Bengals place Clint Boling on IR, re-sign Dennis Roland

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After he left Sunday’s game with a knee injury, the Bengals thought that left guard Clint Boling was done for the season with a torn ACL.

Tests have been done and doctors have been consulted, but the news isn’t any better for Boling. The Bengals announced Tuesday that he’s been placed on injured reserve, ending his season after 12 games.

The Bengals haven’t said how they’ll replace him. They moved Andrew Whitworth from left tackle to left guard on Sunday, forcing Anthony Collins from right tackle to the other side and Andre Smith into the game at right tackle. With Kevin Zeitler expected back at right guard this weekend, though, the team could opt for a simpler solution and plug Mike Pollak into Boling’s spot.

“I think we have the positions covered, it’s just a matter of how it’ll best suit us,” offensive coordinator Jay Gruden said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Pollak played very well at right guard yesterday. I would hate to just move Zeitler back to right guard and then Whit to left guard and have Pollak be the sixth guy because I think Pollak deserves to play, he’s played very well. Whit played well, AC deserves to play. So we’ve got six guys that are proven guys that can play and then [Tanner] Hawkinson hasn’t played yet, but we feel good about where he is. The good thing is we have options.”

The Bengals also announced that they have re-signed offensive lineman Dennis Roland to fill Boling’s roster spot. Roland was with the team from 2008 through the end of preseason this year and then was quickly brought back for the first three weeks of this season before getting released again.

7 responses to “Bengals place Clint Boling on IR, re-sign Dennis Roland

  1. Get well, Clint.

    Dare I say… Boling wasn’t having a terrible season.

    C Kyle Cook makes guards work much harder.

  2. Now get Cook out of there in favor of Robinson and we will have a very dominant run blocking line…Boling goes out and we put up about 160 yards rushing…Move WHit inside and put Collins at LT and keep it that way! This will put the best 5 olineman on the field and we need this just in time for the playoffs… Run and good defense can take you far.

  3. Trevor Robinsons earned the chance to win a starting role at C when he played last year while Cook was hurt. The offense as a whole went downhill big time when Cook came back from being injured and the Bengals plugged him back in right away. I say Robinson needs another shot because he is much better than Cook. Oh and it was a lot of fun watching Whitworth play at guard. He said he had fun doing it. They should keep him there. The run game hasn’t looked that good in a long while!

  4. Why do I get the feeling that Jay Gruden is going to end up overthinking this?

    Just move Whit to LG, bring Collins in at LT, and be done with it.

  5. You guys who are complaining about Cook…must not remember Eric Ghiaciuc! With a bad center, that offense was miserable for several years after Braham. Team Cook!

  6. Where did the hate for Kyle Cook come into play? I mean really? I swear, some fans whine just to whine. If you all remember correctly, Robinson played in a stretch against some REALLY bad defenses last season. Robinson struggled with Casey Hampton (out of the league now) last season during the Pittsburgh game. Good Lord people… Don’t you think he’d be starting right now if he was better than Cook? Get real…

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