Aaron Rodgers to have tests on broken collarbone today


Maybe Packers coach Mike McCarthy just wanted to wait to have a press conference until he had something to say.

The Packers should find out more about the future of quarterback Aaron Rodgers today, as he’s having another round of scans to determine how much his broken left collarbone has healed, according to Ed Werder of ESPN.

That will go a long way toward clearing up some of the mixed reports about his future which emerged over the weekend.

If the bone has healed enough for him to take a shot and play, Rodgers has indicated that he wants to get back out there, regardless of record. But today’s tests should tell him whether playing this weekend against the Falcons is medically responsible, or wishful thinking for him and the 5-6-1 Packers.

29 responses to “Aaron Rodgers to have tests on broken collarbone today

  1. Huge Packers fan here…but time to face reality…

    let Rodgers heal…call it a season….

    draft Eric Ebron to replace J-Mike

  2. Love or Hate the rules protecting QB’s….this is an example why its sort of a good thing. No one wants to see top 10 teams running out guys like Tolzien and Flynn on gameday. It’s not good for anyone.

  3. Sadly, the Packers have been exposed as a pretty bad team that was only being made competitive by the talent of Rodgers. Unless a massive overhaul is done, especially to their terrible defense, they won’t be winning anything any time soon, and Rodgers has probably already won his last title.

  4. Doubtful he plays this season, which is a shame, even the most doubtful playoff chance you should still give it your 100 percent. No matter what he would have 7 months to heal any re-injury possibilities.

  5. Ooooooh nooooooo! I am wanting more Matt Flynn behind another shaky O-Line, not ARodgers!

    Gimme a Tolzien fix while you’re at it, too!

  6. Even if the results are positive – does MM send Rodgers out there with that O-line?

    The team has no fight in it. They’ve shut down for the season.

    In the last 4 games – Lacy has averaged about 55 yards per game while the Packer defense has allowed an average of 180 yards rushing per game.

    Shut him down and hopefully (for the Packer faithful) TT will actually try and spend some of the Packer fake stock money and sign some players in the off season (assuming he has cap space available after Rodgers $$$’s).

  7. Nobody in the NFC is beating Seattle this year anyway. As a Packer fan I’d rather see Rodgers sit the rest of the season. Take advantage of the down year and retool with higher draft picks.

  8. Remember when the top GB troll would post “Green Bay has the best running game in the NFC North”.

    Why can’t they just use that to win games?

    Oh yeah, they aren’t the top running game in the north. That would be the Vikings.

    Will Ohhhhh for November turn into Ohhhhh for December too?

  9. Please sit him. This team needs the meltdown and inevitable fan backlash in order for Uncle Teddy and McCounterfit to make any changes. Defense is terrible and OL Coach James Campen shouldn’t even be allowed in the building at this point. He obviously can’t teach or develop so why keep him around. Without Rodgers and Favre before him McCarthy is a joke as an offensive “guru”. Plain and simple.

    I know McCarthy isn’t on the hot seat, this year anyway, but if Gruden would be interested in coming back why not listen.

    5-10-1 and a top 10 pick with numerous holes to fill. Then again, the last top 10 pick Uncle Teddy did pass on Vernon Davis for our perennial All-Pro LB AJ Hawk so who knows.

  10. It is interesting that this team completely self-destructed right after Rodgers got hurt, even the defense. The defense was playing well right up until the injury. If Aaron comes back, and the defense suddenly comes back to life, how strange is that?

    If he is medically cleared to play, then send him out there. If he does further damage to the collarbone, doctors have said he will be fully healed by next season, so why not give it a chance, but only if he is ready to go.

  11. Hate the fans saying shut him down, we need to really crazier things have happened. Super Bowl year ring any bells? If Desean Jackson doesn’t return that punt, we may not make the playoffs, yet we went on to win the Super Bowl. This team is bad, but they could rally around Rodgers, it is all about getting hot at the right time.

  12. Well, if Rodgers is indeed done for the season, the pursuit of a NFL record 14th World Championship will have to wait until next season.

    3 years removed from hoisting their most recent Lombardi Trophy, I’d say the Packers are overdue.

  13. If the break isn’t fully healed it certainly isn’t worth the risk playing with the Pack down 2 games in the playoff race with 4 to play. Then again, if it can’t be re-injured, what the hell — the Lions are fully capable of still screwing up the NFCN title.

  14. I don’t get why there is so much hate for the MM and TT…

    They miss the playoffs for the first time in 4 years and everyone is ready to jump all over them?

    I understand, with the O-line that neither of them can seem to make it work I don’t like the idea of switching 3 positions when ones goes down. TT finds great offensive weapons, and I think he has a decent secondary, but the inexperience is hurting them and maybe they should have kept Woodson.

    I don’t think anyone needs to lose there job yet except MAYBE Capers.

  15. If AR plays the next four games, the Packers will go 4-0 and probably win the division. All their remaining games are winnable and the Lions are pre-programmed to self destruct.

  16. Anyone remember when the cameras zoomed in on Capers falling asleep during a game? I think it was last year. Yea, that sums it all up.

  17. f1restarter says:
    Dec 3, 2013 12:16 PM
    If AR plays the next four games, the Packers will go 4-0 and probably win the division. All their remaining games are winnable and the Lions are pre-programmed to self destruct.

    Quick, tell me what the next winning powerball numbers are LOL

  18. Seattle’s upper echelon now. The packers will need some elite draft classes over the next several years to even sniff a 14th championship. Their time is over.

  19. I’m ok with them sitting him.

    The Packers are obviously a top 5 team with Aaron Rodgers, and adding some quality draft picks to that mix, while getting rid of some lesser talent that will no doubt sign with minnesota, the Packers are primed to make several championship runs.

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