Marcus Mariota staying at Oregon for 2014 season


Many people believe that University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota will have his name called early in the NFL Draft.

Those people will have to wait until at least 2015 to find out if they’re correct. Mariota, a redshirt sophomore who has lit up scoreboards and record books in Oregon’s parade of uniforms over the past two seasons, announced Tuesday that he will return for another year in Eugene.

“It is an honor to be a student at the University of Oregon and to have the opportunity to represent our institution on the football field alongside my teammates,” Mariota said, via the school. “I look forward to earning my degree next year and to the rest of my career at this great University.”

Mariota had been projected to be one of the first two or three quarterbacks off the board next year, which leaves teams to look elsewhere in the collegiate ranks. With the Texans, Jaguars, Jets, Raiders, Browns and Vikings all likely to be in the market for help at the position, you can be sure every nook and cranny will be checked.

47 responses to “Marcus Mariota staying at Oregon for 2014 season

  1. Poor guy, he could have been drafted to a historic team like the Vikings and been in competition for multiple superbowls in the impeding Vikings dynasty.

    I guess Teddy Bridgewater works too.

    Remember in 2014, mark my words!

  2. That will throw a wrench in a bunch of draft boards.

    Best of luck to you next season, Marcus.

    p.s. Don’t end up like Matt Barkley please.

  3. You can never get mad at a player for getting their education.

    The only negatives a guy like Matt Barkley stayed an extra year and lost about 20 million dollars on his contract the following year or if he gets hurt will Oregon compensate him financially?

  4. He figured that he’d have a hard time getting playing time for the next 1000 years if drafted by his old coach Chip Kelly.

  5. He’s better than Bridgewater, Manziel, Mettenberger, McCarron, Boyd, Derek Carr. Kid had a rough 2nd half of the season, I can’t wait for him to light it up in the NFL. Kaepernick 2.0 with a better arm.

  6. Its his decision, if he wants to get his degree and have another chance at a national title, more power to him. I’d expect the debate between him and Jameis Winston to rage on next season for the top pick.

  7. I guess he doesn’t want to end up in Tampa or Jacksonville. Can’t say that I blame him as terrible as they are. I would have liked to see him get picked up by Philly though. Maybe next season.

  8. This guy is getting bad advice somewhere. He’s going no lower than top 5 if he comes out. Who knows what happens next year but the risk far outweighs the reward.

  9. He heard a rumor the Vikings were interested. It was either go back to school, flip hamburgers for a year, or play for the Vikings. Easy choice.

  10. Not to downgrade a degree, but you can earn your degree at age 39…you can’t play QB in the NFL at a high level at that age. The clock is ticking…

  11. Stupid move!!! Football is a risky gig with a short shelf life – even for QBs… He’s risking his health & of course another year for scouts to pick his game apart…smh

  12. It’s insane any way you slice it. He’d get huge money right now. The “degree” agrument is total hogwash. a) he wont NEED a degree and b) he can get one anytime.

    He gets a serious injury next year, he just cost himself millions, whether he makes the NFL or not.

    Ravenswhat is right – he’s getting bad advice.

  13. I’m sure there is no truth to the rumors that an armored car with Nike logos pulled up to Mariota’s house and unloaded several large containers early today.

  14. buckshowalter says: Dec 3, 2013 5:35 PM

    Bravo Marcus, no one can ever take away your degree.
    While it’s good for Oregon he’s staying, he’ll be a junior next year. That’s when he’ll probably leave.

  15. Can you blame him? Chance of getting drafted by the Vikes would force any QB back to school for another year…

  16. The college education.. another great fraud perpetrated on the masses.. and one of little use to a man with skills that can already be marketed for millions

  17. School will always be there for you, your health and football wont. Take the money now and enroll later kid!

  18. The Jets? You think they’re gonna give up on Geno after one year? I suppose it’s possible

  19. Just kidding…it’s commendable to get your degree, but Oregon will always be there…when opportunity knocks… kick the door open! Sure, the duck facility is kid friendly with childish favors such as groovy couches, music, your own barber shop, etc, etc. But, this is surely going to knock his draft stock.

