Some in Ravens organization think Tomlin’s side-step was no accident

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Over the past two days, three different angles have emerged regarding Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s “side-step right,” right into the general path of Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones.

There’s another angle, not yet made public, that could support the idea that Tomlin slid to the very edge of the field only after Jones broke free.  Per a source with knowledge of the raw coaching tape (not the “all-22” tape publicly available via the NFL’s Game Rewind service), Tomlin takes a clear step toward the edge of the playing field after Jones breaks through the coverage.

As a result, some within the Ravens organization believe Tomlin did it on purpose.  From the league’s perspective, intent doesn’t matter.  Which could mean that the Steelers and Tomlin are getting whacked for the result, regardless of whether there was a plan.

Meanwhile, another source tells PFT that the Steelers are bracing for a stiff punishment both for the organization and for Tomlin.  Anything more than a major fine would be regarded as a surprise.  As we reported earlier in the week, all options were on the table when the process began.

By Wednesday, we should all know the answer.

67 responses to “Some in Ravens organization think Tomlin’s side-step was no accident

  1. Whether he did it on purpose or not it was dangerous to the players & had an impact on the game. They need to stop this sort of bs from happening, set an example & take their 4th round pick.

  2. “Some in the ravens organization”?!?

    What about 95% of all sports fans who know tomlin’s guilty?!?


  3. So what if he did it on purpose just fine him get it over with no need to take a draft pick ain’t like we did what the saints and patriots did

  4. From the league’s perspective, intent doesn’t matter.
    If this is indeed the league’s perspective then it clearly proves they have no idea how to instill discipline. Intent should not matter that there will be punishment for the violation. It absolutely should matter when it comes down to what the exact punishment is.

    Figure out what the minimum punishment should be if we assume he had no intent. If there is a clear intent then, at a minimum, double it.

  5. I’ll tell you one guy in the Ravens organization who wants you to keep focused on Tomlingate: Joe Flacco. He wants you to forget that Jacoby Jones was AGAIN called on to bail him out from another one his second-half fizzles. No doubt Joe blew a fuse when Jones didn’t score, and he was denied his face-saving touchdown. Unlike in Pittsburgh last year, and against Dallas, and in the Super Bowl, Joe didn’t get his gift from Jacoby to save the day. What is the world coming to when Joe can’t get bailed out by Jacoby?

  6. If it’s only a fine it will be another dark day for the NFL, 4 game suspension for Tomlin and the forfeiture of a 3rd round draft pick next year seems about right.

  7. The Pittsburgh sportswriters — a.k.a. Steeler lapdogs — are all publicly stating that they believe Tomlin.

    Remember how sincere Ryan Braun sounded when he accused the test collector of being an anti-semite who framed him? Remember how sincere Aaron Rodgers sounded when he stuck up for Braun and ridiculed anybody who dared not to believe Braun’s version of the story?

    Tomlin did it on purpose and is lying about it now.

  8. He was staring at the jumbotron in the end zone. Now, he could have seen himself and jumped the wrong way cuz the screen isn’t a mirror image.

    So jumping right to avoid something on the screen that’s to your left, can throw you into the play. Maybe he’s just stupid.

    But the fact is he WAS watching it on the screen. So he knew exactly what was going on.

  9. My instincts tell me that he thought of this play when Flacco talked about it in the past and he was waiting for an opportunity probably every game to try this idea that he thought was a clever idea. That’s what I think happened. I think a lot of time and planning went into this. But that’s all about intent anyhow, and he already showed a lack of owning up to the “knowing” and intent of his actions. So he should be presumed guilty and fined to the maximum possible amount.

    The Steelers should also fine him to the max and if I’m the Owner of the team then I’m showing up to the payroll meeting tomorrow and informing my staff that if they cut a check to him ever again that they will be fired and prosecuted. If Tomlin ever wants another cent from the organization he will have to have his lawyers collect it for him.

    I’m classifying him as in violation of his contract and seeking repayment.

