Report: Percy Harvin had cortisone injection in hip over the weekend


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll didn’t officially rule wide receiver Percy Harvin out of Monday night’s game over the weekend, but he talked about Harvin as if he’d already concluded that the receiver would have to sit because of his injured hip.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that Harvin, who is listed as doubtful, went to see doctors this weekend to have the hip examined and that he had a cortisone injection in an attempt to calm things down in the hip. It’s the second time that Harvin’s hip has flared up since he returned to practice October and he needed to have it drained the first time around.

All of which makes it almost certain that we won’t see Harvin against the Saints on Monday night in a game that can all but sew up home field in the playoffs for the Seahawks with a victory. It also means that his status for Week 14 against the 49ers is going to be up in the air until late this week as the Seahawks try to see if Harvin’s a player they can count on for anything this season.

At 10-1, the Seahawks can obviously handle things without Harvin in the lineup but it would make life easier to know what you’re getting rather than engage in weekly guessing games.

27 responses to “Report: Percy Harvin had cortisone injection in hip over the weekend

  1. not sure this is too surprising. He did have major hip surgery. The fact that it’s taking time to recover should be expected. It’s too bad it’s not happening as quickly as people hoped but that’s how it goes.

  2. Wow logical, you’d be the last person I thought that’s be bashing recievers. Skins aiming to send the top overall pick to the rams? Skins are 3-9 and far from contending. Everyone knows they’ll just be worse next year.
    I’d start tavarius Jackson on my team any day over rg3. Go back under your bridge, and don’t post again till the draft, so we can all laugh at you.


  3. I don’t know if Pete thought he was being cute or something by having Percy debut against his old team, but it looks pretty dumb now and it’ll look much worse if they lose.

  4. @seatownballers……dang. you owned him. He doesn’t understand that his over the top act has just worn too thin. God’s team indeed. Lol

  5. logicalvoicesays:

    I would much rather have Russell Wilson than RG3-9.

    And to think, your team could have had Wilson in the second round last year, and kept three #1 picks.


  6. I loved Harvin when he played here in Minnesota, but it was a shrewd move to trade him to Seattle, for a number of reasons. I certainly hope he recovers fully because he is a game changer. I remember Bo Jackson was never the same after his hip problems. Might be apples and oranges, though.

  7. lightcleric says: Dec 2, 2013 11:47 AM

    I don’t know if Pete thought he was being cute or something by having Percy debut against his old team, but it looks pretty dumb now and it’ll look much worse if they lose.
    Seattle is 9-1 without Harvin. Should he have sat the Vikings game? I say yes. Only because it would have given him another two weeks of resting/rehab. But, he played. Seattle’s receivers have shown they’re more than adequate to do the job.

    If Seattle loses against the Saints, it won’t be because Harvin, who played limited snaps in one game out of eleven, isn’t playing in this one.

  8. They need to just save that hip for the playoffs. Seattle can win their remaining games without him, and they can do it convincingly without him. Wilson is the truth. Lynch is all-universe. The recievers that are healthy are playing well and making big catches. The defense is still filthy even without WT and BB. Offensive line back together again. This team is loaded and ready to win now.

  9. That AIN’T good. My doc gave me a shot in my elbow last week, however, cautioned this medication can only be given very sparingly, as it can foul up tendons and or ligaments, I forget exactly which one. The point was, it can’t be used much, before it makes things a bit worse. I hope this works, because if not, what is the next step? It is obvious that he should have been held out until the playoffs, if not next year.

  10. I’m hoping my niners didn’t do the same with Crabtree. I’m sure we could’ve beat the Rams without him. We have a pretty big game this week. So hopefully that was a warm up.

  11. The last time I got a cortisone shot it was for Plantar Fasciitis and it burns like hell to get the shot. Good luck to a game changer

  12. Money and Turbo will get the job done tonight against the Saints. Against a tough defense like N.O., I wouldn’t want to gamble with Harvin’s structural problems.

    Note to Earl Thomas: Next week when we play the 9ers, no grabbing Davis’s Hoo Ha. He doesn’t like it.

  13. Percy is awesome when he is on the field, but I have to say that as a Vikings fan I don’t mind not having the soap opera. Week to week, you never know if he is banged up or if he is pissed off at someone.

    Am I saying I am happy he is gone? No. He can change games, and my team is really bad this year. But the fact we drafted Xavier Rhodes with the pick we got for him, who is looking like he could be our #1 corner for years to come, and I think it is an OK trade long-term.

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