Julian Edelman has a new nickname: Minitron

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All season, the Patriots’ relative lack of receiving threats has been a topic, after the departure of Wes Welker, Danny Amendola’s continued inability to stay on the field and the up-and-downs of a cast of rookies.

But according to Tom Brady, they have a big receiver, just one that comes in a small package.

According to Tom Curran of CSNNE.com, Brady now refers to diminutive wideout Juian Edelman as “Minitron.”

The take on Calvin Johnson’s “Megatron” nickname is clever, but Edelman’s ability to get himself open at key moments is obvious.

Edelman has 70 catches for 711 yards this season, both nearly double his previous career highs. For a team that’s been looking for answers all season, it couldn’t have come at a bigger time.

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  1. His ability to give good field positioning on just about any punt return can not be overlooked. It’s a shame they only signed him to 1 year, cause the Pats will play hardball in the offseason and he might just walk this time

  2. On one hand, I’d love to see Edelman get a thousand yard season. On the other, he takes some vicious hits on receptions and punt returns and the goal should be to keep him healthy for the playoffs.

  3. .
    With the 232nd pick in the 2009 draft the Patriots choose Julian Edelman, QB, Kent State.


  4. How is it “it couldn’t have come at a better time” in week 13 when he has 70 catches on the year already? Doesn’t that mean he’s been doing pretty good the whole season? That’s around 6 catches and 60 yards average per game, if he had played every game the whole way through, which he hasn’t.

    That’s hardly a suddenly he’s showing up. It’s not outstanding, but he’s there when he needs to be, making some pretty awesome catches.

    He’s only got 6 yards less than Welker, although 5 TDs less as well. He’s turning out alright, showing he can handle being a much larger
    mini-target now that Wes is gone.

  5. Just imagine if these guys can land a true stud WR in the off season… And once again, I think this proves Brady is better than Manning. Not only did the Pats storm back to beat the Broncos, Brady’s Patriots are one game back in the conference with two WR corps that couldn’t really be any different.

  6. 2 games does not a nickname make.

    But Unfortunately for those of us that have him in fantasy, he has been copmpletely inconsistent and manged to disappear for much of the season, except for 2 random games this year.

  7. Julien Edelman is a high motor guy with many skills. A QB in college and a guy who has been hurt a number of times mainly because he never stops working sometimes putting himself in harms way. Although, now he seems to be making better decisions when he’s making his way down field, an elusive cutting runner that can deek most defenders out of their pants. You have to love this guy if your a Patriot’s fan and even if your not. Edelman is a true blue NFL football player with big balls, the kind of player every team would like to have around. Not tall but the kid is solidly built to play this game.

  8. Welker: 68 rec / 717 yds / 9 TD’s and 1 F’d up Punt return costing team a game.

    Edelman: 70 rec / 711 yds / 4 TD’s and is much better than Welker returning punts.

    If Denver trips up, and the they both go 13-3, then the Pats unequivocally made the right move on Welker. If they can’t catch Denver, they still made the right move. Home field throughout is no guarantee of playoff success and we are probably gonna have to win in Denver to get it done but Pats fans knew that right? Just like 2001 and 2004 having to win at Pittsburgh.

    What bothers me, is KNOWING that Bill will play hardball with Edelman. Right or wrong, it would be nice from a fan standpoint to lock up a really good player for once without drama.

  9. I am not big into Welker/Edelman comparisons, which have been unfairly attributed to Edelman since he was drafted. Welker is stronger and runs better routes and Edelman actually has better hands is more elusive. In the long run, Welker has had an incredbily productive NFL career and Edelman is more of a role player. Before the rookies started developing and before Gronkowski and Vereen returned from their injuries, Edelman was really the only dependable receiver the Patriots had.

  10. sbchampsagain says:
    Dec 2, 2013 8:39 AM
    2 games does not a nickname make.

    But Unfortunately for those of us that have him in fantasy, he has been copmpletely inconsistent and manged to disappear for much of the season, except for 2 random games this year.
    Since people are going to make random meaningless fantasy football comments all the time, then I’m going to make equally random meaningless comments about how much I LOATHE fantasy football. It’s only fair. 🙂

    JE has always had the skills to pay the bills…his issue has just been staying healthy. He actually outperformed WW in training camp in 2012 which is the actual reason WW was behind him, not any vendetta by BB (who I saw hugging WW after their game last week, some vendetta). Had Edelman not gotten hurt, he probably would have continued to get starter reps over WW. BB plays the best players…period.

    I was actually nervoud that JE was going to leave as a FA in the offseason. I think he had an offer or a visit with the NYG though that may have been to help get their contract done with Cruz.

    The other thing about JE is that he has a lot of energy and gives the team much needed spark, especially when they aredoing their habitual lollygagging against teams they should beat in Dec.

  11. THIS YEAR…He is better player than Welker.

    Never thought that’d be possible,,,but Julian much more versatile also, can split out wide and run deep routes. As punt returner, borderline keeping ball away from.

    Not to mention…hands are much better, much.

  12. Belichick plays the player that gives the team the best chance to win. That encompasses his assessment of a player’s talents, strengths, and weakness (mental toughness, football smarts, and doing what they are told to do being three of them). That said, Belichick stacks his roster with the whole roster in mind and favors value for the dollar, which includes upside potential. History is littered with quality players that Belichick moved on from despite their prior achievements playing for him.

  13. smaller than Megatron for sure (what WR isn’t? ), but @ 5′ 11″, 200lbs, he’s hardly “diminutive”.. Darrin Sproles & Trindon Holliday are diminutive

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