Santonio Holmes, Kellen Winslow don’t play much for Jets

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The Jets offense was dreadful again on Sunday, leading to a change at quarterback and a third straight loss that all but snuffed out whatever playoff dreams might have still been lingering in their heads.

That loss came without much participation from wide receiver Santonio Holmes and tight end Kellen Winslow as neither veteran saw much time at all during the game. Afterwards, Winslow, who had three catches on Sunday, said that he doesn’t “know how to feel” about a role that was dropping before his four-game PED suspension and has diminished even more upon his return other than to say that it isn’t “my place” to lobby for more playing time.

“My job is to make plays. When my number is called, I make plays,” Winslow said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “And when it’s not I try and help other guys and that’s all I can do. Some things you just can’t control and I don’t know what to say.”

Holmes was listed as questionable with the hamstring injury that has bothered him for most of the season, but the Jets gave no indication that he’d be limited to playing on just two snaps on Sunday. Holmes said after the game that the team’s coaches hadn’t told him their plans to cut his playing time to the bone, but said he “can’t go against the coaches at all.” Still, it’s curious why they’d bother to dress Holmes without any plans to play him.

The Jets’ offense might not be anything to write home about even with a fully healthy Holmes and Winslow playing bigger roles in the offense, but it would almost certainly be a better one than what we’ve seen for much of this season. Geno Smith bears the brunt of the blame as the quarterback and he deserves much of the criticism he receives, but the Jets have so little talent at the skill positions that there aren’t too many quarterbacks who would thrive in the same situation.

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  1. We know he’s a great defensive coach but how many more chances is ownership going to give Rex to prove he can function as a head coach? Time to start forgetting about his first two years and start looking at his last three.

  2. They both played early , Geno sucked out loud as is tradition and Rex took out the guys with health problems to avoid further injury knowing the game was out of hand …How is this a story? oh wait it’s the Jets so everytime someone breathes it’s a story….That offense makes most high school teams look like HOF’ers and there is no savior on that roster they’ve won with defense and have no chance until they get some playmakers so enough with the stupid stories!

  3. The jets need to have a good offense oriented draft in 2014 and to fix the secondary in free agency and they can make the playoffs in 2014-15.

    I believe it will be done John Idzik seems to know what hes doing, Winslow is a talent and so is Holmes and its up to the coaches to properly utilize them and they haven’t. To put this mess on Idzik is just stupid. Geno was regarded as the top QB prospect and he was there in the second round and Manuel was already off the board why wouldn’t we take him?

    The scouting staff is completely different and Bradway has an office job. On that note, hang in there jet fans once Rex Ryan is gone we will see the light because this defense will be good for years no matter who is coaching.

  4. Don’t really care for Rex but Geno is Isdiks guy. You can bet your bippie Rex will be the one to take the fall for it.

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