Phil Emery: Franchising Jay Cutler not ideal for Bears

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The Bears are still waiting for quarterback Jay Cutler to return from the ankle injury that’s kept him out for a few weeks, which leaves them some time to talk about Cutler’s future with the team beyond this season.

Cutler’s headed toward free agency and the team has made it clear that they aren’t going to negotiate a new deal with Cutler or any other impending free agent before the year is out. Whether they want to bring Cutler back at all has seemed unclear at some points during the season, but General Manager Phil Emery was quite clear Tuesday about not wanting Cutler to return via the franchise tag.

“The franchise tag for the quarterback position has unique challenges because the average comes out to be such a big portion of your cap and your total money available to spend on other players to acquire to help your team,” Emery wrote in a chat on “With the franchise tag being so high for the quarterback position, to use it and not sign the individual to a long-term deal hurts the team because you lose the ability to prorate the amount of guaranteed salary over the length of the contract.”

The Bears also have calls to make on linebacker Lance Briggs, cornerback Charles Tillman and defensive tackle Henry Melton, among others, so it’s easy to understand why they don’t want too much money tied up in any one place on the roster. Emery also said the team would talk to Josh McCown about sticking around, which means that there will be plenty of options for the Bears to explore once the offseason gets rolling.

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  1. Does Emery think that Cutler would sing a long term deal for much less than what his agent knows the tag amount is going ot be?

    Phil: Better you should shoot the breeze with the press about field goals on 2nd down.

  2. @rickastleydancemoves
    You obviously haven’t paid attention to the NFL then. Bradford, Stafford are the first 2 that jump off at me.

  3. While Cutler may not be a superstar, seriously is there a better option for the Bears? And if anyone says McCown they must not have looked at his past history.

  4. rickastleydancemoves says:
    Dec 4, 2013 7:20 AM
    I’ve never seen an individual accomplish so little in their career as Cutler has, but made the money he has through out said career.
    Matt Flynn? J’Marcus Russel? Stafford? Romo?

    Jay stated he wants to stay, stated he has been paid, will take less to help build team, GM says he liked the way Cutler was playing, Coach said he sees franchise moving forward in the future with Cutler….

    Unless Cutler Career is ended from injury, or he suddenly wants a big pay day after stating several times this season he doesn’t want big $ he wants to win this is a Non Story.

    GM is being an Honest GM. Any Team that doesn’t have Brady, Manning or Brees isn’t going to pay their QB a one year only deal worth that kind of money…

  5. Something to strongly consider in the equation is what happens to Brandon Marshall if Cutler leaves. Marshall and Cutler are very good friends, and Marshall has shown that he performs MUCH better with Cutler at QB. It has to be a concern that your top receiver, and his borderline personality disorder, might become an issue if you don’t bring back #6.

  6. So wait the guy who just beat Da Bears twice and breaking a ton of records, oh and leading the NFC’s best offense doesnt deserve the contract. You have to be on cement glue if you think about stafford. That bears GM screwed up getting rid of lovey pretty dumb.

  7. So wait the guy who just beat Da Bears twice and breaking a ton of records, oh and leading the NFC’s best offense doesnt deserve the contract. You have to be on cement glue if you think about stafford. That bears GM screwed up getting rid of lovey pretty dumb.


    2-8 in 2009
    1-2 in 2010
    10-6 in 2011
    4-12 in 2012
    7-5 in 2013 so far

    1-23 vs teams that ended the season with a winning record (before the start of this season).

    Quite the world beater, Stafford is. What records is he breaking, exactly? Most throws into triple coverage?

  8. I also should have Included Rogers with the other 3 QBs that teams would pay insane sums for…

    I wasn’t alluding to Stafford being a bad qb. I think he is a capable starter and a good leader.. just in my opinion and my opinion alone has gotten a lot of money for not doing a whole lot (winning season) (thus far)… and yes I’m aware winning is more than the QB… but realistically winning is what matters, and this is how QB should be judged in accordance to importance to team.

    I will say that leading a conference in statistics isn’t a good reason, or passing for a ton of yardage either

    Remember, Trent Green also once led his offense to the top conference/ best statistics and so did Marc Bulger.

    my thing with Stafford would be over his career thus far his team has committed 80 million dollars Guaranteed.. not including bonuses etc.. straight up 80 million will have gone into his bank no questions asked.

    Tom Brady has been Guaranteed 60 million
    Peyton Manning 60 Million

    by comparison to Cutler. The Bears commited 20 million Guaranteed.

    that is why I would put Stafford and Romo in the list of getting paid for not much results…

    and Im not arguing for Jay to get paid either, and as I said earlier thats a non story anyways, as he said several times (brandon marshall as well) he wants to win and is willing to take less money, as well he understands his injury history also will bring a lower price….. weather that plays out? who knows.. but Cutler will 99% chance be the Bears QB for the next couple years unless somthing dramatic changes

  9. Unless they draft a stud QB in the first round, Jay is still their best option long-term. And even if they do take a QB high in the draft, then should rethink franchising Cutler after all, to help groom the young guy and not have to rush him.

    On a side note, instead of everyone piling on Trestman for his call on the FG, maybe we should be screaming about letting the Vikes convert 4th.-and-freakin’-11 from their own 8 yard line.

  10. Cutler is worth the franchise tag when compared to QB’s that don’t even have winning records as starting QB’s that get paid much more (Stafford, Bradford, Rivers and Romo the last 4 years).

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