Packers add to backfield depth with Kahlil Bell


While everyone waits to see how their quarterback is doing, the Packers have made a move to add to their backfield.

According to Rob Demovsky of, the Packers have signed running back Kahlil Bell.

The Packers were running short there after placing Johnathan Franklin on IR last week because of a neck injury, down to Eddie Lacy and James Starks.

Bell’s best game came against the Packers when he was a member of the Bears, running for 121 yards on Christmas 2011.

He was in camp with the Jets this year but was released in final cuts.

29 responses to “Packers add to backfield depth with Kahlil Bell

  1. I thought the Vikings were the ones who usually signed the rejects of the other NFC North teams?

  2. Wait…I thought you guys drafted the be all end all of RBs this year. What happened!? Still trust TT?

  3. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Dec 3, 2013 1:27 PM
    What a tremendous honor it must be for this young man.
    Would have been better off staying as a free agent.

  4. @filthy

    What honor is there for a player to be signed by a team that has quit?

    And furthermore, other than a paycheck, why would he want the Packers Oline attempting to block for him?

  5. Why is this news… He was signed for Special teams only. He will never get any Running Back Reps. Not like he would take any reps from Lacy or Starks.

  6. “Oh grandkids, the highly touted Packers signed me with the relevant 5-6-1 record. It was so glorious having to rent an apartment in the armpit of the united states. I wish you could have been there.”

    Something like that?

  7. I believe Kahlil is a new name for a Packer, gives all those expectant parents in Green Bay a different option when naming their kids. The teachers are already confused by all the Bretts, Aarons, Ted and Mikes in their classrooms.

  8. Free Agent…Check
    Vet Minimum Salary…Check
    Marginal Talent…Check

    Sounds like the typical starter for the Packers

  9. Its about time eh Mike. Our supply of late round picks who are slow, injury prone, and can’t tackle, can’t cover, was getting low with so many on the bench or IR.
    Honestly this is the worst defense in all the NFL. The running game is still only so so, the O line is forgettable and the fans think this is a playoff team to be re conned with? Must be something their putting in the water in Wisconsin.

    I’m already predicting a 6-10 season next year to as the Bears, Lions and Vikes have another good draft and pick up a couple more free agents to fill holes while Ted works on his late round developmental projects.

  10. But, but, but I thought Green Bay had the best running game in the NFC North?

    Eddy 1.6 yards a carry Lacy was going to be the Packers running back savior.

    Oh, that is right. The Minnesota Vikings still have the best running game in the NFC North.

    Maybe they signed him because Lacy can’t be in weather below 50 degrees without hyperventilating.

  11. The Packers and their fans are deep inside the heads of the haters….DEEP! You can tell from the obsessive attention that is generated for each and every storyline.

    Their attempts at ridicule are stopped in their tracks when you consider this is the worst performing Packer team in 25 years……and it is still better than the Vikings! No wonder it hurts. No wonder they can’t leave it alone. No wonder they want so badly to be us.

  12. mikemccarthyhof says: Dec 3, 2013 3:48 PM

    this is a sneaky genius signing by TT. frickin idot Vikling and beores fans are just jealous we have a LEJIT RB THIS YEAR!

    My other post was deleted by the PFT Red Army for some reason so I will just say


  13. I guess it never dawned on Ted Thompson that the secondary sux, we have no pass rush and the O-Line is giving up more sacks then the grocery store. But I suppose a 3rd string RB is just what the doc ordered..

  14. Don’t care if he’s a better father troll…. His family status or fatherly shortcomings don’t affect my ability to enjoy his running all over the NFC North in the least. Have fun watching the better father not be able to even begin to touch AD ‘s numbers…

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