep breath! In four games WE DONE with WEE DONE.
    He’ll return to farming; the Browns to winning!

  2. .
    If Mike Lombardi wisely utilizes the 50 million in cap space plus his two draft picks in each of rounds 1, 3, and 4, the Browns can address all their shortcomings.

    Don’t be surprised if the factory of sadness starts producing cans of whipass next season.


  3. As fans we assume that all players are happy win-or-loss because they are collecting a paycheck. I watched Joe Haden’s interview and I was really impressed. He truly was upset that he was beat on that play and looked like he was on the verge of tears.

  4. Haden played a solid game until that last throw. He explained that they set it up all game and threw it at the ideal time. I don’t think he gave Cecil and Henne much respect based on how hard he bit and boy did he pay for it.

    The lesson is that you have to put the same attention to detail into lesser opponents as the all pros you go up against. Better to learn this now rather than in a playoff run and the loss helps the Browns stay in the mix for a top pick. Fun game to watch -albeit frustrating.

  5. Joe Haden is a baller. He makes us proud here in Cleveland. We have more guys this season who do that not. Just not enough yet. We understand Joe.

    Cleveland is tired of losing. Tired of being the little brother getting beat up. Tired of being a doormat. Tired of being a “Factory of Sadness” Mike Polk isnt funny anymore.

    It is easy to knock whats going on here. It is easy to make pompous statements about how this should be or how that is to blame. But the bottom line is that a combination of bad management and lousy judgement has been the storyline for decades. Art Modell to Randy Lerner this club sunk deeper and deeper into the abyss. It is gonna take more than a one year turn around to get out of this and I sincerely believe it is happening. This is the best team that has worn the Brown and Orange in many years…certainly since the return to the league in 99.

    Keep playing like you are Joe. Same for T.J. Ward…Phil Taylor…Atyba Rubin…D’Quell Jackson…Jabaal Sheard…Paul Kruger…Keke Mingo…Buster Skrine…Tashaun Gipson…WOW…what a list and thats just defense! And thats not all…many more talented faces here.

    I am proud of this team. Laugh if you want, but I love my Brownies!

  6. Civil. All those players u mentioned are on a defense that gave up 2 80
    Yard drives to the lowly jags. Henne isn’t exactly Peyton u know. The truth is the d is average at best. Big players make plays when the game is on the line. What happened to the aforementioned players is just ridiculous.

  7. Henne doesnt have to be Peyton. Hell…he doesnt even have to be Dalton. The jags are playing pretty good ball right now…especially for the Jags. Just as much as we are playing some pretty crappy ball.

    The defense gave up some bad ones no doubt. Theirs let Gordon get better than 250 yards.

    We gave them the ballgame. Weeden gave them the margain of victory and then some.

    Many things out of character. Alex Mack let one sail. Haden let one by. Weeden fumbled…oh wait, thats not out of character.

    I had hopes for this season. 500 seemed possible. Now…to get 500 we need them all. The Patriots might have something to say about that next week….and we dont yet know what Alex Tanney is gonna say to them….

    but I still love these guys.

    beats the hell out of what we had a few years back.

    Just remember. Ken Dorsey.

  8. The Browns won’t be playing B-Wee football next year, and it’s been a bout of bad luck having the QB carousel continuously spin… Ah well, better luck next year.

  9. 6ball, the Browns poor draft record automatically invalidates your theory. you should know that as a ‘fan’. oh that’s’re a Cleveland have no sound judgement or reasoning.
    plus…on what planet would a bunch of rookies (6 by your count) immediately turn a team around

  10. .

    Lol….. Not a Browns fan

    1. Lombardi is a new GM and previous poor drafts are not his responsibility.

    2. Reading is fundamental. I wrote that the Browns are in an excellent draft position with multiple early round picks. Plus they have 50 million in cap space to spend on veteran free agents. That’s not just 6 rookies.

    3. They already have talented players on both sides of the ball, but are in desperate need of QB stability.

    The ball is in Lombardi’s hands, but you have to give him a chance to make a play.


  11. I think 6ball isnt as far off as it might seem. This process of building is already well underway. While there were some chinks in the armor…Tom Heckert gave us some solid building blocks and Joe Banner although too early to say here has a decent track record in Philly. Im not on the Lombardi train yet and not sure if I will be…next year the draft will tell us a lot.

    Our defense if good…not the best but its damned good. our offense…well…we got some ground to cover there. We need a marquee running back. We need a quarterback and I am not yet sold on Hoyer.Three games does not a Manning make. We will see what spring shows us. I am glad I am not front office. Talk about a thankless job unless we win it all. This city isnt hungry..its starving.

    If we make the playoffs next year I will be happy. Over 500 is a reasonable goal. I just dont want to see us melt down anymore. I DO remember how it felt to win. I remember 64 (barely) and the pride of being a Browns fan.

    The Steelers sucked for 40 years. Sucked bad. At least the Browns have only really sucked for the past 14…before the exodus we were always competetive and they made us proud!

    I can see thisd returning. Joe Haden spoke it well yesterday. He cares. They care. We care.


  12. Listen fellow Browns fans. We can all keep saying that the ball is in Lombardi’s court, but do any of you think for a minute that its going to be his say without anyone else’s input? Haslam and Banner will have a say in it, especially with the criticism Lombardi brings to the table with his past failings. I have faith in the front office until they prove me wrong. We know the areas we need to improve on, QB, WR #2, RB, CB and OLine Depth. With 7 picks in the first 4 rounds they should absolutely be able to adress at least 3 or 4 of those holes and also take the best available players with other picks, regardless of the position. Sometimes you have to draft based on talent/potential and avoid your obvious needs.

    First piece of business to tend to is to get TJ Ward re-signed asap. He is a leader on Defense and a top 5 safety in the NFL.

    Mack is good as gone, we arent going to make him the highest paid Center in the NFL, that $$ we would give him, will help bring in some good players to add depth to this team and we can get another, less expensive Center in there to do his job.

    We wont know who will be available in Free Agency for a couple months here, so there is no reason to even visit that until then.

    I will always love my Browns, win or lose, but damn its frustrating!

  13. you don’t have a quarter back
    you dont have any receivers
    you dont have an offensive line
    you dont have a defensive line
    the entire team is lacking, not just one position

  14. glock…you got the quarterback pert right…we dont have a reliable one.

    recievers…we have Josh Gordon. Davone Bess. Greg Little…kinda iffy but could be good.

    O-Line Joe Thomas. Alex Mack (I hope they can resign him but thats questionable). Mitch Schwartz is gaining ground. We need guards.

    Dline is awesome. Phil Taylor is a beast. Atyba Rubin is a beast. Desmond Bryant is a beast. They can and do stand against anyone.

    This is not the ’09 Browns. We lack a few pieces.

    But hey…think what you want and shake your head when it starts to take form.

    Go Browns!

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