Deion Sanders is fired by charter school he co-founded, again


In October, Deion Sanders was fired by the charter school he co-founded.  He was quickly reinstated.

Nearly two months later, Prime Prep Academy has once again fired the Hall of Famer.

Via the Dallas Morning News, school superintendent Rachel Sanders (no relation to Deion) made the decision.  The chairman of the school’s board disagreed with the move, and the issue is expected to be addressed during a Friday board meeting.

I never dreamed this,” Deion Sanders said, via WFAA-TV.  “I just dreamed of having the best academic and athletic institution in the country, and we are going to have it. We are going to have it. . . .  We just have to get this mess out.”

Roughly 75 students walked out of class in protest.  After meeting with Deion, they returned.

“This is nonsense.  We are sick of it,” Sanders said.  “The kids don’t deserve it.  Overpaid, underqualified administrators never worked in a school in their life.  Total chaos.  We have a formula to restore what was the dream at Prime Prep.”

It’s unclear what the formula is.  Maybe it entails Deion getting fired a few more times.  Inevitably, there will be litigation.

At some point, the Texas Education Agency likely will show up and start poking around, possibly finding enough irregularities to shut the whole place down.

21 responses to “Deion Sanders is fired by charter school he co-founded, again

  1. That would be a shame if once again a school gets closed because of adults.

    Just like kids sports. Kids don’t ruin kids sports, adults do.

  2. I assume nobody exists to convince this man that regardless of how right he might be that he still looks like a complete fool in this shebacle.

    If not, maybe this quote of his will, “Theres no class to manage people. Theres no class to teach on how to handle millions. Theres no class to teach us how to manage time.”

  3. The point when the Texas Education Agency will “likely” show up is right now. At the very least, they are now conducting a financial audit of the school.

    The NFL and associated issues are so educational: you can get a complete syllabus of criminal and tort law, at the very least.

  4. Charter schools suck. Deion is right, it probably is full of administrators who have no idea what they are doing as well as being populated by teachers who often can’t get jobs in regular state funded schools, so they settle for working at a charter school. Sounds like a good venture though Deion, have fun getting shut down by the state.

  5. He gets my vote as one of the most obnoxious people to ever play sports. If the student body is made up of young people who would walk out in protest of his firing, the place is probably doomed to failure anyway.

  6. What’s funny is, you all keep ripping on a guy who is upset about not being able to help these kids. Say what you want about his personality, but nobody can make the argument that he is a bad dude or that his intentions with this school weren’t 100% for the kids’s good. Some of you should be ashamed.

  7. Here’s my 2 cents…

    Deon Sanders probably deserved the firing. He’s a likeable guy on TV and in person is funny a hell. But in the real adult world he has a 16 year brain and other professional people probably get sick of the “16 year old” telling the adults how to do business.

    Sanders was a great football player and just because you were a great football player doesn’t mean your a great businessman. Just ask Michael Jordan…

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