  20. That move paid off for Colt Brennan! Came back for his senior year, got embarrassed in the Sugar Bowl…..NFL stock plummeted. After being cut in the NFL three times without taking a snap, getting released by the UFL, and getting cut before the first preseason game in the CFL….now a backup for a Lingerie Football League team owned by KISS….he would probably advise Marcus to get drafted while hot before you get exposed as a fraud prospect and never play in the pros! Beware! Might wanna get paid now….

  21. He was worried the Vikes would draft him and he’d be relegated to holding clipboard and hearing Frazier say week in and week out “Christian Ponder gives us the best chance to win”

  22. This kid was clearly spooked by the fast downward spiral which the Packers are still on. The kid was worried he would be drafted by that hapless team with no O line. Dont blame him, who would want a broken collarbone?

  23. People rip Clowney for being a fraud and not loving the game (accused of taking it easy to avoid injury and demeened for it) and this guy decides to stay cause he loves the college game and gets ripped too.

    Agree, the degree can be had anytime. No great shakes to “stay for that.” But, then we also make fun of NFL players for being uneducated. This guy decides to get additional education now, instead of at 39 and is ripped for it. Again we want it both ways.

    Financially he is set. If he blows out his knee next year and can’t play, I’m sure there is an insurance policy. Wont pay him what a NFL career would, but I’m sure we’d all take it.
    As for losing millions if his draft spot drops. Again bogus. He is not getting Sam Bradford money if a top 5 pick. The difference comes in contract 2. Example RGIII is making how much more then Russel Wilson now? Under the current trend, Wilson’s second contract will blow away RGIII’s.

    Also wake up… Jax is not looking at the #1 pick any longer and Tampa is happy with their QB.

  24. ratsfoiledagain says:
    Dec 3, 2013 6:51 PM
    buckshowalter says: Dec 3, 2013 5:35 PM

    Bravo Marcus, no one can ever take away your degree.
    While it’s good for Oregon he’s staying, he’ll be a junior next year. That’s when he’ll probably leave.
    He’s a red shirt junior. It’s his actual senior year school wise and will be getting his degree next year.

  25. There is a possibility that he could get drafted by the Jags… but he could also get drafted by the Texans…. sure the Texans are down this year but they are one year removed from 12-4.

    If you’re a young QB coming into the league as a very high draft pick… I’m not sure there is a better situation than Houston will provide this year.

    You get to throw the ball to Andre Johnson and Nuk Hopkins, hand off to Arian Foster, and have an outstanding defense to keep games close if you struggle.

  26. slick50ks says: Dec 3, 2013 6:33 PM

    No competent front office would draft this guy in the first round.

    So apparently he didn’t want to play for the faiders.
    No competent FO would trade two 2nd rounds picks for Alex Smith, make Eric Fisher the first pick in the draft, or count on a double-amputee like Donnie Avery to make a first down.

  27. No competent FO would trade two 2nd rounds picks for Alex Smith, make Eric Fisher the first pick in the draft, or count on a double-amputee like Donnie Avery to make a first down.

    You’re right, raiderapologist. After all, the Raiders’ Front Office would never do anything that foolish.

    1. Carson Palmer; A FIRST and a second quickly turned into a fifth.
    2. First overall pick Jamarcus Russell instead of Calvin Johnson. A selection so awful that the NFL was moved to financially protect owners from themselves.
    3. Last, but not least DHB. What ever you think of Donny Avery, he’s worlds ahead of Heyward-Bey who can’t catch a cold in winter. How was that 9 receptions for a 126 yards rookie season that DHB threw down? that

  28. After reading these comments, just solidifies how screwed up most people are. Greed runs this world, and will end it.
    I see a bunch of people that only think of money.
    Good job Mariota, for not going this route. You are doing this for the love of your College, it’s fans, and what it has given you. ( Oppurtunity )
    No amount of money can replace heart, and commitment. And doing what you want to do, not what others want you to do.

    I applaud you Mariota !!!!!

    You are a role model !

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