    Also big worldly events like this are the reason Seinfeld should still be on the air. That was a “Side-Step” move! All the characters could have unique ways of finding themselves involved in a Side-Step moment. And that’s it, nothing else happens, that’s the whole show! It’s a literary side-step about side-steps duh. We don’t even need to write a script. Just get the actors in some room and turn on the camera and this stuff will write itself.


  10. Seriously, how can this go without at least a suspension?
    We’re talking about a move that a head coach made with his body that could’ve impacted a live play.
    A fine would be a joke, this fool needs to sit down for a week and think about what he did.

  11. Wednesday? Goodell will hand down his punishment on Wednesday and we can all move on?

    Come on, Wednesday!!

  12. As a Ravens fan, I have always enjoyed the Ravens/Steelers rivalry and simultaneously hated but respected the Steelers. In Tomlin’s case, I have always viewed him as “one of my favorite coaches in the NFL” — even though I am a Ravens fan.

    Now, not only do I perceive much of Tomlin’s past actions as a “fake” portrayal of the actual man he is; but I am in “no mercy mode” when it comes to how I feel about my team’s biggest rival. Now, I know that my feelings on this don’t really matter, but if this is how I feel, I can imagine what it’s like in the Ravens locker room.

    The Ravens handled it low key, but believe this Steelers: we are coming at you with fury that you haven’t seen from now on (which I know is saying a lot). It’s “on” in a whole different way — from the amount of time a coach will spend coming up with schemes, to the last bench press Jacoby Jones puts up this spring, to the amount of sleep this team will get before the biggest games of their year.

    Get ready!

  13. Oh come on. Watch the replay. Tomlin’s NOT looking up at the video for a good 2-3 seconds after he steps onto the field.

    Where is he looking as Jones gets closer and closer? He’s looking to the side, trying to not make it obvious he’s looking over his shoulder area for the runner to get close so he can suddenly ‘realize’ where he’s standing and then dramatically jump out of the way.

  14. A chance for the league leaders in whining to cry bitter tears about something. What a surprise.

    Even though they won the game and they should be thinking about their next opponent.

  15. If you’re going to let a head coach in the NFL get away with stuff like this then you better point your kids at something besides sports.

    Tomlin makes a mockery of the game and then to deny it is absolutely shameful.

  16. Coach Tomlin answered questions for over 20 minutes on this topic without dodging or ducking any reporters question.

    He feels that he should be punished and will not dispute the punishment handed down to him.

    Tomlin stated that he and all people in his position should be held to a higher standard.

    You can’t touch the man off the field, so anything he gives on the field you run with it until you are out of road.

    Stay classy folks.

  17. Of course it was on purpose. The video clearly shows this. At least Belichick admitted that he violated the league’s new 2006 rule in 2007. Tomlin continues to lie – and he’s on the friggen Competition Committee.

    If this were Belichick it would be national headlines, a lost draft pick and a fine rivaling what the Broncos were penalized for cheating on the salary cap to win their Super Bowls

    And for Belichick the only thing he did wrong is have his cameras on the field rather than in the stands as the new rule required (signal filming is still allowed today)

    In Tomlin’s case he purposefully tried to impede an active play on the field to directly impact the outcome of the game.

    That’s MUCH worse than a camera placement dispute.

  18. Steelers will forever be known as CHEATERS now! No telling how many times they’ve affected games by this filthy CHEATING. Their 2008 Super Bowl* title is certainly tainted now since it was coached by Mike Tomcheat and guessing this was a practice from the top down so might as well strip them of their 2005 rings as well. What a shame.

  19. I am from Baltimore and love the Ravens. But seriously, what kind of hack reporting is this from Florio? “Some” in the organization? Who, the maintenance crew, the janitors, the receptionist at the Castle? Maybe if he said some in upper management, or on the coaching staff, I would respect that, but Florio is an obvious (from Pitt) Steelers fan that is trying to stir this up. Total turd.

