Tajh Boyd accepts Senior Bowl invitation


Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd has agreed to take part in the Senior Bowl, the bowl game announced via Twitter on Monday afternoon.

Boyd, who’s listed at 6-foot-1 and 225 pounds, has thrown for 3,473 yards with 29 TDs and nine interceptions in his final season with Clemson. He has completed 67.6 percent of his passes, and he has added 273 yards rushing on 134 attempts.

Regarded as the top all-star game for NFL Draft prospects, the Senior Bowl will be held Saturday, January 25 in Mobile, Alabama. Game-week practices, which draw considerable interest from NFL team personnel, begin on Monday, January 20.

Boyd, Fresno State’s Derek Carr and Georgia’s Aaron Murray are the first three quarterbacks to accept Senior Bowl invites. However, Murray figures to miss the game after suffering an ACL tear on November 23 vs. Kentucky.

Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter has also been invited to the Senior Bowl, but he’ll be working as a wide receiver, according to the bowl game.

7 responses to “Tajh Boyd accepts Senior Bowl invitation

  1. Most over rated player in college football.

    I love it, he is the greatest QB in Clemson history, and has more INT’s than TD passes against SC, and been sacked 16 times in 4 meetings, going 0-4.

    We see who he really is against legit competition.

  2. The Minnesota Vikings have now been decided as the symbol of greatness. The Minnesota Vikings are a franchise that has dominated for decades with a .538 overall winning percentage to prove it, ranked #3 in the league worldwide. The NFL has recently scammed the Vikings out of multiple Super Bowl rings because they envy our greatness, jealousy like this prevents the Vikings from this, but we will succeed. The impending Vikings dynasty will soon follow, multiple Super Bowl rings will be coming our way and our greatness will be shown worldwide.

    Many of you so called “haters” will say this is not true, but haters are known to envy greatness. Martin Luther King is a great example of a person who resembles the Vikings organization, he changed the world and was hated for it, but people recognize him for greatness

    The Minnesota Vikings are the prototypical franchise. We are the Lambourghini of cars, the iPhones of cellular devices, The Kate Uptons of females, and our presence can be felt worldwide by our profound greatness. We are the boat floating proudly on your favorite teams tears, sailing to multiple championships.

  3. nowillrepeat, the most overrated player in football isn’t Manziel? An undersized, slightly more accurate, Tim Tebow with poor character and none of the other intangibles that has been nicknamed “Johnny Football”. How is that even possible?

  4. Tajh Boyd’s rookie contract will have to be approved by Connor Shaw, who currently owns him

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