Officiating blunder mars Washington’s final drive

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With the launch of a new month, the same old problems are plaguing the league’s officiating.  But at least they’re finding new ways to screw things up.

On Sunday bizarre sequence marred the home team’s last-gasp effort to force overtime (unless Washington coach Mike Shanahan was feeling a little Brady Hoke-ish).  A pass on second and five from quarterback Robert Griffin III to receiver Pierre Garςon appeared to result in a first down, as the chains moved and the on-field indicator re-set to a big orange “1”.

And so Griffin threw the ball down the field, where the pass was dropped by tight end Fred Davis.

And then it turned out, according to referee Jeff Triplette’s crew, that the Redskins hadn’t gotten a first down at all.  Instead, it was fourth and one from the Washington 45 yard line.

On fourth down, a pass to Garςon was completed for a six-yard game and then fumbled and the Giants secured possession, but if the officials hadn’t treated the prior play like a first down the Redskins likely would have dialed up a different play on third and short.

Said Shanahan after the game, via  “I said I wanted a measurement and they said ‘No, you don’t have to. It’s a first down.'”

Shanahan also said that the presumed first down had an impact on his team’s play calling.

It’s impossible to know what would have happened if the officials hadn’t screwed things up, primarily because the officials screwed things up.  And while the officials surely will be held accountable by the league office for the error, it contributed to a loss that could move Shanahan closer to being held accountable with his job.

172 responses to “Officiating blunder mars Washington’s final drive

  1. That was truly embarrassing to watch. Regardless of the outcome, that should NEVER happen in a PROFESSIONAL anything. I’ve never even seen that in COLLEGE. I ask again, can we get the crew that officiated the Vikings-Bears game for every game every week?

  2. Regardless of the refs screwing up the previous down call, the Redskins converted the fourth down anyway. Then they fumbled. The refs didn’t cause the fumble. Bad teams find a way to lose.

  3. Redskins can’t blame the loss on the refs, but the officiating is getting horrendous! The end of the game 3rd/1st down fiasco is something the NFL should be embarrassed about, but just like big government, they’ll ignore the problems and tell you everything is great. Nothing can harm the shield. Shanahan doesn’t have the yellow line on the field to reference, so when he sees the down marker switch to ’1′, and the chains move accordingly, he thinks first down. WRONG! It’s a secret 3rd down that only Triplett knew about. After Skins threw what everyone in the stadium assumed was a first down pass, it’s 4th down. REE-DICK-YOU-LESS! That’s high school officiating! Refs are ruining the product being put on the field, and sadly the NFL will just continue to bury its head in the sand.

  4. It would be absolutely unacceptable for this to happen at the pee wee level.

    NFL refs should be the best refs in the world. They consistently prove that they are not.

    Train them better, punish them for their mistakes, and if they still make mistakes, you need to get new refs.

  5. How about Davis and Garçon just simply catching the ball. Both would have been easy 1st downs. Don’t weep for these Redskins. They don’t care anymore. Why should we?

  6. At least fans won’t have to worry about the officials screwing up the Super Bowl. Every team of stripes will be rated so low there won’t be any officials left.

  7. It’s Triplette’s mistake. They showed an iso on him after the game where he is frantically signaling 3rd down to the side judges when he realizes the chains have been moved. What he should have been done was called time out and straightened it out.

    Referees do this all the time when the spot inconsistencies with the play or game clock. All he had to do was blow his whistle and confer with the side judges. He couldn’t call for a measurement- the chains had already been moved. He could only have put the ball where he thought it should have been and let the coaches know it was third down. Then the Redskin Potatoes could have called a 3rd down play.

    There is no guarantee that the Taters would have won- they were still far away from the end zone- but they definitely got the short end of the stick here.

  8. It is not impossible to know what would have happened if the officials hadn’t screwed things up. They both would have still missed the playoffs, just with a possibility of having different records and draft pick orders.

  9. Officials should most definitely be subject to fines and suspensions based on performance. How else can they be held accountable?

