Vernon Davis: T.J. McDonald grabbed my groin, wouldn’t let go


San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis caught four passes for 82 yards on Sunday, but what everyone wanted to ask him about afterward was the condition of his groin.

Actually, not quite the groin — it was something close to the groin that Rams safety T.J. McDonald appeared to grab while tackling Davis on one of those four catches. Davis confirmed after the game that he was grabbed by the genitals, that he screamed for McDonald to let go, and that McDonald held on.

“I’m still thinking about it. I can feel it,” Davis said. “It was a crossing route, I made the play and as soon as I got my hands on the ball, [McDonald] was grabbing me right there in that space, that area, and I kept telling him, ‘Let go, get off me, get off me,’ and he wouldn’t let me go.”

The video of the play backs Davis up: McDonald grabbed and didn’t let go. The officials didn’t throw a flag, but the league office may have something to say about it. It was a dirty play by McDonald.