    Btw, it was the grin that blew it for you Tomlin. That was the smile of a guilty individual. Have you ever seen someone not guilty with a face like that? Thought not. I still respect him, but a bit less now.

  20. Footballfano1 says Disband the Steelers. Send Tomlin to jail for no less than 3 years. Execute his kids in front of him.

    I don’t know what’s more disturbing, that a person would make a comment like this or PFT and Mike Florio would allow it.

    Mike Florio remove that post about executing tomlins children. You are just as bad as the person who posted it.

    Imagine someone posting, Florio should have his kids executed in front of him.

  21. I would never think that Tomlin would do this on purpose. He is such a well respected coach. But he is so used to winning that having a bad season may have caused him to do this.

  22. Really surprised at one of the top coaches in football involved in such a bush move. What was Tomlinson thinking or not thinking?


  23. We need a running list of all the teams that cheated over the years.

    Let’s see – you’ve got George Halas and the Bears – generally considered the grandfather of spying in the 1950s – though most fans prefer to ignore this.

    Then there’s Lamar Hunt of the Lamar Hunt Trophy for the AFC Champions and the Chiefs – also has his spying efforts well documented.

    I’m pretty sure George Allen and the Redskins are well known for some questionable activity.

    The Dolphins were docked their 1st round draft pick for tampering to get Don Shula (so much for the “perfect” season)

    Jimmy Johnson admitted to participating in and observing the same behavior Belichick was accused of (which again, only became against the rules in 2006)

    And didn’t Tony Dungy’s Colts have an employee that later admitted to spying?

    I think pretty much every team in the NFL has a connection to cheating now. Can we just put an asterisk next to every team’s name?

    (Let’s assume Lombardi’s clean – if he’s not I don’t want to know)

  24. I don’t think it was premeditated, but it was purposeful and he should be heavily fined. The officials should have awarded a TD on the play to the Ravens. Too late for that but not a heavy fine.

  25. I think what everyone needs to realize from this is that “special” coaches or franchises with “class” or “integrity” are a thing of the past. Only one thing matters and that’s winning. The media needs to stop ballwashing because there is no one above reproach in the NFL. There is too much at stake.

  26. iamthefootballjerk:

    You raise a good point. Other people on his staff on the sidelines were smiling. Does the NFL want to investigate what they might have known about stuff that happened in the past such that they knew he planned this? It could be a huge story if they were to investigate it. But they might not want to open up those doors. It will be interesting to see what decisions and statements are made in regard to whatever probing or lack of probing they did. Is the league even going to pick up the phone and talk to key witnesses before ruling?

    Maybe they announce that a decision will be postponed pending a Ted Wells investigation that the Ravens petition for? It could happen.

  27. His intent doesn’t matter anymore than it matters if the Pats intended to film the opposing team from 10 yards closer than was legal. The fact is, they did it.

    And unlike like Pats, Tomlin’s actions actually had an impact on the game where the transgression took place. If anything, the penalties should be harsher than those levied against the Pats for Spygate.

  28. The camera view of Tomlin on the sideline the entire runback was made public by a Pittsburgh TV station.. the argument is either he positioned himself to obstruct Jones running along the sideline or he moved his feet together knowing an official would be running down the sideline and his feet spread apart would make him a bigger target.

  29. Today will be a wonderful day. Another superior human that has Steeler blood linking to our glorious ancestors will be drafting into our ranks where we will hone his skills into that of a pure Steeler. Whoa. We already know who we will draft. The physics of this world bend to us. These men will join us to defeat our enemies on and off the field.

    The Nation, now more than ever, is threatened politically. The league has been fully infiltrated by our ancient rival. The same rival that infiltrated the Nation itself during our birth. The same rival that keeps us from winning every game. We lose sometimes to give people a sense of hope, we lose sometimes because of sabotage. We applaud their efforts.

    They don’t understand that they are mere mortals and that they cannot alter the inevitable. These will be the last Steelers drafted into our ranks in the league know as the NFL. We will win this next Super Bowl despite certain arrangements in place by our enemies. We will leave and start our own league.

