Munchak: NFL admits three officiating mistakes hurt Titans


Titans coach Mike Munchak says the NFL has admitted that three officiating mistakes went against his team in Sunday’s loss to the Colts.

According to the Associated Press, the mistakes were an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Shonn Greene that shouldn’t have been called, a 15-yard unneccessary roughness penalty on Moise Fokou that should have just been a five-yard illegal contact and a catch by tight end Delanie Walker that was ruled incomplete but should have been ruled complete.

Mistakes are going to happen,” Munchak said. “It’s upsetting when you feel they could affect a game one way or another. But you just want consistency when things aren’t going your way. But yeah, I don’t think there’s usually that many. But you know there’s going to be some mistakes. And it’s more learning from them as a staff and me as a head coach. That’s a fine line you walk every Sunday. This game is getting very hard to play because of a lot of the ways that it’s being called.”

Everyone knows the officials can’t be perfect and sometimes they’re going to miss things. But it sure feels like the officials are making more high-profile mistakes recently. Add the Titans to the list of teams that have been on the wrong end of some of those mistakes.

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  1. There’s some cheating going on. These officials need to be investigated. Especially the ones who have made multiple game changing bad calls.

  2. It’s unfortunate but this is part of the league now & it is having a huge impact on the game. It sucks that these calls could have changed the outcome of a game that would have kept us in the last playoff spot.

    That said, the officials didn’t make RF throw 3 picks & fumble once. The guy was our back up for a reason.

  3. All true, but what REALLY hurts the Titans is Munchak as coach.

    After that the Titans need a QB, a RB, an OL and DL, etc, etc.

    The Titans are a losing organization that needs to clean house.

    Get that fixed, then we’ll worry about the terrible refs.

  4. I hope Munchak doesn’t get fined by the NFL for putting its own admission out there the way former Vikings head coach Brad Childress was in 2010. People are finally waking up and are trying to make the NFL more accountable to the people they hire to ref games – including media outlets. It may not be enough to weed out incompetence on the field yet (as the last few weeks show). But it may finally lead to some changes in the way refs are hired and disciplined in the NFL so that integrity can be brought back each week.

  5. I’m waiting for the nonstop media attacks on these refs like were on the replacement refs. Not coming you say? These guys have iron clad no fault contracts and can’t be held accountable? I wonder whose fault that is ? Can’t blame this one on Goodell as he was fighting for more accountability and fulltime refs and all the talking heads and game announcers blasted him nonstop and without mercy over the replacement refs.

  6. And these mistakes tend to be all against/for one team per game. It doesn’t seem to be bad calls against both teams. What was that basketball ref who went to jail for fixing games? Didn’t he laugh and say, “you think this just happens on basketball?”

  7. I can’t for the life of me figure out how the league can benefit from this remarkably, consistently horrible officiating this year but it just seems that it almost HAS to be intentional because there’s no way that it can suddenly get so bad and stay so bad with the league doing nothing to correct it.
    At least the league checks in to “admit” which games got ruined each week by officiating ineptitude.

  8. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what a catch is. This is what happens when you keep fiddling with the rules. Every rule now has layers like an onion. More layers means more interpretations that can be made on each play.

  9. Ever notice that the darling teams — the Patriots, Cowboys, Giants, Steelers, Packers, etc. — never seem to be the ones who are on “the wrong end of some of those mistakes”?

  10. I will give you the Walker catch….but someone please explain the other two to me. Fokou leveled a defenseless guy that was on the complete opposite side of the field, when the play was just about over. Shonn Greene made a nice run, stood up and got in a guys face and was barking at him for a good 5 seconds (taunting). After some of the soft calls when the Colts were in Tennessee…I don’t feel bad.

  11. Later today the NFL will admit 15 “mistakes” that may have swayed the outcome of the Eagles-Cardinals game, all amazingly in favor of the Eagles, and most in the last 5 minutes of the game.

  12. “Mistakes are going to happen,” Munchak said. “It’s upsetting when you feel they could affect a game one way or another.
    Sadly enough, this has been happening every week now so this really should not be surprising to many especially the fans that are continuously let down week after week by this debacle. Why is the officiating so bad this year? Why are there so many missed calls that clearly shouldn’t be missed calls? So many crucial games are lost due to missed calls that cause contending teams to basically not be contending teams anymore. Every single game is crucial and decides your fate for the playoffs. I understand that people make mistakes and that is part of being a human being, but come on. Again I ask, when is Roger Goodell going to hold the officiating staff accountable for their missed calls especially when he has no problem handing out fines to coaches and players?

  13. Pretty obvious watching this game the fix was on. NFL would much rather have Luck locked into the playoffs than see a hot, Ryan Fitzpatrick led Titans team catch the reeling Colts.

  14. Just keep making up new rules competition committee. The refs are having a hard time getting the old ones right.

  15. Greene was clearly jawing and taunting as he moved TOWARDS Colts players. How is that not unsportsmanlike? He might have been intentionally trying to goad Colts into retaliation, which is especially egregious considering the head butt event from the last game.

  16. Gödel needs to step up and start fining the officials , no problem with players that make a mistake at 80 miles an hour making a football play. No wonder so many stadiums have empty seats.

  17. Time to simplify the rule book and secondly take the reviews from the crew and hand it over to someone in NY. Cannot trust the local crew to correct their mistake. Call it CYA or whatever. I call it a conflict of interest.

  18. The officiating has been terrible, that seems to be openly recognized by everyone but the NFL power structure. Why aren’t they doing something about it?
    Pretty simple, it isn’t effecting their bottom line at all. No one is not watching, or not attending, or not buying merchandise because of this so it won’t change.

  19. Thanks for your complaint…next team?

    There is no recourse nor accountability for the guilty parties.

    NFL tells fans “Too bad, so sad!”

    As fans, we are getting used to getting in the butt from the referees. Maybe the refs are really out on work release and that’s why they have stripes!

  20. The focus here needs to be on the ridiculous rules book. How many of these mistakes could be avoided if the complexity and sheer volume of the rules were streamlined?

    There have been some unforgivable mistakes for sure, but let’s not set them up for making them at the outset with an encyclopedia sized rule book.

  21. Nonsense like this ruined the NBA for a lot of people. I suspect the casinos are involved. There needs to be an investigation.

  22. The Refs are required to spend all their time looking for helmet to helmet contact, any contact with a QB’s helmet, hitting a defenseless receiver etc to actually pay attention to the rest of the game.

  23. Not only did the Colts need to find a Peyton Manning 2.0, but the Goodell did as well. So he’ll go out of his way to put over Andrew Luck.

  24. Theres no excuse for the officials to miss those three plays against the Titans. The catch miss is the leagues fault. The NFL hasn’t a clue what a catch is and isn’t. The ground can not cause a fumble but the ground can cause an incomplete pass. The worst call Ive seen in yrs happened to Charles Clay last week against the Panthers. Clay caught a pass and stepped out of bounds which should have made the play “over”, but Clay slipped or stumbled to the sideline and the ball popped out, the official called the play a no catch,,,what? And no one caught the play, not Philbin(who never catches anything) not the CBS announcers, no one,,,,lousy officiating. The NFL officials should be fined for lack of control, lack knowledge of the rules. NFL hobnobs,,,do something. If the players can be fined so can the officials,,,,,,,,,

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