Rex Ryan won’t back down on Ed Reed starting

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There was no evidence in Houston that Ed Reed had anything left.

And in his brief stay in New York, not only has the veteran safety not helped them win, he’s been an active participant in the losing.

But Jets coach Rex Ryan was in full Tammy Wynette mode Monday, standing by Reed in the face of mounting evidence that he simply can’t play.

He’s going to be starting unless he’s injured,” Ryan said, via Rich Cimini of “I think Ed gives us the best shot.”

Ryan’s obviously remembering the Reed he had as a defensive coordinator in Baltimore, because the player he’s watched recently hasn’t done anything to create that kind of loyalty.

Reed has allowed big plays the last two weeks, from a 66-yard bomb from Joe Flacco to missing a tackle on Brian Hartline’s 31-yard reception in Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins.

“If you look at it from a statistical standpoint, I can understand the question,” Ryan said. “We all saw him miss the tackle on Hartline’s touchdown. But Ed did his job, I don’t think there’s any doubt.”

Reed’s played 87 percent of the defensive snaps since signing with the Jets, but the fact he keeps stumbling around isn’t helping his legacy — which he tarnishes with every passing week — or the job security of his patron.

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  1. “He’s going to be starting unless he’s injured,” Ryan said, via Rich Cimini of

    Ah, he was injured when you got him, Rex.

  2. We love Ed in Baltimore and were very sad to see him sign somewhere else. But, he just doesn’t have it anymore. He knows where the ball is going; he just can’t get there in time. He can’t tackle anymore. We saw it last year.

    Should he have retired? There are 5 million reasons why he didn’t and you can’t really argue with that.

  3. Hey Rex has said the same stuff about both Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, and he certainly wasn’t wrong abo – oh, wait.

  4. “If you look at it from a statistical standpoint, I can understand the question,” Ryan said. “We all saw him miss the tackle on Hartline’s touchdown. But Ed did his job, I don’t think there’s any doubt.”
    This quote makes no sense. “We all saw him miss the tackle on Hartline. But Ed did his job.”

    Sooooo…….you’re saying his job is to miss tackles? I dont get it. He was correctly “in position” perhaps. Either way. Rex set sail on his 2013 ship when he declared Geno the starter. He was going to prevail or fail with Geno and it’s looking like Rex is failing at the moment.

  5. “We all saw him miss the tackle on Hartline’s touchdown. But Ed did his job, I don’t think there’s any doubt.”

    And that says everything I need to know about Rex Ryan as a HC.

  6. Ozzie rarely lets great talent leave in their prime. Look at boldins numbers this year, Kruger, reed, heap after he left Baltimore, mason and the list goes on and on. When will these teams learn, dont get players from Ozzie. There’s a reason he’s not keeping them.

  7. His legacy is defined by what he did in a purple uniform, what he does after no one will care about.

  8. More clueless Examples of his failure to admit he is wrong. Thanks Rex for making me laugh this morning.

  9. Rex, just because Ed can blanket-cover JETS receivers in practice doesn’t mean he can stay with REAL wideouts in the NFL. C’mon MAN!

  10. Anyone who saw that game realizes the Jets are basically playing a 10-man defense now.

    Rex is exposing a primary reason why he is not a good head coach – either he is unable to set aside his desire to be friends with his players for the sake of making objective, performance based personnel decisions, or he is unable to make sound personnel decisions.

    Ed should retire now. No one who sees him play will be comprehend why he should be a future HOF.

  11. It’s apparent that Rex has not embraced the “win now”mantra of the NFL. While it’s “warm and fuzzy”, there is no place for loyalty at the expense of losing in this league.


    Antonio Allen is sitting on the bench right after he held his own against Gronk you buffoon. I am sick of Rex Ryan and “His guys” this is like Bart Scott and Vladimir Duccasse.

    What happens when you release Bart Scott? Demario Davis breaks out.

    What happens when you bench Duccasse? he might be bad now but Brian Winters is a heck of an upgrade over Duccasse.

    I can’t wait to replace you with somebody like David Shaw from Stanford or even Mike Westhoff or somebody who knows how to actually develop a quarterback because you make Jet fans sick to there stomach and I truly feel bad.

    Any other coach in this league would of incorporated Winslow and Holmes (they may be divas but they have talent) into there game plans for the final playoff push and not try and ground and pound like its 2009 with Jones and Washington.

    Don’t worry jet fans brighter days are ahead in 2014 you have a boat load of picks and cap space and you’re in a NY team possibly picking high so it will attract a hot coaching hang in there.

  13. Just another example of why Rex will never be a good head coach. Antonio Allen earned his spot & its not good from a competition standpoint or the spirit & cohesiveness of the team standpoint to just supplant the guy because you are in love with another player from your memories of yester year. Reed hasn’t done much of anything to justify his walk on status…

  14. Between Reed, Milliner, and Geno if this isn’t a recipe for dismissal I don’t know what is. I have a feeling Rex knows this is it for him with the Jets.

  15. Loyalty is a good quality, not in football decisions.
    Let’s hope Reed and Geno can help get higher draft picks.

    Rex….look up definition of insanity.

  16. Sounds typical.

    Ed Reed was blamed when the ravens weren’t scoring enough points either!

    Sorry he set such a high standard of being able to score points for an offense that could do nothing.

    Maybe he can’t make that kind of difference anymore and it’s more due to NFL rule changes with corners being able to play physical than Ed Reed being too old.

    Bottom line… Ravens offense couldn’t score. Houston hasn’t won a game since Reed left, so I doubt he was the issue there.

    And the jets offense can’t get a thing going either!

    As recently as last week… Reed made a great hit to break up a touchdown pass in the end zone against the ravens.

    But all anyone wants to talk about is the lucky throw flacco made, and that Reed simply mid-judged in the wind.

    Let me know when there are 30… Or even 20 starting safeties playing better than Ed Reed is even this year.

    Do the jets have someone better? So the texans? Texans offense actually scored this past week and still their defense couldn’t stop anything even when the offense was giving them some time to rest!

  17. It’s starting to look like if Ed had retired after the superbowl he could have retired with the same amount of victories as he will if he retires after this year.

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