A week later, the Browns sign Caleb Hanie


With a quarterback situation that seems to get more and more ridiculous by the week, the Browns had to make another move.

According to Jeff Dickerson of ESPNChicago.com, the Browns signed Caleb Hanie to fill out the depth chart. The former Bears and Broncos backup has been out of the league since he was cut by the Ravens this summer.

Hanie worked out for the Browns a week ago, before they went with trick-shot artist Alex Tanney.

Those two could end up competing for playing time, not just a roster spot, this week. While Jason Campbell has been cleared for exercise after his concussion a week ago, he hasn’t been cleared for practice yet. And with Brandon Weeden concussed as well, the Browns are scrambling at quarterback.


15 responses to “A week later, the Browns sign Caleb Hanie

  1. This guy is trash!!! And the Browns think hes a better option then Tim Tebow??… This is why the Browns will always be the arm pit of the AFC North!!!

  2. wishingtonredslur says:Dec 3, 2013 9:57 AM

    You can’t blame Weedon for that last loss, he put up points, make a stop.

    Well he did throw two interceptions and lose a fumble, so……

  3. wishingtonredslur says:
    Dec 3, 2013 9:57 AM
    You can’t blame Weedon for that last loss, he put up points, make a stop.

    The Browns time of possession and turnover ratio are both 28th worst in the league. The offense kills the defense.

  4. Man, what rough luck. The Browns may be having a poor season, but find me any team that could have survived the injuries they have had at quarterback.

  5. I can’t believe the Browns didn’t and haven’t signed Tebow. Hanie? come on.

    I have come to the conclusion that teams are scared to bring in Tebow not because of the circus, but because he might actually win and they would have to deal with the idea (and fanbase) wanting him to be the starter for the 2014 season. NO TEAM wants to build around Tebow.

  6. I still don’t know why Cleveland homers are giving that offensive line a free pass.

    The Cleveland O-Line have given up the 2nd most sacks in the NFL.

    The Cleveland O-Line has allowed the most hits on the quaterback in the NFL.

    A terrible O-Line combined with receivers that are 3rd in NFL in dropped passes make quarterback’s job very difficult.

    Cleveland’s O-Line and receivers are so bad that Jason Campbell…. a CAREER 62% completion quarterback…. completion percentage dropped to 56% when he joined the Browns.

  7. Trashing the O-Line just tells me you aren’t watching the game. Weeden has (or at least had) the slowest release, more than any other QB in the NFL. Hoyer on the other hand had the quickest release. So, with Weeden, the O-Line is terrible yet with Hoyer they were amazing?

    The Browns need more than just a QB. However, if we did have a decent QB all year I bet we would at least still have a chance at the playoffs. Now the only thing to be excited about is next years draft position, as usual.

    Go Browns!

  8. To everyone who is questioning why they didnt sign Tebow? The answer is easy. Same reason no other NFL team has taken a shot at Tebow, he is not a good QB. I am not defending that Caleb Hainie is any better, but at 4-8 and now onto their 4th starting QB of the year, why would the Browns front office want to bring in the ridiculous media circus that travels wherever Tebow does? Just to be in the spotlight showing everyone that the season has come to bringing in Tebow to QB the team? No, you all are ridiculous for calling for his name. We have seen what he can do before, and with the exception of a fluke win vs the Steelers in the playoffs, he hasnt showed us anything special in the NFL. If Bellicheck and the Pats couldnt find a place for him, nobody can. Move onto coaching or broadcasting or whatever your heart desires Timmy.

    Right now the Browns need to focus on getting through the rest of the season without any more significant injuries to thier key players. I am not one for tanking and as a Browns fan I want them to go out and play hard and try to win week in and week out. See what you have with the players that you now have on the team. Who knows Tanney could be a decent player or he could be Weeden 2.0.

    And for whoever said that Weeden didnt lose that game? Yes he put up points, mostly due to Josh Gordon catching everything that comes his way and making plays. The 95 yd td catch and run by Gordon, would have been either a drop or just a simple 1st down by any other receiver out there on our squad. You forget the fact that he had 3 turnovers in a 3 minute span, which led to Jacksonville scores, so yes the redheaded wonder did lose the game for us.

    So I ask all of you fellow Browns fans, hang on for 4 more games and hope that we can spoil some playoff hopes for the rival steelers, the bears and jets. And lets have some faith in the front office and hope that they can turn this thing around come Draft Day.


  9. How many teams has Hanie been with now?

    Seriously, that should be included whenever there is another story about these “Around the League in 80 Games” QBs sign with a new team.

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