PFT Live: Can any team stop the Seahawks?

Mike Florio talks with KJR’s Curtis Crabtree about the Seahawk’s Monday night win over the Saints and their chances of making it to Metlife Stadium for the Super Bowl in February.

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  1. Not to be a homer but only the Giants can beat them there. They’ve won those impossible road games a million times in the past. Off the top of my head, at GB twice (once against 15-1 Rodgers), at SF twice (Montana and in 2011 against that defense in the rain), at Dallas (o.k. – I know it’s Romo and all, but they were the top seed).

    I’d actually feel more comfortable with the Giants beating Seattle there than beating them in NJ in the playoffs. Just because my team is weird. That’s the only reason.

  2. To the Giant fan, I am not sure if you know it but Seattle Seahawks will be marching to play your team in the MeadowLands in a couple of weeks.

    I look at through football lenses. NY has a struggling secondary, pass rush that only looked good against Redskins, poor rated run game and a QB that is struggling behind his offensive line leading to turnovers. Not exactly a great formula but we will see if your theory has any substance.

  3. I was at the game Monday night and just seeing how the first half unfolded told me everything I needed to know. Seattle is excellent at home, EXCELLENT. But I felt and saw when the moment rises and the lights brighten, the Seahawks take it to a whole new level. The energy of the stadium in the 1st quarter was surreal. If the Hawks are down, all it takes is one big play and before you know it, Petey Boy is moonwalking on the sidelines.

    Oh yeah, and that one guy … I think he’s #3? Yeah he’s pretty good

  4. @thebirdofprey – I guess I should have been more clear. I was talking strictly about the playoffs.

    Obviously, I know that my team’s playoff hopes are on life support. However, if by some miracle we make it, you won’t want to play us because we win the impossible road playoff games (see above).

    The regular season game in 2 weeks has nothing to do with my theory. Indeed, we’ve lost most regular season games only to beat those same teams on their fields in the playoffs. SF-91′, N.E. ’07, GB 11′. This time though….obviously, we can’t afford to lose the regular season game to Seattle or my playoff theory becomes a non-issue.

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