Browns may not name quarterback until Sunday

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The Browns have two healthy quarterbacks right now, neither of whom have taken a snap for the team in a game as both have been added to the roster in the last two weeks.

Such a state of affairs makes it easy to understand why Browns coach Rob Chudzinski is keeping his options open at quarterback as long as he possibly can. Chudzinski said Wednesday that Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden are still waiting to get cleared for returns to practice by doctors after suffering concussions, leaving Caleb Hanie and Alex Tanney to take first team reps at practice on Wednesday.

Because Chudzinski hasn’t seen either player in action, he said at his press conference, via several Browns beat writers, that he will wait until Friday at the earliest before naming a starter for the game against the Patriots. Chudzinski said he could take it all the way to Sunday, especially if it looks like one or both of the experienced Browns quarterbacks will be able to play.

It’s usually gamesmanship when a coach won’t name a starting quarterback during the week before a game. Chudzinski’s being honest in this case, though, because there’s no advantage to gain with any of the four options on the roster.

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  2. thepftpoet?

    What on Gods green earth are you talking about loser??? The story is about the Browns lmao not the Vikes. In which both have 0 SBs lol

  3. When your two options are Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden you know you got a serious problem that needs fixing right away.

  4. The Browns can do everyone a favor on Sunday and simply stay home. Call Bill B. and express their regrets that they can’t make it and thank him for the invitation. It’ll save fuel and demonstrate to the Cleveland fans that the Browns front office DOES know what kind of team they’ve put on the field for 2013.

  5. Draft in May the Browns will have to give RG3-type comp for the #1 QB. Hard for me to see them going all-in on Teddy so the Browns will continue without a franchise QB for another year.

  6. Get the quarterback a REAL O-Line, REAL #2-3 receivers, and a REAL running back.

    O-Line = 1st in NFL in QB hits
    O-Line = 2nd in NFL in sacks

    RUSH Offense = 28th in NFL

    Wide Receivers = 3rd most drops in NFL

  7. The Browns have nothing to lose so I’d like to see Alex Tanney get the start. There’s a big difference between making trick plays on YouTube and playing in the NFL but I’d still like to seem him get a chance to show he can play.

  8. doctorrustbelt says:
    Dec 4, 2013 12:39 PM

    Get the quarterback a REAL O-Line, REAL #2-3 receivers, and a REAL running back.
    You should count how long Campbell and Weeden hold the ball before throwing. Neither can anticipate a WR coming open, so they wait. Weeden does not make quick decisions, and Campbell hasn’t made a quick decision since the bye.

    The Browns would draft 8th if the draft was now. As they play 4 playoff contenders before the end of the season, and with the current QB play, they stand a good chance of moving into the top 5 if there’s a couple fortuitous wins by some of the other bottom feeders.

  9. doctorrustbelt says:

    “You should count how long Campbell and Weeden hold the ball before throwing. ”
    I know Brady was slow when he first started, but I have never seen a QB move as slow as Brandon Weeden. No O-Line exists in this day and age that could protect him for as long as he holds on to the ball 0r make a decision who to throw it to.

    Too bad for Brian Hoyer, tearing his ACL. Would have been fun watching him go against the Pats.

  10. The only wide receiver on that team who can get open is Josh Gordon.

    The rest don’t get separation.

    Bess has the 2nd most dropped passes in the NFL.

    Ogbonnaya has the 3rd most most dropped passes for a RB in the NFL.

    In October… it was reported that Greg Little drops 30% of his catchable passes. T-H-I-R-T-Y ! ! !

    A quarterback has to wait a LOOOOOOONG TIME for these jokers to get open.

  11. it’s tough being a browns fan but I’m loyal to the end! i’ll be rooting for the brown and orange all the way to the draft 😉

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