William Moore bracing for yet another fine

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Falcons safety William Moore ought to be celebrating today, after helping the Falcons to a rare win.

Instead, he’s bracing for yet another fine, which will add to a hefty bill for the year.

Moore was flagged for leading with his head on Bills wide receiver Robert Woods, which is certain to draw some more mail from the league.

“As every other hit, I don’t know until I watch it on film,” Moore said, via Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com. “Y’all seen it better than I did. I didn’t watch replay. It’s just happened so quick. And I guess I got to go appeal it, as every other one.”

He’s been fined $74,550 for four previous hits this season, raising the possibility of the kind of recidivism punishment that’s been doled out to Dashon Goldson and Michael Griffin lately.

That possibility comes at a time when he ought to be feeling good, after forcing the fumble in overtime that allowed the Falcons to win on the road.

4 responses to “William Moore bracing for yet another fine

  1. How has there been zero coverage on the hit hat weatherspoon had on manueal that knocked him out a play. he got flagged for leading with the crown of his helmate, showing how much of a whimp league this is turning into. good clean football hit all the way around.

  2. Darin, W. Moore just got paid $8M in March, so I don’t think he’s worried about the fines. He’s celebrating the win. This (the head hunting and dirty play) is probably part of his game plan; and the fines are just part of it. The league needs to get very serious and soon. Money fines are not enough. He’s already been paid. The league is at fault for allowing this crap.

  3. Does the league “need” the income from the fines? If not, I’d suggest that they go to a different form of penalty for provably bad play (provable beyond the call of a ref, who “really didn’t see it at the best angle”). How about mandatory benching of a player in the next game? That means, the loss of his services to his team, and the loss of stats that might be meaningful for his next job.

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