    The Redskins got screwed on this one for sure. Giants and Rams fans everywhere are rejoicing at the awful officiating at the end of that game.

  10. It’s funny because I remember Triplette making one of the first big screwups after the lockout ended(Packers/Saints, awful call on a fumble). Shame he couldn’t have stayed gone.

  11. What an absolute disgrace. As a Patriots fan I was furious about the Kuechly call, but I was as equally angry about this call even though I couldn’t have cared less about the outcome of the game. How is it possible to mess that up as badly as that crew did? Shouldn’t they have called an official’s timeout to straighten this out so everyone was on the same page? They told Shanahan that he didn’t need to measure because it was a first down? And to top that off they went back after the Davis drop and decided it was 4th down. That whole crew should be fired, and I think the league should find some way to compensate Washington for that mess. Time to start bringing the hammer down on these referee crews when they make these kind of mistakes.

  12. Redskin’s blunders mar Redskin’s final drive. Blaming the officials because you would have called the final plays differently is pathetic. Never mind that both plays were drops or poorly controlled, imminently catchable passes that make the officiating a non factor had they been handled by the so called professionals on the field. I lost count of how many drops there were throughout by Washington. Washington is a terrible team, poorly coached and badly run starting at the top.

  13. If the league is gonna hold teams accountable for their actions, they need to hold refs accountable for their mishaps. They’ve cause the redskins down and a chance to tie or win the game. Every week it seems like a different team is getting screwed and the league is quick to side with the refs and protect them. It’s like since their deal last year, officiating has gotten worse and sloppy

  14. That was a silly way to end a game in prime time no doubt. There was clearly a breakdown. However, I believe Shanahan and co. screwed this game up even worse. Why is it they always change their gameplay when it is so clearly effective. Alfred Morris had like two touches in the second half…inexcusable. Up by three, tied, down by four. At no point should they have abandoned their game-plan and tried with all the cutsie high risk keepers and option plays that haven’t worked since last year. If Shanny gets extended beyond this season, skins fans better get used to this crap.

  15. I’ve seen more blunders by officials deciding the outcome of games than ever before. Couple that with the outrageously uneven enforcement of some new idiotic rules and you end up with a sport that’s starting to become somewhat of a joke.
    If this keeps up, Vegas will start giving odds on ref screwups.
    Surely there’s got to be a better way.

  16. Blunder? No this is a epidemic its happening more and more and with the refs getting away without even a reprimand its taking away from the game and the fans something needs to be done SOON !

  17. I don’t get what Chris and Al were so worked up about. Yes the officials got it wrong, but if it hadn’t been for the dropped ball on 3rd down it would have been a huge play and forgotten immediately. Then they convert on 4th down making the gaff completely irrelevant except for the fact the receiver gets stripped. Bad officiating that did not affect the outcome of what should have been 2 positive plays. Blame the Washington receivers and move on.

  18. I’d make a comment about how Jeff Triplette is never going to ref another Super Bowl, but it seems that every crew has made a pretty critical error or two this year…. So his chances are probably still pretty good.

  19. How does Jeff Triplette remain employed by the NFL? He’s truly awful and has been at the center of several gaffes including costing the NFL 15 million plus when he nearly put Orlando Browns eye out. He’s beyond incompetent.

  20. Gonna agree with any post logical makes.. Kinda wondered wtf was going on while watching the game.

  21. I don’t even understand how the ref could let play continue when it was obvious that other officials were confused about what was going on (and giving the first-down signal as the linesman did). Absolutely atrocious recent weeks’ worth of officiating. Things happening for no reason, things not being explained, the whole oopsy-daisy lackadaisical bull-S.

    I’m an Eagles fan and the officiating in that one today was grotesquely inconsistent as well, first against the Eagles and then shifted against the Cards.

