Rex Ryan: I believe in Geno

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Geno Smith and David Garrard let the cat out of the bag about Smith starting against the Raiders this week early on Monday and coach Rex Ryan confirmed it during his afternoon press conference.

“I’m going to go with Geno as our quarterback,” Ryan said, via the team’s website. “I believe in Geno. I think he has the tools to be a good quarterback in this league.”

Seth Walder of the New York Daily News reports that Ryan also said that he’s impressed by Smith’s perseverance and that he’s “just waiting for him to have a great game.” Smith’s had one of those so far in his rookie season and it came in the first week of October. Since then, Smith has thrown one touchdown and 11 interceptions while completing just 29 passes over his last four starts. Given all of that, it’s probably best that Ryan not hold his breath while he’s waiting for that game to unspool itself.

Ryan also said that General Manager John Idzik and others are involved in the decision, which could provide some insight into Ryan’s future with the team. While none of the Jets’ quarterback options or skill position players offere them a particularly bright outlook, sticking with Smith through this hellish patch of play isn’t really a move that fits with a coach desperate to start winning games.

It may have nothing to do with that since Ryan himself said that watching tape of Smith and Matt Simms from Sunday does neither guy any favors, but the question of whether Ryan will be around in 2014 will move front and center as the Jets’ playoff chances make their exit.

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  1. The whole organization stinks. Ryan needs to go. So sorry for the fan base. It just keeps getting worse.

  2. Any truth to the rumor that the chairs in the Jets film study room come stocked with air sickness bags, just like on actual jets?

  3. U Said That Bout Sanchez Too And Look Where It got You
    Mr. Johnson Please Clean House Ya Fans Deserve Better, Fireman Ed Deserves Better
    The Offense Needs To Be Torn Down And Rebuilt Completely Geno Is Down Field Throwing Qb hence “THE JETS NEED A Vertical Down The field 3-5 WRs Set Offense Not That Dink-Donk boring offense Geno Has A Strong Arm use It!!! Geno Smith’s problem is he needs too learn accuracy if he get some accuracy he will be dangeruos and also he needs too bulk up he very small “chad pennington small” tim for geno too hit the weight room,class room “too learn how too read defenses and get some accuracy”

  4. This is why he’ll never be a good head coach…
    He falls in love with QBs & doesn’t know when its time to mix things up…

    I’m not saying Matt is the answer, because the whole NOFFENSE is atrocious over the last 3 weeks… but you have to give another guy a chance. Maybe Geno can rebound for next season…

  5. There are 31 other teams that COMMEND Rex’ys beliefs.

    Go with Geno..please.

    Can only help to continue what you have built….Beat NE once every 2-3 years, and that is biggest accomplishment you could hope for…YOUR very own Super Bowl.

    Happy 45th anniversary jet fans.

  6. bye bye Rex

    your guy Sanchex flopped

    your next guy Geno don’t look much better

    I have never seen a first time head coach survive to successive 1st round QB pick failures

    if you do then you got pictures on the Woodmaster

    sayonara Rexy Ryan san

  7. They shouldn’t write off Geno before he has a legit chance. The offense is just bad. They need a real offensive coordinator and some reasonable weapons.

  8. I never liked Geno…but ANY QB in a Rex Ryan coached team is in a BAD place…

    Apple does not fall far from the tree..his dad SUCKED at offense

  9. A Definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    Go ahead Jets organization, keep starting Geno.

    Just know you’ll have no idea if Simms should have a roster spot held for him next year.

  10. He believed Dee Milliner would be the best rookie CB by the end of the season too!!!

    Even went as far to guarantee it.

    Well i have a guarantee

    Rex Ryan will be one of the best defensive coordinators available next year.


    A postage stamp was 5 cents.

    An average house cost $24,700.

    Average wage was $5,572.

    The Dow Jones was at 985.

    A new car cost $2,822.

    A gallon of gas was 34 cents.

    Total Federal spending was $174 billion.

    There were 100 million less Americans.

    Looks like those 45 years going to continue…love it.

  12. He’s right that both QBs looked terrible Sunday.

    The difference is that one has gotten first team reps all year and has much more game experience. Shouldn’t he look a lot better than a guy who rarely gets on the field and gets little to no reps in practice?

    How about they see what Sims can do with a full week of work with the first team, and coming in at the beginning of a game when he can actually execute the game plan, not when his team is already down two or three touchdowns and the defense knows he pretty much has to throw it.

  13. Many of the comments on this thread don’t seem to get it…if you read what is being said, and you have any idea how organizations work, IDZIK has been and is telling Ryan to continue to play Smith, so that they will know for sure what to do regarding drafting another QB or not come April (or trading for one)…the organization considers that much more important than knowing what do do about Simms come 2014…whether Ryan would do that on his own with no direction from above is a hypothetical question, but the issue will ultimately be whether Idzik convinces Johnson to fire Ryan despite Ryan following orders re Smith…

  14. i feel people conveniently forget that Simms is an undrafted rookie, and was an undrafted rookie for a reason. and just because hes the back up QB hes the most popular guy in town right now.

    i know Geno’s looked like dog doo recently but i was at the game on sunday and trust me, simms didnt do anything that made you think he could be the guy

    same old Jets, baby.

