PFT Live: 49ers talk with Matt Maiocco, Coaching hot seat


The 49ers have been blown out by the Seahawks in the last two games between the teams.

Both of those games were played in Seattle and their Week 14 tilt will be at Candlestick, where the 49ers beat the Seahawks last season. Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area will join Mike Florio on Wednesday’s PFT Live to discuss how much of a difference that will make in the final result. They’ll also talk about the 49ers offense and  where quarterback Colin Kaepernick stands near the end of his first full year as a starter.

Whether he wins or loses on Sunday, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh will not see his job security altered. The same isn’t true of some other members of the coaching fraternity, however, and Florio will discuss which coaches fall into the latter category during the program.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can watch it live by clicking right here.

8 responses to “PFT Live: 49ers talk with Matt Maiocco, Coaching hot seat

  1. Roman, Mr. Burger Face, your time is up. You, choking in the SB and your pathetic 32nd ranked passing offense is a JOKE and ALL needs to go.

    The o-line coach and WR coach and WR scouting department all need to be clean out.

    KraperNoob, they will drafted another QB talent in the 1st or 2nd round this coming draft, step up or get no big contract and step down or be traded like Alex Smith.

  2. Hopefully, Offensive Co-ordinator Greg Roman is feeling some heat

    A predictable run on first down, every time
    In the face of stacked defenses
    Pass on first down when the other team is set up to stop the run

    Then, run when they don’t expect it
    It’s called ‘Unpredictability’
    You might want to try it, Greg

  3. IMO Roman should be feeling the heat, the offense is offensive, predictable and unimaginative. They just now are trying the screen, no end arounds, halfback options, statue of liberty plays, flea flickers, slants are few and no bunch formations, just the same ol sh#@ and it’s well scouted by the opposition. 2nd or 3rd and long and Roman calls for a run that is stuffed immediately, change the channel Greg. we’ve seen it, infact take your TV, reruns and go away.

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