    When you consider all the different professional sports and their rules, the NFL has got to be, by far, the most controversial with the most gray area. That REALLY needs to change, soon. Defenders need to know how they should be playing the game, since the league keeps on telling them they’re playing incorrectly. Just please don’t turn it into flag football.

  22. Skins fan here…
    Bad teams find way to lose games…and we have found many ways this year.
    That said, we dont need help to lose from the refs.

  23. But also, if you are the HC or a relevant authority figure of any team, and something super bizarre happens on the playing field, you still need to be prepared to know how to state your case and try to defend and assert your position. This might not have been a situation that Shanahan could have done anything about, but he really did miss an opportunity to make other choices. We see this time and time again with teams not being able to make quick decisions because they too aren’t coming prepared to the game with a way to monitor what is happening and make sure that the team is advised of all options they can do for any given situation that might help out even a little bit. If you fail as a team to make the most out of any unpleasant hand you are dealt, then you have to accept being a loser. And in this case, tonight, the NFL isn’t doing much for their own image, but WAS is on the brink of a horrible situation and they had opportunities in the past few hours to prevent that. But they failed. The game is over now. Too late.

  24. so they snapped one play with the wrong down count… still doesn’t change the fact that the two affected plays were a drop and a fumble.

  25. I’ve never seen anything like that. Why didn’t they just stop the game and measure it? You could see as the play started that two of the officials (referee and line judge?) disagreed on which down it was. They never should have let that play start. Shanahan has a right to be pissed.

  26. This was the biggest officiating blunder I’ve ever seen. Between this and Tomlin’s sideline dance, I’m starting to think the officials have lost control of games.

  27. These refs have no idea what they are doing anymore..can we get back to pre 2008 football or so when football was fun?

  28. Theses are professionals and there’s no place for ref miscues like this. But even more troublesome is that Shanahan seemed cognizant of the blunder and failed to do anything about it.

  29. wow…im surprised seems like the refs have been doing a good job so far, with the exception of weeks 1-13

  30. Yes, Mike. Let’s blame Shanahan’s downfall on the officiating.
    I suppose the ineffective execution of a goofball gameplan by the great and wondrous RGIII has nothing to do with it, either.
    Damn NFL!

  31. Wow, these normal refs seem to be having just as many problems as the replacements were. At the NFL level there should be a certain level of competency.

  32. Why is it that players are held accountable for their blunders and mistakes but the refs aren’t?

  33. So what’s the big deal. If you’ve got two teams having lousy seasons it’s better to be closer to the top draft pick.

    Oh, that’s right. Skins don’t have a number 1 this year?

  34. In my humble opinion, it really doesn’t matter. They didn’t lose a down and they didn’t gain a down. They still got to call a play and that play was successful until Garcon fumbled the ball, something that has absolutely nothing to do with what down it was. As far as I am concerned, you can’t consider a call to have affected the game if you have to rely on hypotheticals to support your claim. If someone thinks that the call affected the game because on 4th and 1 they wouldn’t have called a pass so Garcon wouldn’t have had the ball in his hands to fumble, they’re just flat out wrong. You’re straight up guessing what could have happened if… As soon as you start playing that game you’ve lost the connection to what really transpired. You want to say that well I can make up alternative scenarios too. Maybe if they got the call right and WAS knew it was 4th and 1, they would’ve have called a run. And maybe Alfred Morris fumbles on that run. Maybe he doesn’t and gets a first down. Maybe RGIII follows that 1st down with an interception. See how ridiculous it is to start hypothesizing “what if?” Its not a valid argument when this is the only way to support your theory. The call didn’t affect the game, plain and simple. Was it a mistake? Clearly. But it did not cause the Redskins to lose the game, the fumble did.

  35. I have to look at this from a “cause and effect” outlook. The redskins didn’t lose possession because of the bad call from officials, they lost it due to a FUMBLE. To say, “but for” the officials blunder the outcome would have been different is ridiculous!

  36. The ref’s mistake was meaningless. Fred Davis dropped a wide open 20yd pass and Garcon picked up the first down before getting stripped. It didn’t matter whether is was 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th down.