  15. Rex, Sanchez came close to costing you your job, Geno WILL cost you your job. I think you know you’re gone at the end of the season, especially with what this team is showing, they’re actually getting worse every week, instead of better.

  16. I believe in Geno Smith said Rex Ryan, who then went on to point out that he also believes in –

    The Tooth Fairy
    The Easter Bunny
    The Great Pumpkin

    and that Santa would be bringing him a whole new Oline when he came down the chimney for Christmas

  17. Too bad Rex won’t be around to see what happens with Geno next season. The poor front office decisions are going to cost Rex his job.

    Happy 45th Jets fans and as the current roster stands we know the Silver Anniversary will be celebrated in five years.

    J ust
    E nded
    T he
    S eason

    gNO and the jests!!!!!!!!!

  18. Geno “can’t make a play” Smith
    (First name optional because his last name is)SIMMS!!!!
    Mark “Crippled Crusader” Sanchez
    “and with the third selection in the 2014 NFL draft…”

    I love the jest. the gift that keeps on giving!

  19. This sucks. We are really screwed because he’s going to get himself fired with this move & our defense is the only thing we have going for us… And its not like he’s going to revert to being the Jets defensive coordinator next season… This is very very very bad!!!

  20. The problem is Izdik that idiot should have drafted Robert Wood in the second round when receiver was a need and not a quarterback. We could have lived with Sanchez for one more year.

    Izdik then doesn’t resign Keller which hurts now. Really I am so tired of this organization making bad decisions. We know how Kyle Brady worked out instead of Sapp and O’Brien instead of Marino. I could sit here and make a list being a jet fan is a lifelong sentence of being your tortured.

  21. It’s really depressing being a jets fan. I can just pray we can get a competent coach next season, I have confidence in Idzik but I would of liked Keller back or Slauson.

  22. Smart move. Might as well see what the kid has. I mean it ain’t like he’s played most of the game this year? Oh, sorry he did play most of the game this year.
    I still say he will have a career of 5 passes to every interception.

  23. nyrmania2 says:

    The problem is Izdik that idiot

    That’s what you get when the first 10 or so people they tried to get for the job turn it down. No competent GM was going to take that position when they were going to have Rex Ryan shoved down their throat as HC.

    Fans of every other team can only hope Dumb and Dumber manage to convince Woody Johnson to keep them on for one more year. The tremendous amusement value they have for the rest of the league is priceless.

  24. I feel so sorry for my son and all the rest of the Jet’s fans, with Ryan as a coach your poor team would seem to be cursed. Not really sure which is worse, the coach or the cast of qb’s they seem to field.

  25. Excellent decision and belief value Rex. After all, Geno is just a Rookie and should be provided ample opportunity to compete and showcase his prodigious talents.


    Dolphin Fans everywhere

  26. Geno looked horrible yesterday, and he may as well have stayed in. The Jets suck and they were not going to win, no matter who was out there.
    They were pathetic, I don’t think I have seen such horrible playing in the first half for a long time.

  27. Giant fan. In all fairness he has zero help. Maybe less then zero. And he is a rookie. I think we were all spoiled by last years draft.also he was taken in the second round, not the first. Takes 3 years. Look at Aikmans first 2 years stats.

  28. He is the only one in the planet who feels that way. The only one!

    as akon would say,”lonely im so lonely I have no body to…..” well u get the point.

    or another one for Rex:

    1 is loneliest number that you’ll ever do.

    or how bout
    1 huh ggod y’all, what is it good for, absolutely nothing.

    I replaced war with the number 1 there.

  29. Read that Idzik told Ryan that Geno is the QB for the rest of the year. Obviously Ryan is gone after this year and is now just saying what he is told to say on his way out.

  30. Rex should do a DNA test on Geno to make sure he is the guy they drafted.

    Now we know why Geno sat there with a stupid look on his face on draft day.

    If anyone thinks Geno will come around some day, they are crazy. Geno looks like a guy who has never played football in his life. It is like they took some guy who never even heard of football, gave him a jersey and said “You are my guy at QB. I have faith in you. You have the tools to be a great QB”. LOL

  31. “I believe in Geno.” And Rex I wholeheartedly believe that you will be out of a job by new years day. But fear not there will be plenty of teams dying to make you a coordinator again.

  32. Smith has been figured out and doesn’t surprise anyone anymore.

    Much like Terrell Pryor.

    They’re two athletes that have been disguised as QB’s, but they’re not.

  33. You know having come from the NY area,,,I know the “people”. Can somebody,,,ANYBODY please explain to me why this CLOWN show continues? Why is the head “ass Clown” ryan still there? He should have been fired 3 years ago,,,when he was shown prostituting his wife on websites,,,This toe sucking BOZO is simply not qualified to be a coach….Look they got a big smoochie present from the REFS in The PATS game…(WHAT A GIMME). They got another in earlier in the season,,to win the same way…(last play of the game,,roughing,, allowed them to kick a FG as time expired),,,,this team SUCKS,,,With the coach leading the clown parade

  34. More classic “doublespeak” by a sports coach.

    “I believe in Geno Smith”……….. – Tell me, what does that REALLY mean? You sound like you are supporting his future with the team, but at the same time, it allows you to move on if needed with no lookback.


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