    A superior race, once one Nation, broken into eight. Reclaiming the game we created, we again set the standard, and the NFL gets on one knee and cries. We celebrate our endless success with a royal wave to our inferiors from afar.

  30. Even though I am a Ravens fan, I have always thought Tomlin is incredibly well-spoken and gracious. He always says the right thing. It was really surprising to me that he would do such the wrong thing at the wrong moment. I think it was a knee jerk reaction that we must all be realistic before we start casting stones. From that perspective, I really feel bad for him. He made a mistake in the heat of the moment. I know my body is twisting and turning when I watch Steelers running up the line.

    However, what changes everything is his doubling down on the lie. He felt he needed fight back and defend his intentions to protect the integrity of the NFL…Paaaaaaleeeease gimme a break.

    The first one mistake was a heat of the moment, the second is calculated. He should have said nothing, but I was wrong I won’t do it again. Period.

  31. so to follow the logic of noted football genius ampatsisahypocrite,when a wr makes a play he bails out a qb. please block this goof from posting. he is clueless

  32. nickster31 says:
    Dec 3, 2013 8:15 PM
    Steelers fan here….

    $250k fine, 4 game suspension.

    Fine the Steelers another $250k.

    Swift and harsh punishment.


    That’s a good start. However, the Stealers will probably be awarded a 3rd round compensatory pick for losing Mike Wallace. The NFL should rescind that pick after awarding it.

  33. All these ravens poster and not one person was at th game who can admit the ravens cam replayed the incident 8-10 times and ecry time the played it the crowd booed louder and louder. That’s why tomlin was grinning. He didn’t grin following the play. Only after they replayed it so many times and the crowd kept booing. Yet every time they replay it now, they show tomlin jumping and then him grinning as if they happened seconds apart. So for all of your posters talking about him grinning, don’t let the facts get in your way. Even after the video showing tomlin going to that location prior to the kickoff, fans still believe he knew Jacobs jones was going to return the ball to that exact spot on the field and not run it to the right or up the middle. Final point, the jumbotron wasn’t showing the entire field as jones was running, so tomlin didn’t see himself,on the jumbotron for the first 50 yards and when he realized jones was close, he jumped. But keep showing the video of tomlin jumping and then the grin. Leave out the 10 replays and the crowd booing louder every time they showed it. Makes for a better story

  34. i am very surprised so many fans and respected members of the media think this was an intentional act on Mike Tomlin’s part.

    as i saw it, tomlin was focused on the big screen and not where he was standing (did tomlin even get 24 hours of sleep total in the previous seven days?). as soon as he realised that was him on the big screen with J.Jones bearing down on him, tomlin got a holy %&*# look on his face and took evasive action.

    Should Tomlin have been assessed a 15yd penalty? Yes. Should he be fined? Yes. Should Tomlin received a one-game sideline ban? Maybe. Should the steelers be stripped of draft picks? Absolutely not.

  35. The fact the nfl has delayed the announcement (if any) is fishy. Given the stature of the Rooney family, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t negotiating with roger to mitigate the punishment (if any). After all, Tomlin’s infraction took place 6 days ago

  36. scoobies05 says:
    Dec 3, 2013 10:33 PM
    so to follow the logic of noted football genius ampatsisahypocrite,when a wr makes a play he bails out a qb. please block this goof from posting. he is clueless
    Not “a qb”, just Flacco. He’s apparently the only quarterback to ever be bailed out by a return TD, and the entire playoff run is on Anquan and Jacoby’s shoulders. Flacco just needs to be exposed for what he is, and ampatsisahypocrite isn’t going to quit shoehorning Flacco into every Ravens article until everyone shares his obsession. Just sad.

  37. The a Ravens organization doubting a stand up guy like Tomlin……now that is rich for a team very sympathetic to some very unsavory players known to all you Ratbird fans. Your out rage is not based on anything moral, because you are not a morally based team, but rather rivalry based so this news is expected….yawn.

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