  37. “…and while the officials surely will be held accountable…”

    Reporting blunder mars report about officiating blunder marring Washington’s final drive. No one will be held accountable.

    How is Triplette still doing this job?

  38. Joke.

    To not stop the play to measure was the first mistake, calling first down and moving the chains is the second, keeping these officials on the field will be the third.

    Get ready for what seems to be the weekly press release of oops we’re sorry despite not ever being accountable.

  39. How can a $10bn industry be officiated by so many incompetent fools? The time for full time refs has to be here and these refs need to be held accoutable for mistake.

  40. The NFC East should be banned from Prime Time games. In all likelihood, most real football fans weren’t even watching these two inept teams play a game… Garcon kicked a ball into the stands and RGMe looked more mediocre than usual. Yawn. Is it Monday night yet?

  41. Bad teams find a way to lose and what the Redskins did. They just need to catch the ball and it’s a non issue.

    With all the flack RG3 has received, I hope his teammates step and up take the blame for the dropped passes and missed blocks.

  42. The highly paid unionist “real” refs screwed up royally? Wow, never heard that before.

    I miss the replacement refs, seemed they just let the players play a bit more.

  43. it just seems like the nfl keeps such bumbling idiots around ( the kind that throw flags in the eyes of the players ) to hide the fact that some of the officials ” bad calls” are actually premeditated point fixing calls.

  44. It s a huge shame when the outcome of games are being decided by officiating screw-ups instead of the play on the field. I am not saying that the Redskins would have been able to score and force overtime, but I would much rather have seen them play it out then having it at least partially influenced by the officials screwing up yet again. It is bad enough when things like this happen, and one could almost accept it as part of the game if it were maybe a once a season occurrence. The problem is it is becoming an almost weekly ocurrence where the outcome of a game is materially affected by poor officiating. They even screwed up a second time tonight by not following their own rules. They say that even if an incorrect call is made, it stands as called once a subsequent play has been run. Since they did not stop the following play, which they could have by simply whisting the play dead immediately after the snap when the error was realized, the play is supposed to stand as it was called with the error. This would have left the Redskins with 2nd and 10 following the incomplete pass down field instead of the 4th and short they ended up with. In this sense the officials made two mistakes, the first was the incorrect signalling of the first down and the second was correcting it after another play had already been run. The NFL must do something to put a stop to this trend and improve the work of their officiating crews.

  45. Excuses, excuses… Mike Shannahan called a good play, RG3 threw a good ball, Fred Davis just couldn’t catch it. Next play RG3 throws another good pass Pierre Garcon bobbled it and the Giant’s defender took the ball away.Interception.Game over. How can Shannahan try to blame the refs for the play he called and in result why they lost…? The play worked Fred Davis just dropped it. Same with Garcon. The Redskins suck. Shannahan sucks. RG3 is either the softest player to ever play the game or still injured.. America’s capital deserves better.

  46. I don’t go for conspiracies much, if at all, but it does make you wonder with how much influence the referees have, what directives are being issued to them to ensure certain calls and look out for certain things. This season has been awful from an officiating perspective, and I can’t work out whether it is because of the rule book being awful or some more nefarious force influencing the referees to attain certain results.

  47. It is painful as a Skins fan to watch them disappoint every week, and this was definitely a blunder by the refs, but the main thing is the Skins yet again didn’t play a full game.

  48. Billion dollar a year plus enterprise that refuses to hire and adequately train full time, PROFESSIONAL officials. Just indefensible. Time for the NFLPA to take a stand, they don’t deserve to have their games officiated by 65 year old corporate lawyers working the games as a second job, like they do in Pop Warner for bleeps sake.

  49. Why aren’t they finding a way to determine first downs electronically? Seems antiquated to rely on moving the chains in the first place.

