Vernon Davis would like to suggest a new rule

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After being tackled in a way no man wants to be tackled yesterday, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis had an idea.

Specifically, he thinks the maneuver Rams safety T.J. McDonald used to bring him down should be illegal.


It’s a hard position to argue against, although it would be entertaining to be a fly on the wall when the owners meet to see who, ahem, raises the suggestion.

Of course, Davis should probably consider himself fortunate. He could have been Andre Ellington.

And that would have created a problem that a weave wouldn’t fix.

47 responses to “Vernon Davis would like to suggest a new rule

  1. Goodell made a rule about making sure making sure that the bop shh bops shh bops weren’t helmet to helmet….

    Now perhaps a rule about getting tackled by the ramalamadingdong?!!

  2. It would be really cruel if the tackler got fined and then protested that he “got the short end of the stick – twice!”

  3. The man does have a point,…er,…so to speak. But does he or anyone actually believe that McDonald grabbed onto “it” deliberately? Was it that prominent for the Rams safety to target? Maybe Davis, just wants to go back to the Kam Chancellor method of hitting receivers?

    So owners, time to own up to forbidding the,…er,…manhood from being targeted for tackling purposes. During the game anyway.

  4. When he shows up on the injury report he can whine more about it. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people that got seriously hurt even yesterday that would trade places with Davis today.

  5. agree with mehetmet, wear a cup and the problem is solved without creating yet another rule for the officials. Also, I’m sure Sami Salo would disagree that this was the most painful thing ever.

  6. Does Vernon Davis ever stop whining? I mean, c’mon man! From Harbaugh to the players, it’s one big drama queen brew-ha-ha every week. Enough….. get out there and win the old fashion way, and stop whining for heaven sakes.

  7. And it would be called as the “Vernon Rule” like the “Brady rule” added to the rulebook that a defender cannot go low on a QB.

  8. The seachickens would object to that being considered a “tainted urine sample” as it would be impossible to determine who’s hands were choking the chicken.

  9. Clearly, if any of you silly posters ever played a down of football, you would know it is nearly impossible to wear a cup and perform at a high level.

    It is very difficult, without a good deal of painful chafing and overall discomfort, to run, cut, jump, etc when wearing one – not to mention the failure of protection if its even a wee-bit off-center.

    So, enough with the ‘wear a cup’ BS suggestions. Wear one the next time you do a 2 hr workout at the gym and tell me how your inner thighs feel.


  10. These guys play Pro Football and don’t wear cups ?

    I thought the same thing when RGFragileEgo got kicked in the nuts recently. Why wasn’t he wearing a cup.

    That said, simple solution that needs no new rule. When that play happened in the game my first reaction was that defender was going to get an unsportsmanlike conduct or personal foul penalty and was very surprised when it wasn’t called.

  11. @pascalswager42

    So your saying that some of the worlds best athletes who often play through horrible injuries and pain can’t adjust to wearing a cup? I completely agree that wearing a cup isn’t fun, but neither is getting hit in the junk.

  12. I highly doubt it hurt. McDonald tackled his hips, and his arm snaked down to the inner thigh. He completed his tackle. Not really a big deal. I’m 100% positive Vernon is not the first guy to be tackled in such a fashion. Also it’s why they invented jock straps. To hold the holy trinity high and tight.

  13. @pascal – It only chafes and slides around when there’s nothing behind it holding it in place.

  14. @pascalswager42

    You obviously have never played football…it’s stupid not to wear a cup and it’s just part of the uniform/pads. If you’ve ever been hit in the nads you would know that.

    The fact that Davis is whining about being stupid is amusing.

  15. @kmartinson It’s obvious you have never played football. Name one pro player that wears a cup.
    That’s what I thought.

  16. Oh come on now…@kmartinson and @wjarvis…

    How many elite athletes outside of the baseball infield and the ice use a cup on a regular basis?

    Getting jacked in the midsection is – thankfully – a rare occasion. Even in violent sport.

    I played 9 years of organized tackle football through being a walk-on in college, and I experienced very few fellow players (i can only remember 2) who ever wore a cup for a game – and they were lineman. Nor were cups EVER required by any team or league I ever played for/in, and you aren’t flagged for not having one (like you can in HS/College for not wearing proper equipment).

    I wore a jock strap all the time to keep things tucked away and protected, but never a cup, and I was only jacked in the groin once in practice that I remember.

    Maybe I was just lucky?

    If the risk were greater I would have dealt with raw thighs and awkward running. But it simply wasn’t.

  17. Its so hilarious how every niner article there is a niner fan who spins his comment onto trying to make a joke about the seahawks. Jealousy at its finest. Just can’t stop thinking about the top dog.


  18. @pascalwager42

    I played hockey longer than football, and was thankful for my cup on many occasions. As you say there is a much less risk in not wearing a cup in football than hockey though.

    Players have the choice to wear a cup, it is a trade off of protection vs comfort. If players don’t want to wear a cup, they don’t have to and I don’t think they need to be mandatory. However, I also don’t think you can complain about getting hit in junk if you choose not to wear one.

    My major point is the NFL doesn’t need a new rule, especially when there is already a solution available.

    I also believe that NFL players could adjust to wearing a cup if they wanted to, without significantly impacting their abilities.

  19. Not sure why Vernon keeps dangling this subject out there?

    Maybe he wants to get to the long and short of it.

  20. socalavsfan | Dec 2, 2013, 4:44 PM CST
    Pretty sure that was a clear horse collar tackle..

    Roughing the pisser are good funny stuff… You Seattle whiner is brutal stuff. 15 minute in your basement lights off penalty.

    Knock it off… Really, the martyr business is getting old.

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