  50. NFL referee’s suck, what’s new? Jeff Triplett and his crew were awful when they were in Jacksonville 2 weeks ago officiating the Cards vs Jags game. They blew multiple calls including reviewing a play that was not reviewable. On an offensive holding penalty Tripplett picked up the flag and announced “There is no foul for holding because the defensive player ran through the hold”. That was the dumbest explanation I’ve ever heard from a referee. If the defender is able to run thru the holders grasp we won’t call holding. How ridiculous!

  51. Can’t really say this cost the Skins the game, but it certainly hindered them on that drive. So you can say it was a factor in the drive ending badly.

    And so it continues. At least once a week we hear of some monumental foul up or a controversial call (non-call). Why can’t these guys slow it down and get it right? You know in a league that pushes for parity and has so much instant replay in place, why are there times when the refs are in such a hurry?


  52. This is not the first time Triplette has done this sort of thing. Everyone recalls ‘bottle gate’ as that time the Browns fans went crazy and threw bottles on the field. What most people don’t recall is why: Triplette reviewed a play two plays later, which is in direct violation of NFL rules. Once the ball is snapped, the previous play is no longer reviewable…unless your Cleveland and not only will he go back and review it, he will over turn it. Then, with the crowd nearing full riot mode, he announced that the game was over with 45 seconds left on the clock…another violation of the rules. The commish called him and told him he couldn’t just end a game and they had to find 11 guys from both teams that were still in uniform to go out for the final kneel down. Triplette is a moron and should not be allowed to ref high school games, let alone NFL games.

  53. I’m a Giants fan. And I think referee Jeff Triplette’s handling of the Skins’ final drive was amateurish and unacceptable.

    What’s Roger Goodell’s phrase: “protect the shield?” Well, Triplette’s blunder calls the integrity of that game into question. Cue the conspiracy theorists…

  54. Shanahan deserves the chance to try to build this team under equal conditions as the rest of the league. Give him at least 2 more years with the ability to spend money on free agents. They should be able to sign as many as 8 players with the money they have lost to the NFL’s ” legal” collusion to keep salaries below the “cap” on an uncapped year.
    This team is headed in the right direction. 18 million can buy a whole lot of talent that they needed this, and last, year.

  55. Your last bit is serious hyperbole. Do you think the owners and the GM aren’t going to weigh all the variables when it comes to firing a head coach? They’re obviously going to look at things like officiating. I doubt this has any affect at all on Shanahan losing his job.

  56. Let the tears begin to fall In DC. The refs gave the Skins two favorable spots in the first half, including that huge 4th and 1…
    It went both ways. The better team won last night.

    I in the end, LogicalVoiceSays will make excuses about cap penalties and Mary’s alliance – but the fact of the matter is RG3 is overrated.

  57. It is all part of a dastardly plot by the league and orchestrated by Roger Goodell to make certain that the DC Eleven loses. I heard all the details from Logicalvoicesays, himself.

  58. The Giants spotted the Skins 14 points and the Giants have been playing terrible for almost a whole half. So the Skins should of destroyed the Giants because the Giants were giving the Skins the game. If the Skins just did what they were suppose to do, they wouldn’t of been in that situation at the end of the game.

  59. Wait, you don’t say……Jeff Triplette’s crew screwed up? That can’t be.

    I’ll say it again…the game is too fast for the officials. Either get younger guys or put everything, other than game management, up in the replay booth.

    And someone please tell me again, why were the replacement officials were so bad? I forget.

  60. we’ll be holding a clinic to help relieve the stress from blown calls by referees in Cleveland this February all redskins fans admitted free.

  61. Jeff Triplette’s crew? Some sports writer should research how many times they made wrong calls. NFL Films present “Game Changing Mistakes”.
    I only know a few officals names and he is one that I read about too often.

  62. Soundly win a game and the skins don’t have to leave it up to the refs. Rather, the skins squandered their lead. Opportunistic teams find a a way. Refs or not. Will Hill snatching that ball away was a good example.

  63. Yes, it was a bad mistake that COULD have cost the skins. But it didn’t force their wide open te to drop a perfect pass 20 yds down the field when they thought it was first down. That’s what cost the skins. As usual.

  64. Thats all well and good regarding the refs…but they still dropped a wide open pass and fumbled the fourth down play. Refereeing had nothing to do with Garcon and Davis’ inability to make a play. Stop making excuses.

  65. It’s a moot point if Davis holds onto the ball! There we at least 4 critical drops for the Skins. But, of course, in DC, we’ll still hear the clamoring for Kirk Cousins.

  66. I wonder what the guy with the pink wrist bands is thinking?

    Another plus for the college game. The refs don’t take up so much time and get less attention.

  67. It looked as though the official on the Redskins side had the play marked as a first down but the official from the other side, who had a better view of when Garçon actually possessed the ball, placed the ball short of the first down. The ‘skins can complain all they want but in the end both Davis and Garçon failed to make the plays they needed to and should have made.

  68. I was rooting for the Giants, but still felt sorry for the Redskins. And the worst part is, as always, the arrogance of the officials after the fact. Triplette’s post game comments essentially amounted to him saying, “We got it all right.” The refs have an excuse for everything.

  69. How are they going to hold the refs accountable? Take $100k out of their pocket like they do the players and coaches? I know nobody is perfect, and it’s not the only reason the Redskins lost, but geez, that was a big deal!

  70. The Redskins overcame the botched call by the refs and completed a pass to Garcon for a first down. The redskins did not overcome the fact that they are the redskins and must snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and angry boy WR Pierre Garcon got stripped.

  71. While Jeff Triplett is a terrible Ref, hands down the worst is Walt Coleman. He should be fired or fined after yesterdays Bills/Falcons game. Coleman couldn’t ref a girls powder puff game correclty. The NFL needs to crack down on these inept officials and either fine them when they miss obvious calls or suspended them for a few games like they do the players.

  72. I was happy at the outcome since I am a New York Giants fan but I am not a hypocrite. The officiating during that key stretch was awful and should not be allowed in the NFL.

    As Cris Collinsworth pointed to, the playcalling changes based on the down and yardage. The Washington Redskins were wronged but at the end of the day Pierre Garcon’s blunder was his own.

    Here’s to hoping Roger Goodell does what is right and fines/suspends that crew.

  73. Shanahan should be angrier that Fred Davis dropped the ball on 3rd down and Garcon got stripped on 4th.

  74. The bills/falcons game had a few horrible calls too. Theres been alot of shady calls this year. Cant tell if they are regular or replacement.
    I personally liked the holding call on Aaron Williams when he did not even touch anyone. But the Bills get terrible calls like that week in and week out.

  75. teamo68 says: Dec 2, 2013 7:40 AM

    It’s a moot point if Davis holds onto the ball! There we at least 4 critical drops for the Skins. But, of course, in DC, we’ll still hear the clamoring for Kirk Cousins.

    That’s because RGIII showed a failure of leadership by not making the officials handle their duties in a competent fashion.

  76. Triplette was the idiot that blinded Orlando Brown, took away Manning’s touchdown on a fake spike, and now this debacle. It’s ridiculous this man still has a job.

  77. oh illogical voice……LOL…..last place buddy. OMG…this team is horrid. Giants had like 8 starters out too….LMAO.


  78. the refs have been doing this deal for the last couple of years that if its 9 1/2 yards on first down, they spot it over the line to gain and move the chains. this began happening a couple years ago and has begun to be common this year. it can’t be going unnoticed in the league office up till now.

    it apparently is quicker mechanically than bringing in the chains and then the team making the half yard on the next play. perhaps its to make up for the delays in replay and the other litigation that goes on after every other play. finally it bit them in the rear end. maybe now they’ll go back to the old way of doing things.

    in defense of the refs, the game is becoming much more difficult to officiate with the new speed of the offenses and the rules written to indemnify the league from future injury cases while not addressing the rules that cause the players to be running into each other over the middle at full speed…

  79. This is like a broken record…NFL official blows call…decides to review…blows review. Where are all the union officials screaming incompetence, the safety of the players are at stake, and the integrity of the game is being forsaken because the NFL only cares about $$?? The replacement officials were NO worse that what we see every weekend, in every stadium.

  80. Well, the important thing is that yet another game ended in a baffling and extremely questionable way, making millions of people wonder why they even bothered spending hours of their lives watching it in the first place. Apparently this is all part of the league’s master plan to improve the sport, or something.

  81. So…. I guess the honorable, perfect human shanarat would not have complained one bit if the pass to Davis was completed but during the play, the refs blew the play dead to correct the down and distance.

    It was a minor mistake that had no bearing on the outcome. Complete one of those passes and we’re not having this conversation.

  82. erock27 says:
    Dec 2, 2013 6:50 AM
    Officiating is worse this year than ever . Its getting rediculous

    Remember when the media and all the coaches were mooning over the refs when the replacement refs were calling games?

    Players will get hurt if we don’t get the regular refs back soon! The regular refs are so much better than the replacement refs! The regular refs never would’ve missed that call! They should just cancel the games until the regular refs get what they want!

    Pat Summerall was the biggest homer of them all spending the entire game complaining about the replacement refs instead of commenting on the game.

    Turns out that what the fans were saying was right all along. The regular refs aren’t better than the replacement refs. In fact, they are worse and can’t lose their jobs and have little to no responsibility for the calls.

    Hail to the media and their false crisis of the regular refs being the only guys who could ref NFL games.

  83. The officiating in the Cardinals-Eagles game yesterday made me feel like I was watching backyard football where the spoiled kid who brought the football is making up his own rules after every play. In the last five minutes there was nothing the Cardinals could not be called for, and nothing the Eagles could.

    It’s getting unwatchable.

  84. Refs and their mistakes are definitely getting out of hand in the NFL. From their lack of understanding of the rules to their ability to recognize when one of the rules is broken, they are no better than the replacement refs. Atleast the replacement refs came with a cheaper price tag.

    Living in the midwest, I have been able (or forced) to watch the Colts play every week for the past couple decades, and I can honestly say there isn’t a team that benefits more from referee calls than they do. I can’t help feel a little crazy because you never see anything said about it anywhere. Some things are just plain weird, and they happen at the most opportune times. Take this week for example, a phantom unnecessary roughness penalty as time expired in the first half (that apparently wasn’t captured by any of their cameras according to the broadcasters). So instead of getting zero points, they get the yardage from the play plus the 15 extra yards from the penalty and a free play, which resulted in a Vinatieri chip shot of a field goal. I can understand if this kind of thing is a once per season thing, but atleast with the Colts, it’s an every week thing. If you need any further examples, I’d point you to their games against Denver and Seattle.

    I have no idea how it makes any sense that they would allow the referee that made the call on the field be the one to review his own call. It’s like letting a defendant serve on his jury or better yet, serve as the judge himself. They need to just get rid of the silly challenge system. They need to give the review power to a qualified and tech savy team up in the booth so they can make quick decisions on questionable plays on the fly while the overpaid referees run around on the field like the rodeo clowns they are.

  85. The Skins have found a way to kill themselves every game. I dont think the Ref’s call would have made a difference but it is still horrible. I have never seen anything like that before. IF it happened to the Broncos or Pats it would be a bigger deal. Just saying. Either way, the Rams are the big winners here. They Skins have secured them a top 10 pick in the 1st round.

  86. Pierre Garcon and Fred Davis should be chipping in to buy new cars or at least Rolex watches for the refs. That blunder took the spotlight off of the fact that those two couldn’t catch a cold.

    If Davis doesn’t drop that ball on third/first down, the whole conversation is different.

  87. Saying its a moot point if Davis holds onto the ball is ridiculous. It justs covers up the blown call. Dang just get the calls right. Its a freakin stupid down and distance measurement. Simple stuff. Sad.

  88. I suppose the officiating blunder caused the receiver to fumble the ball after getting the first down?
    The mistake had ZERO to do with the Redskin’s loss;You guys really need to let this one go!

  89. absolutely preposterous ..

    I hate the Skins and their fans..
    but that was complete balogna.

    if i were shanahan, i would have stood on the fifty yard line until they let us replay 3&1,, or start fresh on 2nd&10.

    the referees have literally played too large a role in a few questionable wins this season.

  90. logicalvoiceseys says:
    Dec 2, 2013 1:19 AM
    Imagine if the replacement refs had done this last season how much flack they would have gotten…
    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but nice point. I do need to ask if you still think Pierre Garcon is top 5 receiver?

  91. The NFL should do what the NCAA does. On a first down, stop the clock so the refs have time to move the chains.

  92. I just cannot see how it had any effect on the outcome of the game at all. Was it an error? You bet and potentially a huge error had it had an effect on the outcome of the game.

    I was at the game last night….remember, the Redskins had no timeouts. Even if there was no error do you really think they were going to do something other than pass the ball in that situation with it being under two minutes and no timeouts? They would have still passed the ball anyways. Also, the Redskins did ultimately convert the 4th down as Garcon was well past the line. But not for Garcon not holding onto the ball, the Redskins could have continued their drive.

    Triplette also clearly signalled 3rd down and I saw this from section 203 which means that Shanahan and his son should have seen the head referee clearly signalling third down.

    Furthermore, it was not close to being a first down. Had it been even close enough for a measurement, play would have been stopped for a measurement. This argument makes the least sense to me and Shanahan used this in his comments and alluded to the fact that it could have been a first down. He was only asking for a measurement in that case because his team had no timeouts left… was very clear that the ball was a yard if not more short of the mark to gain. We could all see that from section 203 so if Shanny could not see that from the field then maybe he needs his vision checked.

    Ultimately the error had no impact on the outcome of the game and anyone saying that “it could” have is not based on fact. There are lots of what if’s in a football game and the NFL is lucky that this ended the way that it did instead of the error actually having an impact on the game…..ultimately a turnover ended this game, not an error by the officials

  93. bears0492 says: Dec 2, 2013 12:22 AM

    Officials should most definitely be subject to fines and suspensions based on performance. How else can they be held accountable?

    The Redskins got screwed on this one for sure. Giants and Rams fans everywhere are rejoicing at the awful officiating at the end of that game.

    Not really. I have been on the other side of such officiating. Only loser fans (Eagles, Skins, Dallas, Panthers, Patriots) rejoice with such. However, the Skins’ first score came after Griffin was stopped by Beason on 4th down. Giants ball. Skins instead go and score 6.

  94. And here I thought the replacement ref’s Larry, Moe n Curly were not in the league anymore. Seems like they have a hand in a lot of games this year.

  95. 2013 Stats
    RGIII – 3039 Yards , 60.9 Comp. %, 15 TD, 11 INT, 83.3 Passer Rating

    Luck – 2793 Yards, 58.1 Comp. %, 15 TD, 8 INT, 82.4 Passer Rating

    Everyone is on Griffin’s back for having a bad year whereas the exact opposite is true for Luck. Griffin’s ‘bad year’ is better than Luck’s good year but no one talks about that. Atleast we can finally put this debate over which one is better to rest.

  96. Has the NFL asked refs to pick up their pace along with the teams that want to go no-huddle and fast? Why the refs didn’t call a time-out and get the down right at first is beyond me.

  97. The Redskins were definitely hosed on the mixup with the first down yardage, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the third down play was a unforced dropped pass and the fourth down pass was cleanly stripped from Garcon. No referee mistakes there.

    So, Redskin fans, cry away but you had the first down, TWICE, if your receivers take care of the ball.

  98. Will there be any consequences from this for the refs to face just like it is for the players or will it be swept under the rug like it always is for the refs?
    I have a feeling it’s for the latter.

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